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27 Jul 2011
Goalkeeper German Lux was presented on Tuesday’s afternoon at the Playa Club; he said to be happy and ready to extend his presence at Deportivo despite only signing a one-year deal.

On Tuesday German Lux was presented as Depor’s fourth signing ahead of the season 2011/12; it was confirmed that he is arriving for free and only signing a one-year contract. On Monday, during his arrival to the city, the Argentine goalie talked with reporters; he explained the negotiations with Deportivo, “I was anxiously searching for a team during these weeks, then I was able to close this negotiating with Depor and it is something that motivates me. I am glad and putting my grand of sand, so we can achieve the promotion as soon as possible.”

Later, he was talking of the competition that he will face with Aranzubia at Depor’s goal, “I am aware of Aranzubia’s career, I am not a fool, but I just think in bringing my best effort. Each time I arrived to any team I did it with high expectations. Nobody can guarantee that I can be a starter, you have to earn it, and the decision is always of the coach.”

And in the afternoon the keeper was presented at the Playa Club, during the event he was thanking Depor for this chance, “I am glad and hopeful. Things were fast and the agreement was possible thanks to the will of everybody I am willing to train, to meet my team mates and the coaching staff, because to work alone isn’t the same than to do it with a whole squad, especially at the goalkeeping position, which needs a special preparation.”

“Surely I will join the rest of the players during this afternoon’s training [he did it in the end] we will talk. Little by little I will be on shape and I am at disposition of the coach, but I think it will be impossible for tomorrow’s friendly game [at Negreira]” he added.

The Argentine goalie was also commenting the goal of Deportivo for the Segunda season, “I know that I am arriving to a club that nearly hasn’t lost any player, because you didn’t lose too many men and the goal is to achieve the promotion as soon as possible. I believe it is the mentality on here, though we know it won’t be easy.”

Finally, Lux was saying that he hopes to stay at Deportivo for future seasons, “It’s fine to sign a one-year contract, because you expect that things will be okay and later, if things are favourable, we can extend the deal, and in this way I could stay at the club for a long time.”



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