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27 Jul 2011
President Lendoiro took advantage of the presentation of German Lux to explain the state of the current issues at Deportivo. He talked of the possible arrival of a striker, plus the cases of Guardado and Rubén Pérez.

Deportivo’s president Augusto César Lendoiro talked with reporters at the Playa Club after the presentation of German Lux; he started analyzing the case with Guardado, “I believe that tomorrow we will have a meeting with his agent, with Mario Ordiales, though it isn’t confirmed yet. We have spent some days without talking with his agents, so we aren’t sure about anything. For the moment there are no fresh offers, only interest coming from other clubs; I guess they already know about this interest.”

Asked about his opinion on the whistles towards the Mexican, Lendoiro said that it could be a misinterpretation of Depor’s fans, “As you know the subject of Guardado was clear since the beginning, a decision taken by the club as he didn’t want to renew, and therefore we wanted to reach a solution, it is the only clear exit that we had since the beginning. But then maybe people have misled the interpretations of the whole world, maybe the declarations in Mexico aren’t understood in the same way in Spain.”

Then Depor’s boss was asked about the declarations of Atlas’ vice-president saying that the Galician club owes five million dollars for the transfers of Colotto and Guardado, “We owe a little amount for Guardado, but it isn’t a big issue, it has nothing to do with what they are saying.” He said.

But the issue that awoke the bigger interest was Ruben Pérez, as Lendoiro confirmed that the Madrilenian wants to leave, Ruben Perez, “He wants to leave and we hope to close the issue on this week. No, there’s isn’t anything with Getafe, the agent and the same player have presented a petition and there is an offer, now we must study it and decide if we will accept it. The decisive factor is the opinion of the coach. The idea is that all the players that count for the coach wouldn’t leave, so we need to understand that any exit will only be possible if the operation is good for the club. I repeat: he will only leave if the operation is good for the club.”

A journalist asked if the bad relationship with Atletico could obstruct this exit and the response was, “We’re professionals in these subjects, therefore I wouldn’t be thinking of Adrian. About this last case, we will talk of it on next week, and we will give some details, because we haven’t forgot about it. We want to reach an agreement, because the position of Atletico hasn’t been pleasant.”

Then, he sent a message to everyone as he was asked about the fact that Ruben Pérez doesn’t want to play at Segunda, “If we are here is because they put us there. Everybody is responsible for the relegation: the president, the coach, the advisors…but the ones that were on the pitch are players. Everybody else can just clap their hands together. Big part of the blame is on them.”

Also, there were some words towards Bodipo, "It is true it that the coach has discarded him, but right now we must study with him what will happen."

About new arrivals, Lendoiro said that, “We are searching for a striker through earth, wind and water, but it isn’t a matter of finding it and then he will come; we need to negotiate the terms. A few weeks ago we presented three players in a row and then nothing happened. Now I believe this is going to be an intense week, in terms of exits and arrivals. I’m sure we will see a lot of movements. Probably somebody will come this week, and not necessarily a striker. There are some advanced moves. I believe we will make two or three more signings; the number depends on the possible exits. But first the coach has to agree.”

Finally, Lendoiro talked of the signing of Lux, “In this case both sides were interested, and we reached a quick agreement as we needed to take a decision, but in other cases, no matter you work hard on Sundays and Saturdays, there are other complex circumstances and it isn’t possible to complete anything. We only needed to close the issue of the second keeper, and then we closed the deal with Lux. Now the future is wide open in order to extend his career on here. People might think that he arrives because there is a negotiation, but it has nothing to do with Dani Aranzubia. There isn’t any departure on this department.”



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