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28 Aug 2011
First victory for Depor at Segunda; Oltra debuted with a team showing great things, but also the same old problem from the past: a lack of aim that almost cost two points, something prevented by Aranzubia.

Oltra debuted at Deportivo with the expected starting eleven; with Aranzubia at the goal, Manuel Pablo performing on the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz was covering the left sector, while Colotto and Aythami were the central defenders.

Jesús Vázquez and Alex Bergantiños were the pivotes in the scheme; Pablo Álvarez appeared on the right wing, Guardado was on the left, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation and Riki the central attacker. Recreativo arrived to the Riazor presenting the debut at Segunda of its new coach: Álvaro Cervera. The scheme was still a 4-1-4-1, but the big novelty was that Pablo Sánchez and Asen were out of the formation, their spots were claimed by Arcas and Javi Alamo.

Also, there were three novelties at the Riazor; the first was that centre midfielder Rubén Pérez was at the stadium as his loan operation with Getafe still blocked. The second was that La Liga was blocking the radio broadcast of all the Primera and Segunda games, in the end the journalists couldn’t enter into the stadium in order to do their job, something that also happened at other stadiums. What happens is that there’s a conflict related to the transmission rights (the LFP is asking for 15 million Euros). Radio Galega was the only radio commenting the game, but they did it watching the actions from their partner company TVG (Galician TV), which telecasted the match for Galicia. Finally, the Riazor Blues weren’t occupying their place behind one of the goals, at least at the start of the game, this after been heavily criticized due to their behavior during the presentation of Borja Fernandez.

Deportivo was a steamroller in the first part; the Galicians, led by a great Valerón, dominated the actions thanks to their quick and short passes strategy, just the style that Oltra has been trying to introduce during the pre-season, but Depor was only able to score once as it missed to concrete its other six opportunities in the half.

Depor started strongly in the game, pushing up front since the first minutes. Riki had the first big chance of the evening after picking a long pass coming from defense, he was able to surpass a rival and entered into the six-yard box, but in the end he was unable to drill the ball into the penalty spot as his attempt was cleared by defender Álvaro Vega (3’)

The first approximation of Recreativo came at minute 9, it was a cross of Aitor Tornavaca coming from the left that didn’t find any receiver. The Andalusians had a couple of opportunities in this half, but it was Depor the side that had the best chances and the goal arrived soon. Guardado threw a corner-kick at the right corner, the ball went into to the near post and Valerón headed it, then it went into the path of Diego Colotto, who sent the ball to the far post and into the net.

The goal brought calmness to Deportivo, now the Galicians were not pressing in attack, but still were blocking all the roads at midfield, led by a great Álex Bergantiños and a solid Jesús Vázquez; the locals were still practicing a pretty style with quick passes and an offensive view, which gave a lot of problems to the visitors.

At minute 18, Alejandro Zambrano released a dangerous cross from the left wing, but his final cross didn’t find any receiver. Depor responded with a new play of Riki, who entered into the area by the left corner to end releasing a shot that was stopped by Manu. Two minutes later Juan Villar released a drilling shot from the edge of the area, and the ball went close to the far post of Aranzubia.

Depor missed a good chance to increase the lead at the 24th minute, it was a counterattack o in which Pablo Álvarez missed the last pass searching for Riki; in the end Manu blocked the attempt. Two minutes later Manuel Pablo assisted Riki, and the Madrilenian attacker tried to drill the ball into the box from the right, but Manu stopped the ball.

The Galicians increased the pressure within the last ten minutes, and again Riki had the best chances to score; the first after a blocked shot of Valerón; the Madrilenian found the ball at the edge of the area, but his curbed shot just hit the crossbar and went out. One minute before the pause the ex-Getafe attacker appeared again heading a free-kick of Guardado, but his crossed attempt missed the goal.

Things were more equal for the second part; Depor seemed tired and Recreativo had more control over the ball, the visitors were even close to tie the actions within the final minutes, but Aranzubia was there to hold on the result.

Depor was again the side that started strongly; at minute 51, Riki scored after collecting a drilling pass of Guardado, but the goal was disallowed for offside. Two minutes later a combination between Pablo Álvarez and Manuel Pablo allowed Álex to attempt from the edge of the area, but his drilling shot was too easy for Manu.

What changed in the second part was the strategy of Depor; Oltra’s players were no longer making quick and short passes, instead they were relying in long throws and strategic plays, basically because the players were tired and missing more fluency. This was just was making things easier for Recreativo; the scoring chances were for Depor though. At minute 60, Guardado couldn’t score from close range as his shot was blocked, in the resulting corner-kick Ayoze missed the target from long-range.

Recreativo’s first big chance came at minute 60, Aitor put the ball at the area with a cross from the right, and nobody was able to send the ball in, instead Colotto cleared the danger from the goal line. Then Oltra made the first chance allowing the entry of Salomão for Pablo Álvarez. The Portuguese covered the right wing and Guardado stayed on the left.

The last twenty minutes were a real suffering for Deportivo; the Galicians were still having the initiative and enjoyed of some opportunities, but Recreativo was trying to attack too, always with quick attacks that gave a lot of problems to Aranzubia. Then Oltra ordered the second substitution as Lassad entered for Riki.

And the Andalusians were more dangerous within the final ten minutes, period of time when they enjoyed of three chances to tie the actions. First Fidel was close to score as he released a downward header searching for the left-bottom corner of Aranzubia, but the keeper made a great save. In the next play Fidel again tried to score with a drilling attempt, but he missed the target.

Guardado had muscular problems after been fouled, and he was replaced by Laure; with the move Salomão was playing on the left wing, while Laure covered the right. And there were two scoring chances after minute 90, the first was a chipping attempt of Lassad that missed the target and the other was the third big opportunity for Recreativo in the game; Pablo Sanchez made a solo-play inside the box and he fired from close-range, and Aranzubia was there again to deflect the attempt with his left arm.

Deportivo made the first step in the way back to Primera División, but it wasn’t a bed of roses for Oltra and his players. The Galicians commanded the actions in the first part, scoring one goal and having other six big opportunities to increase the lead, but it missed those chances and the team ended suffering as Recreativo completed a solid second part, with three big chances to tie the actions within the final ten minutes.

Oltra’s team, in its first official presentation, showed a renewed offensive spirit on the pitch, based in a quick and short passes strategy, but it also showed the same lack of aim that condemned the club to relegation. Another positive news was to check that Aranzubia is still a key factor at Deportivo. In resume the three first points and a warning: things won’t be easy as Segunda is a long competition.  On next Sunday Depor hosts Hércules CF at the Riazor (20h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze – Álex Bergantiños, Jesús Vázquez - Pablo Álvarez (Salomão 66’), Valerón, Guardado (Laure 82’) – Riki (Lassad 75’).
Recreativo: (4-1-4-1) Manu Fernández - Ximo Navarro, Álvaro Vega, Manolo Martínez, Sergi Enrich (Fidel 65’) - Alejandro Zambrano - Juan Villar, Matamala (Pablo Sánchez 46’), Arcas (Corcoles 46’), Aitor – Javi Álamo.
Goals 1-0: (11’) Colotto
Referee: Francisco Manuel Arias López. He showed yellow card to Ximo Navarro (63’), Zambrano (65’), Lassad (76’) and Ayoze (84’).
Venue: Riazor (21,000)




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