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25 Aug 2011
The presentation of Borja Fernandez turned to be chaotic as some people insulted the midfielder at the door out, someone even threw him a bottle. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

The signing of centre midfielder Borja Fernandez has been a controversial move; some fans don’t like it as the player is currently injured and as his groin problem might prevent him to play during part of his lonely season at the club. Others don’t like it as, in the past, Borja has expressed his sympathy for Celta de Vigo, which is the main rivalry of Depor in Galicia.

But it didn’t justify what happened on Tuesday during the presentation of Depor’s seventh signing; all the newspapers and radios in the city report that a group of twelve members of the Riazor Blues were concentrated at Plaza Portugal waiting for the arrival of the player, when they noticed his arrival they approached the Playa Club and started insulting him.

At this point Borja and his agent -Teo Lázaro- were inside the Playa Club waiting for the arrival of Lendoiro, then the twelve radicals entered into the restaurant and started chanting “Borja out of Riazor the , Vigo No, Borja die.”. All the newspapers and radios were there and the journalists identified the radicals as members of the Riazor Blues.

They didn’t approach Borja as the employees of the Playa Club and the spokesman of the club, Rafa Carpacho, escorted them out of the restaurant. One of the radicals was even carrying with him a five-liter bottle of what appeared to be  Kalimotxo (a drink consisting of approximately 50% red wine and 50% cola-based soft drink) -the picture illustrates the moment-

The radicals went out and divided themselves in several groups; some of them were at the front door, while others retreated to the platform that surrounds the Playa Club. There were no incidents during the presentation, but the critical moment came when the player was leaving the place. Borja was joined by his agent and by Jesús Rebollo, one of Lendoiro’s advisors.

Once again the radicals insulted the player when he was leaving, one of them even got close to Borja when he was near to the stairs. The midfielder never responded to the provocations and instead ignored their presence, but then a guy came from behind, he seemed pretty upset, and then threw a two-liter bottle of soda –it wasn’t the same bottle of the picture-

The bottle smashed the wall and never was close to hit Borja or his two companions; then the radicals got scared and ran away, though the same guy that threw the bottle tried to chase the player to the parking tunnel. In the end no one got hurt, but it was a lamentable incident sparking the current peaceful environment at Deportivo. Late at night Borja commented on his Twitter account that: “Nothing could be perfect, isn’t?”



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