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29 Aug 2011
Oltra and the players admitted the difficulties to achieve the victory in the debut at Segunda, but all of them are satisfied as the team was able to achieve the three points, which was the main goal.

Coach José Luis Oltra was commenting that it was a suffered victory for Depor, "We can say a lot of thing, but the true is that we won suffering, and I am not angered, because it's a useful thing for everyone in order to realize what lies ahead at Segunda. I said before that it’s hard to win in this league and it was pretty difficult for us.”

“There were moments in which we were fine, having intensity, dominating and controlling the match, but we missed more precision in attack. Maybe we could have achieved a bigger result and then people would have thought that this is easy. But in the end you realize that it isn’t easy. Today we won with a narrow score, but it’s an important step, because it’s always important to start winning in order to have tranquility and pace of mind.” He added.

Finally, The Valencian coach was admitting that Aranzubia was a key fact for the victory, “We could have secured the result in the first half, but we didn’t do it. In the end, and if it wasn’t for Dani and his two saves, we would have lost two points. The rival was tightening; we can’t forget that not only one team is playing. The rival was improving and it was more a merit of Recreativo.”

Dani Aranzubia was emphasizing the importance of a victory in the debut in liga, “In the end it’s very important to start winning; we did it suffering because we had enough chances to have scored the second or third goal. We suffered, but kept the three points. That we already noticed what’s to play at Segunda? Not yet… we will do it as soon as we play outside home.”

Central defender Aythami Artiles was content with the first win on the season, “It was a long time since we smiled… It was a tough game, but in the end we are keeping the three points, which is good in the attempt to gain confidence and hope, to see people hooked. We were unlucky to not been able to close the game before, but faced a rival that pushed strongly. We must keep polishing some things.”

Another Canarian player, Juan Carlos Valerón, was analyzing the match, “I think we coincide in the reading of the match. We had a solid first half, moment where we had the chance to close the game, in the second part things were more equal, even they had chances to tie the actions. We were lucky enough as Dani was at our side.”

“We tried to impose our pace in order to take the lead, but you end suffering if you are not able to close a match, because you get tired. Let’s see if the team is able to feel more calmed with the pass of the matchdays, and let’s see if we can mature and learn how to deal with these moments, so although if we can’t close the match in attack, then at least we won’t face problems at defense. Today, perhaps, we had the anxiety of the first game, and later we went out of gas.” He added.

 Striker Riki missed a lot of opportunities to score, but he was emphasizing the achievement of the three points, “We had pace at the beginning, later enjoyed of enough opportunities to score more than one goal. The fans were with us and it’s something to thank. The important thing is that our style of playing is already defined. Today we only scored once, and in other games we will score more, and the important thing are the points.”

The scorer of the goal, Diego Colotto, was happy as Depor has changed its philosophy on the pitch, “We are content as the team started winning; people are going to see a new philosophy, one that they like. The idea is have a protagonic role and been the owner of the matches; sometimes you will suffer more, sometimes less. What we have to do is to learn how read the games, so we will know what we need for each encounter. If we didn’t create the same number of chances in the first part it was because we were tired; we had to play in another way in order to not suffer.”

Diogo Salomão debuted at Segunda; he was happy with the performance of his team, “I am leaving with a positive feeling; we played at the top though there are things to improve; we need to watch videos and study the theories of the coach. We had enough chances to define the match, with a 2-0 we would have been more calmed, but in a general sense we were fine. The important thing is the victory, which is bringing joy to us.”

Jesús Vázquez was saying that the only thing that matters is the final victory, “Clearly we were superior and with a bit of luck we would have been calmer, but little by little we will improve. Maybe our game wasn’t brilliant, but at this stage the important thing is to win. The rest can be improved with the passing of time. I’ content for the three points, for start winning, for wining at home, for not allowing a goal… There were a lot of positive reading and we must emphasize it.”

Álex Bergantiños finally debuted in an official match wearing the shirt of Deportivo; he was happy for it, “I will mark the day in my calendar [he laughed]. We suffered a lot and luckily we solved the issue. We had plenty of occasions to score the second and we would have been calmer. The rival had several casualties and it ended to be a tough opponent.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was asked about the situation with the radios as the journalists weren’t allowed to enter into the stadium due to a conflict with the LFP, “It isn’t our responsibility, it was la liga; they have the rights and blocked the entrance.” He said. Depor’s boss also announced cheap tickets for the next games against Hércules in liga and Girona in Copa.

At Recreativo, coach Álvaro Cervera was giving his view on the match, “Depor had its moment to kill the game, then we were lucky; and in the second part we had our chance to tie the actions, and then we weren’t so lucky. Here, better teams will arrive and Depor will achieve more comfortable wins; what happens is that we are an uncomfortable rival; Depor will be at the top and creates danger as soon as you let them play. But nobody should think that it will be easy, it will be hard for everybody.”

Defender Álvaro Vega was emphasizing the casualties at his team, “We were coming to a difficult stadium, and with seven or eight U-21 players; we did some things wrong and it cost us the game, but this team will grow up if they give us the time. We pushed hardly and put Depor in troubles, and that means something.”


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