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17 May 2006
Deportivo-la-coruna.com analyses the performances of players during the 2005/06 season. It was a disappointing campaign for some people, but for others this was just a transition year. The truth is that some players surprised fans with their work while others didn't fulfill expectations. The number in parenthesis indicates the minutes played during the La Liga season. A comment on players performances has been also added.

Francisco Molina: (3,420) Excellent. The only man who has participated in every game in La Liga. Once again he showed the solidity and confidence that any team needs to see in its goalkeeper. He committed some errors, but his saves were vital in order to achieve important results. One example that must be remembered is the incredible last minute save he made in the home game against Zaragoza. He announced his exit at the end of season.  Without a doubt Depor will miss his saves.

Manuel Pablo: (2,576) Regular. He demonstrated consistency, a special virtue after the frightening injury he suffered some years ago. But perhaps that is the problem with him. He has only been a regular member of the squad and never exceeded his rivals. The Canarian always had trouble making nice crosses (only one assist in the whole season) and skilful players like Ronaldinho never had trouble surpassing him when he was defending. An interesting moment was the red card he saw against C??diz, the first one of his career.

H?©ctor: (1,279) Solid. As in Irureta's era, he didn't enjoy too many opportunities at the beginning of the season. But his luck changed for good after Andrade’s serious injury.  At that moment he started to enjoy more chances.  In fact, he was a starter during the last 11 Liga matches.  The Almeria-born player always fulfilled his job on the right side with enthusiasm, and also showed his versatility, helping cover the central positions and the right wing. A negative moment was in the match against Real Madrid when he scored an own goal. To sum up, he responded when the coach needed his services.

Jorge Andrade: (1,535) Solid. Once again Deportivo’s best defender, he was the pillar of the back line and his presence was always synonymous with a secure defensive zone. This time he was also dangerous in the rival's area, something he demonstrated during the Intertoto Cup by scoring important goals.  In La Liga he was a menace during set pieces, and he was rewarded during the visit to Barcelona, a match that also turned out to be doomed. His serious injury against the Catalans left him out for the rest of season and also ruled him out the World Cup. Without a doubt this incident affected the team's performance at the end of the tournament.

Juanma: (1,967) Surprising. Without doubt the best new arrival of the season, this Andalucian defender came to replace Coloccini and Andrade, but he soon demonstrated that his reliability is as good as any of the other central defenders' skills. He was also dangerous in the opponent’s area and scored important goals, like the two he headed into the net against Real Madrid, or the one against Barcelona. Injuries affected him at the end of the season and Depor missed his qualities.

C?©sar: (199) Disappeared. Caparr??s never trusted him, and he only played two games as a starter, which Depor interestingly lost (0-4 vs. Real Madrid and 0-1 vs. Real Sociedad). He played the rest of his matches as a replacement only and by the time he came on the results of the matches were already decided. Perhaps his best performance was during the visit to Barcelona. He had to replace Andrade after his serious injury and although Depor lost the game, he helped contain the Catalans’ powerful offense. Several injuries affected him at the end of the season and he disappeared from the map.

Coloccini: (2,125) Aggressive. This season he demonstrated how to be a tough defender.  Two red cards in La Liga and one in the Copa speak to this situation. He didn't count for Caparr??s at the beginning of the campaign, something he never liked and that led to rumours about his future. But later he became a regular player in the starting lineup, and  even performed as a pivote when Caparr??s was short of defensive midfielders. His best moment was at the end of the season when both Andrade and Juanma were out with injury reasons.

Enrique Romero: Regular. (1,534) This veteran defender lost the starting status that Irureta had given him in the last few seasons. In fact, Caparr??s used him more as a defensive winger than as a defender. The Andalucian player isn’t impressive with his offensive skills, but at least he was available when the coach needed him. Romero also performed as a central defender, a job that he fulfilled with satisfaction.

Joan Capdevila: (3,206) Excellent. He finally won the internal competition against Romero for the left side.  He fulfilled this mission satisfactorily and gave a good impression to Caparr??s. He even scored four goals and played 36 of the 38 Liga matches.  His only two absences were caused by suspensions. He was always a guarantee covering the left side and has been the only Depor player consistently in the mind of the national coach, Luis Aragon?©s, which proves what a good season he’s had. His best moment was the goal he scored against Celta at Bala?­dos.

Aldo Duscher: (2,668) Rising. Finally he has won a starting place in midfield after the retirement of Mauro Silva.  The Argentine demonstrated good skills directing the ball and the squad missed him every second that he was off the pitch. Once again Duscher showed that he is a tough player.  His 16 yellow cards are proof of this, as he was the most booked player of the squad. But this fact doesn't hide his best characteristic: Duscher knows how to hold the ball in midfield.

Juli??n De Guzm??n: (1,475) Promising. There were high expectations about his contribution to Depor, but in the end the first Canadian to play in Spain had trouble getting used to the club.  Language problems and his shy character were obstacles for him. However, his explosive physical condition has always been applauded by Caparr??s and for that reason he was tried in several positions. De Guzm??n can be labeled as the most versatile player of the year since he performed as a right defender, pivote, offensive midfielder and right winger. The important thing is that he has enough characteristics to play in those positions - he will only improve with time. His best moment was the goal he scored against Real Madrid at the Riazor.

Sergio: (2,715) Regular. After Molina, Munitis and Capdevila, the Catalan is the man with the most minutes played during the Liga season. Although his physical presence was constant, his mental concentration seemed to falter during some games. Maybe the reason was that he had more responsibilities this time around. Without the creation and imagination of Valer??n, Sergio had to carry on as the link between the midfielders and the strikers, a job he couldn’t fulfill satisfactorily.

Roberto Acu?±a: (75) Disappointing. That’s the best word to describe his career at Deportivo. His situation is strange, as he is one of the pillars in Paraguay's national team, but he never counted for Irureta or Caparr??s. Acu?±a only played during five games and he always appeared as a substitute. Without doubt one of the biggest errors of the Lendoiro era.

Jes??s Mu?±oz: (16) Frustrating. 15 minutes of fame - this could be the title of a movie, but it could also sum up the career of this player at Deportivo. After four years, he finally had the chance to play in La Liga, and he did it during the match against Osasuna at Reyno de Navarra.  Caparr??s needed to hold on to the result and Mu?±oz did his job in midfield.

Juan Carlos Valer??n: (1,474) Unfortunate. After a disappointing year, he returned with brightness and led Deportivo to the heights of La Liga with his talent and vision.  He scored four goals and Luis Aragon?©s had reserved a place for him in the World Cup, but everything vanished when he broke his foot playing against Mallorca. The good news is that he seems to be recovering well and the doctors think he will be ready for the new season.

Iago: (665) Brilliant. Nobody was expecting that Caparr??s’ first season would immediately bring the desired new stars from Fabril, but this youngster surprised everyone with his maturity and vision, exactly what the Sevillan trainer needed after Valer??n's injury. This 22-year old showed a surprising understanding with the strikers and good skills to generate offensive football, a positive virtue considering that he comes from the Tercera. Iago even had time to score two goals in La Liga.  Without doubt the Riazor is dreaming again.

Lionel Scaloni: (718) Sad. The captain left the ship in the middle of the season.  He was never happy with the role Caparr??s gave him (he was only a starter in 8 of his 15 games played) and for that reason the club sent him on a loan spell to West Ham. The team missed his leadership and multifunctional skills, especially during the last few games, when the squad suffered several from several injuries.

V?­ctor: (1,478) Regular. He wasn't able to perform at the beginning of the campaign because of a strange injury that left him out for three months when he should have recovered in only three weeks. Maybe that's why his performance was inconsistent. Sometimes he seemed lost and without ideas on the right wing, but on other occasions he was the best player in the game. When he was inspired, he did good things, like scoring the goal against Sevilla, or the two goals he scored against M??laga at the Riazor.

Francisco Gallardo: (210) Good. He came in the winter market to improve things upfront.  He always showed a good level of play on the right wing and contributed good crosses to the squad. The strange thing is that he only played in seven matches (one as starter), a low number since he was an exclusive request from Caparr??s. One explanation for this situation is the muscular problem he suffered.

Iv??n Carril: (294) Promising. Joaqu?­n Caparr??s saw him a few days after his arrival, and he knew immediately that this talented boy could reach higher places. He gave a good impression in the Intertoto Cup and sometimes in La Liga. The Fabril youngster showed velocity and good skills playing on both wings, although his performance wasn't consistent. His best moment was in the match against Espanyol - in just 22 minutes he led the squad to victory by scoring a goal and providing one assist.

Momo: (153) Disappointing. The Canarian was one of the promises in the squad, but Caparr??s never trusted him. He only performed during four games as a substitute and was also a starter during the last game with Alav?©s. He was even taken off the list of players in the middle of the season, but Pablo Amo’s departure opened the doors to him once again.

Munitis: (2,735) Regular. At the beginning of La Liga, he was one of the key players in the offensive efforts made by the team.  He was essential during that time, but little by little, he seemed to lose his power and abilities. He continued to be a normal starter, but the squad missed his talent during the last part of the tournament. Without a doubt his best moment was the wonderful goal he scored against Barcelona at the Riazor.

Diego Trist??n: (2,310) Disappointing. He was Depor’s top scorer during the Liga season (11 goals), but that doesn't justify his poor performance. Once again the media and the fans criticized him since he seemed out of shape and ineffective. Without velocity or inspiration to elude rivals, he was always an easy target for defenders. The Sevillan forward is unhappy since he thinks Caparr??s didn't give him enough opportunities, although he played 36 of the 38 Liga confrontations. Now the future of Deportivo’s all-time top scorer seems to lie outside the club.

Rub?©n Castro: (1,078) Forgotten. Rub?©n scored three important goals including the last minute triumph against Betis at the Luis de Lopera. But strangely he was forgotten by Caparr??s.  He only started 13 games and played just two complete matches. He gave a good impression when he was on the pitch and it must be remembered that he was the pichichi during the Intertoto Cup.  Perhaps he will enjoy more chances next season.

Javier Arizmendi: (1,078) Ineffective. The Madrilian striker arrived in the winter market and gave a solid impression during his first game where he scored the winning goal against Athletic.  Everybody thought the lack of effectiveness would disappear with his arrival, but it was Arizmendi who disappeared. He was a normal starter during the second round, but he always seemed ineffective, with enough courage but still lacking goals. Curiously he scored his second goal against the same team as the first, Athletic. However, two goals in 17 games is a very poor number.

Xisco: (242) Promising. He only had a few occasions to shine.  His big opportunity came in the home match against Sevilla in which he was a starter, but he disappointed and the game ended scoreless. Despite this frustration, the youngster showed good skills and the inspiration that Depor needed.  Proof of this is the goal he scored against Getafe. Caparr??s knows that his future is brilliant and he will be watching his progress.

Senel: (75) Doubtful. Senel participated in only three games.  His best chance was the home game against Valencia, three days before he made good work in the Copa del Rey against the same rival.  He won a penalty and for that reason Caparr??s rewarded him with this chance. But the experience of the rival was too much for him and the Fabril youngster was replaced at halftime. Since then he has disappeared from the first team.

Taborda: (196) Unfortunate. The Uruguayan striker arrived as the main hope in order to solve scoring problems at Deportivo, but he wasn't what Caparr??s was expecting. Taborda only played nine games, all as a substitute.  His only goal came in the 3-0 win over Racing Santander. With only 196 minutes played it is very difficult to judge him, but it must be said that the fans’ expectations of him were never fulfilled. But the striker isn't the only one to blame, as muscular problems left him out of action during the second half of the season.  He also suffered from mumps. Without a doubt an unfortunate year for him.

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