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29 Jul 2011
Lendoiro wants to resolve the case with Rubén Pérez, but it isn’t a priority and besides, he isn’t satisfied with the first offer of Getafe, so Depor’s president is now waiting to receive a better proposition.

On this week Rubén Pérez sent a clear message to Deportivo: he wants to leave the club and, mainly, the Andalusian midfielder wants to play at Primera División in order to have the chance to play the Summer Olympic Games with Spain’s U-21 team.

The club already accepted his decision and is open to find a solution, this no matter the tense state of the relations with Atlético Madrid for the case with Adrian, but it doesn’t mean that Depor will accept the first offer arriving to Plaza de Pontevedra, actually president Lendoiro already rejected an offer coming from Getafe CF.

It was something that Depor’s boss explained during the presentation of Bruno Gama, “The case with him [Rubén Pérez] hasn’t changed. I don’t know if this night his agent will present a new offer, what I can tell you is that we aren’t content with their offer (Getafe], and the resolution must take place soon. But on this month we must resolve the composition of the full squad, the one that the coach wants, since that point we will see other issues like the departures.”

Clearly it means that Lendoiro wants to resolve first the arrivals before allowing the exits from the first team, right now the president is pending to find a new striker and later the priority will be to study the cases of the possible exits, including Rubén Pérez.

Besides, it isn’t an easy case to resolve, starting with the fact that three clubs are involved in the mess: Deportivo, club that has the right to enjoy of the player for one more season, Atletico Madrid, side that owes the transfer rights over Rubén Pérez, and the club that will end hosting the midfielder, which for now seems to be Getafe. According to the first reports, the first offer coming from the Madrilenian club was the zero-cost transfer of veteran Borja Fernández plus some cash.

However, more recent reports point out that what Getafe was offering was the loan of Borja Fernández plus the money. Lendoiro already said that he rejected the proposition and right now he is waiting for a better offer. It is rumoured that Depor’s president could have requested the loan of Pedro Mosquera, the 23.years-old Galician playmaker that hasn’t succeeded at Getafe.



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