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21 Jul 2011
Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Wednesday’s morning; he analyzed several subjects, from the transfer moves at the market to the lineups that he is preparing for the first two friendly matches.

Long press conference of José Luis Oltra at Vilalba, the Valencian man talked for twenty-three minutes with reporters after the first training session of the day and he analyzed severs issues regarding Deportivo. He said to be content with the work of the team and also to be calm as the club hasn’t signed yet a new keeper and a new striker.

He started analyzing his style during the trainings, “Well, every coach understands the game and the trainings in a different way, we all are based in our learning process as a player. I always said that we play football with the ball, for that reason my trainings are short, but intense and always working with the ball. The plan is to organize the team and to put the base for the regular season.”

“You start noticing some things, some were already expected, while others are novelties. On Tuesday we worked with the defense and today we were emphasizing the block. What surprises me is the environment at the team. The veterans are an example for the rest, while the youngsters bring their hope. Everybody asks you how to make things, and it is surprising to notice that all the players are eager to improve.” He added

On Tuesday it called the attention that Oltra was scolding the players during the training session as they weren’t ending the plays, and he commented that, “It isn’t the first time that I am upset, what happens is that we need to end the plays. You need to shot on target and to release the crosses. In order to win you need first to play well, and also to end up the plays, so we must emphasize this factor.”

Later the ex-Almeria man said that almost all the players are going to take part of the first two friendly matches of the pre-season, “Taking apart Andrés [Guardado] and Rubén [Pérez], who has just joined the team, everybody else will play in at least one of the next two games. Normally you won’t extract any clue from me about the lineups, but I can tell you that all the players will take part of the next two games, perhaps some of them will only perform for some minutes, but they will be there. It is different with the keepers, because I want to give a full game to each keeper. So, one of the goalies will not play as we only have two games on here.”

Then the coach was asked about the movements in the transfer market, he first explained his position with the possible exit of Guardado, “Guardado is a player of the team until any other thing is established, so I will enjoy of him. If an offer arrives, a good one for all the parties, then it’s perfect. If not and the player stays, then Jose Luis Oltra will be the happiest coach on earth. For me he is another player at the team unless somebody at the club says otherwise”

About the striker that Depor is searching at the market, he said that, “We already commented that the deadline is August 31, so we have time to fulfill the options that we have, and we need to have patience. If the league would be starting on Sunday, then we have Riki and Lassad, who can cover the position, and we also have the players at Fabril and other men that can come from the second line as El Flaco, plus skilful players on the wings. That we want a player for this position? Yes, I already said that I wanted Nino, but we need to have patience as we need to convince the reinforcements first.”

Asked for the situation at the right-back position, as Depor has three players for the spot [Manuel Pablo, Laure and Seoane] Oltra said that, “We have no excess. The ideal thing is to have two players per position, and right now we have three men for each side of the defense, so some people will have fewer minutes; if somebody leaves, then its fine. If not, then we will try to seize their presence at the team, because why I must do is to try to obtain the best yield from the group.”

Oltra was also questioned about Juan Carlos Real, the playmaker of Fabril that’s completing the pre-season with the first team; his response was that, “I don’t want to talk of the players in an individual sense, and the true is that I have liked all of them, including Juan Carlos. He is trying to do his best, but just as the rest of the youngsters and I am pleased on how they are working.”

Another pending issue is the arrival of the second keeper, and Depor’s trainer said to be calmed despite he has been forced to count with the goalies coming from Depor B and Juvenil A, “We have two players willing to learn and improve [Marc Martinez and David Gomez], and perhaps somebody with a larger experience will come, but if he doesn’t arrives, then I am calmed, because we have the best keeper at Segunda.”

In previous opportunities the Valencian coach assured that Depor is the rival to beat at Segunda, but in this opportunity he wasn’t giving too much importance to it, “If you read any interview, you can notice that the others see us as the favourite team, but we can fool ourselves with that. I didn’t like my previous comment. We just need to focus in putting Depor back where it belongs.”

Finally, Oltra was giving his opinion on Adrian’s case, “He wasn’t part of the team that I was preparing, so it has no impact in our plans. We just thought that we deserved some money as part of his formation rights. It was what I understood. I can only support the moves of the club. I am content with the players that I have and for me they are the best, then I can only wish good luck to Adrian.”



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