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13 May 2011
Deportivo B lost a crucial battle in the quest for salvation, all the sorrow started since minute 1 as Ramallo’s team allowed a quick penalty. The team lasted 45 minutes in reacting, but it was unable to achieve a positive result.

Penultimate game on the Segunda B season, coach Ramallo knew that a win on this game was going to certify the permanence; he had the casualties of Chirri and Richi, plus Diego Seoane, who was reserved for the first team clash against Athletic Bilbao. But Dinis was coming back from his injury, while Raul Garcia was returning from suspension.

In the end the coach decided to use a 4-2-3-1 scheme, with the novelty of Stopira performing on the left wing; the rest was the usual squad, with Diego Rivas at the goal, Diego Vieytes performing at the right-back position, Pablo Ínsua and David Rochela were the central defenders and Raul covered the left side. Dani and Dinis were the two pivotes, David Añon played on the right wing, Juan Carlos was the playmaker and Dioni was the central attacker.

The rival was Leganés CD, Madrilenian club that needed the victory in order to secure its presence in the promotion playoff. The main asset of coach José María Rico is 28-year-old striker Mikel Arruabarrena,  who is not only the Pichichi at group one, but of the entire Segunda División B with nineteen goals before the clash.

It seems that the permanence is going by the back door for Fabril; and it’s that the game against Leganés was a golden opportunity to achieve the salvation with just one game remaining in the schedule, but instead Ramallo’s team complicated its life since the beginning wasting the first forty-five minutes and committing the same old mistakes that put the team at the pit. There was a reaction at the second part, but the Galician boys were able to score until the stoppage time, too late to clinch the points.

And it’s that what you can do in a “final” is to commit a mistake within the first minutes and that’s exactly what Deportivo B did on this match, because Diego Vieytes was too anxious and committed a clear penalty over Argentine defender Federico Azcárate as he was trying to head a corner at Fabril’s area. Top-scorer Mikel Arruabarrena came and transformed the action into the first goal in the game.

In the rest of the first pat Depor B suffered a lot against an experienced team that knew when to attack and when to delay the actions in the attempt to waste some time. The Galician youngsters never felt comfortable on the pitch and Juan Carlos was always marked by at least one rival. In the end the locals just created problems through set-pieces.

At minute 19, a curved shot of Dinis in a free-kick was stopped by the visiting keeper Rubén Falcón, in the next play a new free-kick for Fabril was threw by Dani, and the play ended with a drilling shot of Añon that was too easy for Leganés’ keeper. At minute 21, a quick counterattack for Fabril ended with Dioni close to reach the ball inside the area, but Rubén Falcón cleared the danger with the feet.

Those were the best minutes of Fabril in the first part. Still, the locals were lacking depth and the game turned to be opened as the visitors were not renouncing to attack, mainly through endless crosses sent by both sides. Precisely that’s how the second goal came.

A cross from the right wasn’t properly cleared by Fabril’s defenders, then the ball went to the left and Ferrán Tacón released a drilling cross that Mikel Arruabarrena found at the box to score his 21st goal on the Segunda B season.

Depor B lasted ten minutes in reacting and created a sense of danger at the end of the first part; at minute 34, Dinis assisted Raul in a direct free-kick, but the side defender sent the ball wide. Four minutes later Añon released a dangerous cross from the right that was cleared to corner. The resulting cross of Juan Carlos was almost found by Dani inside the box, but a defender cleared the danger first. The half ended with Dioni been booked for simulating a penalty after falling down to the ground as the striker was searching for a cross released by Stopira.

And Fabril showed a different face in the second part as it pushed strongly within the final forty-five minutes; Leganés assumed a more passive attitude, which encouraged Ramallo’s boys to take control of the actions, led by a Juan Carlos that started to appear at minute 50 with a wide shot, in the next play the A Coruña-born playmaker ended a collective play with a shot from the edge of the area that was stopped by Rubén Falcón

One of the few counterattacks for Leganés came at minute 55, Arruabarena had a one-one-one action with Diego Rivas after surpassing Rochela, but the keeper blocked the play. Then Jona entered for Vieytes, the modification didn’t switch the 4-2-3-1 draw, but it delayed Stopira to the left-back position, allowing Jona to attack from the left flank.

The harassment of Fabril continued, at minute 60 a cross of Dioni wasn’t found by Añon, four minutes later a quick attack for the locals ended with a pretty play between Stopira, Juan Carlos and Dioni, then the striker entered into the area eluding two rivals, but wasn’t able to surpass the keeper.

In the next play Stopira released a drilling shot from the left corner of the area, but it was blocked by Rubén Falcón.  At the 68th minute, Dioni was searching for a long pass coming from the defensive sector and was fouled at the edge of the area by Leganés keeper, however nothing was whistled. Ramallo was desperate as he saw that the permanence was escaping from his hands, so he decided to replace Dinis with youngster Iago Beceiro

The striker from Juvenil A impressed in his previous meetings with the team as he was a revulsive for Fabril during his previous three appearances, but in this opportunity he passed unnoticed. Actually, the whole team lowered its arms, maybe a product of the physical exhaustion or perhaps the result of the heavy traffic in attack as Depor B had four strikers on the pitch (Añon, Iago, Dioni and Jona).

In the end Depor B only created three scoring opportunities between minutes 69 & 85; the clearest one was a great play of Juan Carlos in which he eluded three rivals crossing the area, then the ball went into the path of Añon, but his shot was blocked by Rubén Falcón. The other two attempts were for Dioni, the first was a wide shot (70’) and the other a crossed attempt saved by the visiting goalie.

In the meantime, Arruabarrena was close to score a hat-trick, but his header passed over the crossbar (75’). For the final five minutes Ramallo tried to correct the draw and replaced Añon with Martin Buchel. And Fabril scored its goal during the stoppage time, and as it could be expected it came through a set-piece and in the only defensive error of Leganés. Dani took a free-kick at one side of the area, his resulting cross was sent into the area and Jona was there alone enough to connect the ball with the head, and his high attempt turned into a perfect curled ball that entered by the top-left corner of the visiting keeper. It is the fourth goal in liga for the Andalusian attacker.

Suddenly, the enthusiastic public at Abegondo started to dream with a comeback like it happened in December as Depor B scored twice in the stoppage time against RSD Álcala to end clinching a 4-4 draw after been down 1-3 & 2-4 in the scoresheet. So, the goal brought the final breath of Fabril and the Galicians, pushed by the fans, had a final attempt with a direct free-kick of Dani, but the team’s captain sent the ball directly into the arms of Rubén Falcón

Fabril failed in its ‘final’ for the permanence; an error at the first minute forced the team to be uphill since the kick-off; later the experience of Leganés prevailed and the Madrilenians achieved a comfortable 2-0 before half-time. In the second part the Galician team improved a lot, but was able to score a goal until the stoppage time.

With the results had during the penultimate matchday three clubs are already relegated: Cerro Reyes, Extremadura UD and Pontevedra CF. Now the scenery is clear: Depor B is 15th at the standings and has one more point than CD Badajoz and UD Conquense, the three clubs are trying to avoid the last ticket to Tercera plus the relegation playoff spot. In order to save itself, in the last matchday Fabril needs to at least have the same result than the two rivals, if they don’t do it then the team will fall down directly into the lower division or into the relegation playoff as it already lost the particular series with both teams.

The big problem is that the rivals are having accessible games in the last matchday, Badajoz is hosting a Universidad de Las Palmas that is already eliminated from the promotion playoffs and that’s coming after been trashed by Montañeros CF (0-4). Meanwhile, Conquense is visiting an Atletico Madrid B that’s also playing for nothing, but Fabril is visiting the most in-form team in the whole Segunda B tournament: CD Guadalajara, team that has won nine of its last ten games, even four of its last five games have been won by a difference of four or more goals. They still have the chance to reach the first place in the group, so they are going out for everything.  So, it is a hard challenge for a Depor B that sees how the permanence is escaping from its hands.

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”It is clear that the penalty at the first minute conditioned the game. It is the kind of thing that makes you lose some points. They’re an experienced team and take advantage of the situation. Anyway, the boys tried and had enough opportunities in order to enter into the game. Now we play in Guadalajara a game that’s a final and we’re playing for our life. I just hope the rest of teams will do the same.”

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Diego Rivas – Vieytes (Jona 57’), Ínsua, Rochela, Raúl - Dani, Dinís (Iago Beceiro 70’) – Añon (Martin 83’), Juan Carlos, Stopira - Dioni
Leganés: (4-2-3-1) Rubén Falcón - Jonay, Mario, Ramos (Tetteh 69’), Nakor (Ortega 82’) - Bayón (Povedano 78’), Tonino - Azcarate, Hernández, Tacón - Arruabarrena
Goals: 0-1: (2’) Arruabarena (penalty), 0-2: (26’) Arruabarena, 1-2: (90+3’) Jona.
Referee: Rubén Gómez González. He showed yellow card to Vieytes (1’), Jonay (7’), Bayon (18’), Mario (33’), Azcarate (41’), Raul Garcia (58’) and Nakor (71’)
Venue: Abegondo (1,500)
Other stats: Attempts to score (7 - 7), Corner-kicks (3 - 2), Fouls committed (9 - 15)
Best player in the game: Dani (7). Source: Depor Sport





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