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23 Jul 2011
First victory for Depor on the pre-season; the truth is that Viveiro didn’t give any problem and it turned to be an easy win in the debut of Oltra. It called the attention the weird lineup used in the second part.

Not too much to conclude from the first friendly game on the pre-season, perhaps the will of players like Saul or Salomăo and to confirm that the class of Valerón still intact. For the first half coach José Luis Oltra presented a 4-2-3-1 formation, allowing the debut of the three signings, plus a combination of veterans and youngsters.

Fabril’s goalie Marc Martinez was making his debut with the first team just two weeks after signing for Depor; Manuel Pablo played on the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz did it on the left, while the central defenders were Colotto and Rochela.

Juan Carlos Real was also debuting with the first team and played as a pivote alongside Jesús Vázquez, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation, while Saul Fernandez played on the right wing and Salomao did on the left; finally Riki was the central attacker.

Deportivo completely dominated the actions in the first part; it had the ball possession and the opportunities to score. The locals just had a chance through a long-range shot that missed the target. To emphasize the presence of Valerón guiding midfield and also the duo Salomao-Saul, both were pretty active on the wings; that’s how the first goal on the pre-season came; El Flaco passed the ball to the right wing, and form there Saul released a drilled cross that Riki sent into the back of the net.

Seven minutes later Salomao scored a goal that was disallowed due to a previous foul, then Saul started to steal the show, first scoring the second goal with a crossed and drilled shot and then with a free-kick that hit the crossbar (25’). But it was Riki who scored the third goal at the edge of half-time after connecting the ball in a corner-kick action.

For the second half Oltra kept the 4-2-3-1 figure, but ordered ten changes, it called the attention the position of some of the players, starting with Claudio Morel and Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’, who were the wingers in the formation. Marc Martinez stayed at the goal, Diego Seoane performed at the right side of the defense, Raul Garcia did it on the left and the central defenders were Aythami and Ze Castro.

Rubén Pérez and Alex Bergantińos were the pivotes, Iván Pérez was the playmaker and Pablo Álvarez the central striker. Oltra said on Thursday that Ruben Perez and Guardado weren’t going to play, but in the end both men had some minutes.

Once again Depor had the ball possession, but this time it missed more depth, perhaps a product of the strange positions of the players in attack, like the cases  of Laure (right winger), Morel left winger) and Pablo Álvarez (central striker).

Within the first fifteen minutes Iván Pérez was the most active player at Depor, but the visitors didn’t have any clear attempt to score. Then Guardado replaced Ruben Pérez, clearly Oltra was just giving 22 minutes to the two players that arrived later on the pre-season.  The move delayed the position of Iván Pérez to the centre of the pitch and now the Mexican was the playmaker in the formation.

Guardado had a clear chance to score just seconds after entering into a action, but the local keeper made two straight saves (73’). The entry of the ex-Atlas man gave more depth to the team, especially since Raul was constantly joining the attacks, but the true is that the team missed more creativity as it was only releasing crosses that were cleared by the rival’s defense.

Depor sought the fourth goal within the final ten minutes, but the attempts of Guardado, Pablo Álvarez, Ze Castro and Laure missed the target. In the end the match ended 0-3. The next friendly game for Depor is at Racing Vilálbes (Sunday, A Magdalena stadium, 18h30 CET)

After the game ended, Oltra talked to reporters and gave his impressions on the team’s performance, “It was the first presentation on the pre-season and we can’t have too many conclusions. I want to emphasize the will, which was pretty good. It is a matter of gaining sensations and a clear idea of what we want. In resume we had the ball possession, we carried with the weight of the actions, we were serious and the team had good intentions.”

Lineup 1st half: Marc Martínez – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Rochela, Ayoze - Juan Carlos, Jesús Vázquez - Saúl, Valerón, Salomăo - Riki.
Lineup 2nd half:  Marc Martínez – Seoane, Aythami, Zé Castro, Raúl - Rubén Pérez (Guardado 72’), Álex Bergantińos – Laure, Iván Pérez, Morel - Pablo Álvarez.
Goals: 0-1: (9’) Riki, 0-2: Saul (22’), 0-3: Riki (45´)
Venue Cantarrana



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