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12 May 2011
Relief and satisfaction; Lotina and the players were content with the victory as it approaches the permanence. But Depor’s coach is warned that nothing is done yet and that Depor must continue fighting.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was pretty content with the victory, actually he ended throwing his jacket to the public when he jumped to the grass, but at the same he’s aware of what lies ahead, “Today was an exciting day, but we must think that nothing is done yet. Having in mind the latest results a lot of points will be needed. We are fine and content, but on Sunday will have to face a tough meeting, because although Barcelona will be celebrating it is a difficult rival, and we travel with the highest hope and seriousness.”

“We can only wait to see Barcelona celebrating the title and that they will be thinking of the Champions League, but the good thing is that we depend on ourselves; we still have to give one more push. For all those reasons today’s match turned to be a big game.” He added.

Later, he was describing the match, “The team went out highly concentrated, but Athletic took the lead in a quick play in which our lines were wide open, but since that point we improved and we started to have more opportunities. People was highly focused, very involved in the actions after what happened in Gijón, and the public added a plus of excitement and responsibility, so we never fell down after Athletic’s goal. We discussed at the hotel that we were going to face problems, but the key was to remember the meaning of Depor and the fans, so the team went forward.”

Finally, Lotina was emphasizing the role of Valerón, “He brings pause and talent to our game, and was the key as he is living his best moment. The emotional aspect has a lot to do with it as he sees himself as a valuable resource. Valerón is grateful with Depor and for this reason he has given a step forward. Maybe he didn’t see him in that way, but now has given that step, and we are also playing in a way in which you can extract the best from him. He is taking full responsibility in an incredible way.”

Aranzubia was pretty nervous during the game; the goalie missed to clear the ball properly in a couple of opportunities; he confessed that, “There were a lot of nerves and a high intensity, but with these fans you can do anything. If we would have lost then things would be more complicated. The team is pretty conscious of what we are living, now we must wait for other results, but I think that we will be saved with one more victory.”

Even veteran Juan Carlos Valerón admitted that the players were pretty nervous, mainly within the last minutes, “We were tense, besides the players were pretty tired and in the end everybody was very nervous and never knew were to go, if we had to attack or instead to defend. And in the end we are pretty excited after an incredible match.”

“We deserve this. It is a huge victory for us as the team was facing a complicate situation after their early goal, but in the end we won. Still, we have to finish this, but without winning today’s game we would have had one foot at Segunda. We are going to give everything that we had on the pitch in order to achieve the permanence. “ El Flaco said.

Adrian López scored his third goal within the last two matches, but he said that “I was lucky enough in the first goal as the ball was going out, but you always have to shot on target when you are inside the area.” About the public attending to the Riazor, he said that, “The victory is dedicated to them. They were incredible. We are thanking them for what they are doing.”

Meanwhile, was sending a message to the fans through his Twitter account, “To all Depor’s fans you should be aware that we have won thanks to you. My God what a great group of fans do we have! Never in my life had I seen a whole city toward a club… thanks for all your support and I am pretty happy for all the love that I receive from you.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was feeling relieved with this triumph, “Despite the complicate moment our people celebrated as it was a title. It has been one of the prettiest parties that we have celebrated. But we must be careful as we still missing a few points, so we must still push for the results.”

At Athletic Bilbao, coach Joaquin Caparrós was assuring that his team lost the game thanks to the performance of Valerón, “In the second half we knew that Deportivo was going out for everything and then Valerón appeared, he was the unbalancing factor. He was marvelous, so they took the lead and we tried, but couldn’t achieve the result.”

“There was a great atmosphere at the stadium, people were great, and the players knew that the relegation is the worst thing that can happen to any team, so they fought hard. We were fine at the beginning and took the lead, but never knew how to handle that superiority. Now we have to push; six points are remaining and against Malaga we must achieve the positive result that could give us the pass to Europe.”

The scorer of the goal, Gaizka Toquero , is convinced that the first goal of Deportivo is the factor that changed the game, “Depor found a lucky goal in an isolated play. That play was the key, because until that moment we had things under control.”





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