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29 Aug 2011
The papers emphasized the suffering of Deportivo in this game, but also that it’s always good to start a season with a victory. The lack of aim, an old sin of the team, was another of the main comments in all the reviews.

La Opinión A Coruña: Unnecessary problems. Deportivo could have ended the first half with a more favourable score, easily with two or three more goals, but ultimately it was saved by two great saves of Aranzubia. The first half was pretty good in all respects; very widely played in attack, forcing both Pablo Alvarez and Guardado to perform wide open at their wings, which allowed creating many scoring opportunities. But the team didn’t materialize those chances. This was the great sin of the game, the motive why, in the end, Depor had more troubles than necessary. Deportivo was recovering the ball possession, it pressed when the opponent entered into its field... But efficiency is vital, and it almost cost the game to Depor; it forgave too much in the first half. In the last stretch of the encounter, between physical tiredness and the pressure of the opponent, Depor lost balance between the lines and then the occasions for Recreativo arrived. In the end Aranzubia had to appear with two exceptional saves to secure the three points that allow the team to start the season with a victory.  Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Aranzubia, with his saves when the game was passing through the final minutes, avoided a tie that had been described as surprising, for been unexpected. If we would watched the 1-1 at the Riazor, then it wouldn’t be described as fair, because Deportivo was the master of the situation until that final moments, when Recreativo, taking advantage of the tiredness of the Galicians, was playing closer to the local goal. These situations occur when the score is not far from the 1-0, result that encourages the team that’s behind in the scoresheet, as in the case of Recreativo, helped by Depor’s failures before the goal, with Riki in front.

 In these lines we reflect the picture of the first game played at Riazor in this season 2011/12, which served to add the first three points of a league that Depor should use in order to recover the spot at Primera. It would be naive to dare to judge the performance of Oltra’s team; for this assessment is required more time to observe the team's performance, and we will have to wait to watch more than half a dozen of matches. And even then, is often needed to modify the judgment. Football has these things. Vicente Leirachá

Xornal de Galicia: Oltra’s entire team offered a good match, leaving a good taste in the mouth. Special note for Aythami and Ayoze. Riki too. The Madrilenian had many clear chances to score, but was unable to concrete any of them. Well, yes, one, but was offside. The important thing is that the striker is starting at the top and eventually the goal will come.

Also midfield has been consistent with the large dose of balance brought by Álex Bergantiños and Jesús Vazquez. Always one of them was playing in an advanced position compared with the other, keeping the engine room of Deportivo at full capacity. Near the last part of the game, Recreativo grew up and began to attack Aranzubia's goal, but without real danger to tie the game. But it’s true that Depor didn’t have the ball possession. Then Riki was replaced by Lassad.

 But it was Recreativo the side that enjoyed of the better chances. Aranzubia had to make three of their interventions to prevent the tie from Huelva. The last of them, in the stoppage time, scared the Riazor, but Dani caught the ball for the delight of the fans. In short, Depor was victorious in this first appointment at Segunda Division, all thanks to the impetus of the first part.

El País: Depor won without aim. All alerts on rough games and deadlocks dissipated with the presentation offered by Recreativo, with three kids from the B squad at the starting team that never tried to play on long throws or kicking the rival, dignified and neat, doubtful at the moment of marking the rival, but never lost in the offensive aspect. It sinned because Depor was something more, it had the ball possession and above all, it set a pace of Primera, with nine players who played last season in that league, including six starters from the final match against Valencia, but Recreativo ended at the rival’s area, with options of achieving a tie. Juan L. Cudeiro

AS: Dani Aranzubia and Colotto are putting the first stone. Deportivo added the first three points in the way back to Primera, with Aranzubia and Colotto as the architects of a long way. As long as the game was for Oltra’s men, who could have achieved a bigger win in the first half and ended up suffering and clinging to a Dani that, as last season, was crucial against the final rush of Recreativo.

Oltra’s men were a watch, but as it happened on last year, they began to slack off one of the needles: the definition. Forgiveness usually brings punishment, even at Segunda. El Decano was losing the fear and Deportivo, strength. Within the last ten minutes the clear chances of Fidel and Pablo Sanchez foreshadowed the worst, but then Aranzubia appeared to save the three points and make good a lonely goal in a match pointing to be a big win and that ended in anguish. Luis De La Cruz

Odiel Informacion (Huelva): Aranzubia prevents a big surprise by a young Recreativo. Yesterday six players that formed the starting eleven of Deportivo that in May suffered the relegation against Valencia were on the pitch against Recreativo de Huelva. And it was noticed. At least within the first 45 minutes, because in the second half El Decano was another team and if football would have been fair, which unfortunately is not, at this point Alvaro Cervera’s team would have a point at the standings.

The budget gap was noticed on the grass since the kick-off, and was evident in the figure of Riki, a striker who would suit perfectly to Recreativo and that possibly cost more than the entire Andalusian squad. Recreativo died there, showing two faces, better in the second half and thinking that was unable to achieve a bigger prize on its debut in the league, all thanks to the magnificent performance of Aranzubia. Victories aren’t worthy, but if any of both teams is coming out stronger from this first meeting is Recreativo as it will face the next game with Celta in a good state of mind.



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