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24 Aug 2011
The seventh signing for the season 2011/12 was presented on Tuesday; Lendoiro confirmed that Borja is arriving loaned for one year, though he denied that this operation is related to the exit of Ruben Pérez.

Galician midfielder Borja Fernandez is the seventh season for the Segunda campaign 2011/12; he was presented on Tuesday at the Playa Club. During the act president Lendoiro confirmed that the operation is a loan spell for one season. He didn’t want to give further details about the terms of the operation, but denied that this arrival is related to the probable exit of Rubén Pérez.

 “Ruben is right now a player of Deportivo; another thing is that we can’t reach an agreement. The arrival of Borja has nothing to do with the exit of Ruben. If we don't reach an agreement, then Ruben will be back in La Coruña, and nothing will happen, because he would be one more player at the team." Depor’s boss stated.

Lendoiro also assured that he was trying to sign Borja since some seasons ago, and even said that he hopes that the player can stay for a long time, this despite the Galician midfielder will play at Depor only for one season, “We were hoping to sign Borja since some time ago; his father founded a peña of Depor in Ourense and now he is on here. We hope that he could have a long career at the club.”

Later Borja talked to reporters; he said that he was happy to sign for Deportivo and confessed that he was desperate as the operation turned to be complicated. “We have been talking since one month ago, I thought it was going to be easy, and now here I am, which the important thing is. There were other offers, but there were some factors that influenced in my decision, like the fact of been Galician, the coach and the interest of the club.”

The Galician player was also pointing to the promotion as the only goal of Deportivo for the new season, “In many opportunities the goals at other teams aren’t so clear; but here, on this year, the goal is pretty clear; we don’t have any other objective.”

One of the concerns with this signing was the fact that the player is currently injured (groin), but he said to be fine, “I hope to start training at the end of this week; and in two weeks I hope to be ready to play.” Even Lendoiro interrupted Borja in order to defend the signing, “He passed the medicals without problems and is ready to practice football.” The president said.

There were two extra notices on the presentation; the first one was to witness a group of ten fans protesting at the Playa club for the signing of Borja, who in the past assured to be a fan of Celta de Vigo. It was even informed that after the presentation one of them tried to hit the player with a bottle. Apparently these people are from the Riazor Blues.

The other notice was the response of Lendoiro to Ángel Torres after Getafe’s president stated that he was making a favour to Deportivo with this operation, "The arrival of Borja is for one year and it isn't a favour. There’s people that enjoy behaving like this and are happy, the animal speaks out and ends screwing the things up [he laughed]”


Rubén Pérez is currently in Madrid waiting to pass the medicals at Getafe FC; the last thing known is that his agent, Juanma López, was closing the last details with Atletico Madrid about the loan spell that will move the Andalusian midfielder to the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum. The operation could be officially announced on Wednesday.

As it’s a tradition, Lendoiro talked of other subjects during the presentation of a new signing; in this opportunity he assured that there are no offers from Colotto or Guardado, “We don't have any offer; a lot has been said, but in the end there's nothing. I will be enchanted with an important offer for Guardado, but am also enchanted if he stays."

He also confirmed that Depor won’t have any problem to inscribe the summer signings, something that was rumoured due to the debts of the club, "We have debts, but there is no problem to inscribe the players in la liga." About this fact, RCDLC:com can confirm that the seven signings made so far are already inscribed in la liga. Borja was inscribed on Monday, while the other six were inscribed on Friday.

Depor’s president also stated that he isn’t expecting for more movements on the market, “The team is already closed, but off course it depends on last-minute exits.” Finally, Depor’s boss stated about the renewal of Lassad that, “We still negotiating his renewal."



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