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25 Jul 2011
Deportivo ended the stage at Vilalba with a comfortable victory against a rival that didn’t get any opposition, the best news is that the offensive sector seems to be working and that both Lassad and Riki are scoring goals.

As it happened in the game against Viveiro, coach José Luis Oltra presented a 4-2-3-1 scheme; Dani Aranzubia was the starting keeper, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure'  was covering the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz performed on the left sector, while the central defenders were Rochela and Aythami.

At the centre of the pitch, Álex Bergantińos and Jesús Vázquez were the two pivotes, Saúl Fernández was the right winger, Diogo Salomăo performed on the left, Valerón was the playmaker and Lassad Nouioui the central attacker.

The start was strong for Depor, at minute 1 Valerón made one of his great passes and found Lassad, who didn’t miss from close range to give the advantage to Depor. Oltra’s team sought to extend the advantage within the next minutes, something that wasn’t difficult as in front it was meeting a rival without any clear idea of what they were doing.

Deportivo had some clear attempts to increase the lead, but the header of Álex after the corner-kick of Saúl missed the target (5’), while the shot of Salomăo after the assist of Lassad went over the crossbar (8’).

But in the next play Depor doubled the advantage thanks again to Lassad, who collected a good pass coming from Álex Bergantińos. The visitors were pushing strongly in attack, with Salomăo pretty active on the left wing, actually the Portuguese was the player closer to score the third goal after heading out a cross of Laure (12’) and after he missed to connect a cross of Saul (18’).

However who scored the third goal was another new signing, Jesús Vázquez; the ex-Recreativo midfielder found the ball at the edge of the area and released a strong shot that went into the top corner of the goal. After the third goal Deportivo lowered the pace of the actions, then the game became boring and the only attempt to score within the final ten minutes was a header of Rochela that was saved by local keeper Ángel (36’).

Lassad left the game at minute 41 for precautions reasons after missing the first friendly game due to hamstring problems. The curious thing is that nobody replaced him and Deportivo played with ten men the last four minutes in the first half.

For the second part, Oltra replaced ten of the eleven starters, obviously only Aranzubia stayed on the pitch, while the rest of the squad was: Diego Seoane covering the right side at defense, the left sector was for Raul Garcia, Manuel Pablo was the unexpected central defender joining Colotto, this since Ze Castro was out due to an Achilles injury.

Juan Carlos and Rubén Pérez were the two pivotes, Iván Pérez covered the left wing, Pablo Álvarez played on the right despite broking his nose on the day before, Andrés Guardado was the playmaker in the scheme and Riki the central attacker.

And Riki scored his third goal of the pre-season, and the fourth for Depor in the game,  just minutes after the kick-off, it was after collecting a pass from Rubén Pérez, the Madrilenian attacker ended the play with a volley over the keeper. The early goal was just a mirage of the things saw in the second part, because the pace was slower and the game was boring.

At this point the attention was more focused on Andrés Guardado, who was constantly whistled by the group of the Riazor Blues that was at the stadium. Some of the chants heard at the stadium were, “If you don’t belong to Segunda then go away”.

Meanwhile, the game of Deportivo was missing depth and the visitors just had a few scoring attempts within the final half an hour, the first was a cross of Seoane that Riki didn’t find inside the area (61’), then Claudio Morel replaced Iván Pérez, the Paraguayan played as left winger.

At least Depor shacked up the things with a beautiful goal of Juan Carlos, his first with Depor’s senior squad, the youngster released a shot from long-distance that entered into the net by the right post of the local keeper.

Racing Vilalbés scored its goal through an error at Depor’s defense, which allowed Jaime to score from close range. It was the first goal allowed by Deportivo on the pre-season. Ten minutes before the end, Riki was close to score his second goal in the game, but he missed the target after a good combination between Juan Carlos and Seoane. There were no more scoring opportunities, but there were some incidents at the stadiums as the Riazor Blues at the stands were entering into the pitch before the final whistle, reason why the police had to stop them.

Coach Oltra commented after the game that, ”This starting eleven won’t necessary be the one of the regular season, so we can't extract too many conclusions of these games. What interest us is to gain confidence and pace. I want to emphasize the intentions and the will of the players. In these days you can find lights and shadows, but in this case there are more lights than shadows.”

This match ended the pre-season stage at Vilalba, The true is that, as Oltra said it, it’s not possible to extract too many conclusions of the first two friendly matches, mainly because the rivals didn’t give too many problems. At least it’s evident that the offensive ideas of Oltra are flowing out as the team has showed, at times, some sparkle up front, also that Riki and Lassad seem ready to score some goals, finally that Juan Carlos is making a room for himself at the first team. Depor is resting on Monday and returns to train at Abegondo on Tuesday, the next friendly game is on Wednesday at Negreira (20h45 CET).

1st half: Aranzubia - Laure, Rochela, Aythami, Ayoze - Alex Bergantińos, Jesús Vázquez – Saúl, Valerón, Salomăo – Lassad
2nd half: Aranzubia - Seoane, Colotto, Manuel Pablo, Raul - Juan Carlos, Rubén Pérez - Pablo Álvarez, Guardado, Iván Pérez (Morel 68’) - Riki
Goals: 0-1: (1’) Lassad, 0-2: (9’) Lassad, 0-3: (24’) Jesús Vázquez, 0-4 (53’) Riki 0-5: (69’) Juan Carlos, 1-5: (78’) Jaime
Venue: A Magdalena (2,000)



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