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07 Sep 2011
Second meeting between these two coaches; Depor’s manager was feeling sorry due to the long list of casualties, while the coach of Girona was saying that Depor s the favourite side for this tie.

 Raul Agné Montull is a Aragonian former central defender that had a short career as a footballer; he only played during eleven years and never had the chance to perform at Primera División. Instead he chose to train and had his biggest success with the promotion of Girona CF from Segunda B to Segunda División A (season 2007/08).

But he was fired one year later as the Catalans were struggling to survive at Liga Adelante; then he worked for one season at Recreativo de Huelva, and on the previous campaign he returned to Girona, place where his main goal continues to be the permanence at Segunda División. Agné has been surrounded by polemic in recent months, in February he suspended a press conference after the visit to Huesca because a reporter asked him to answer a question in Spanish and not in Catalan.

This could be the first meeting between Depor and Girona, but isn’t the first meeting between Agné and Jose Luis Oltra, because both men already faced each other in one opportunity. It was for the Segunda season 2008/09; at the time Oltra was coaching Tenerife and Agné was living his first stage at Girona, and the Valencian coach won the duel as Tenerife achieved a 4-1 win at home (matchday 20).

Depor’s coach talked during fifteen minutes during the press conference that he gave before the game; the conversations with reporters started with the coach releasing the list of picked players for the meeting. Then he was admitting the problems to build up the lineup due to the long list of casualties, “The true is that this thing only happen when it happen; we are dragging several problems and well… I am not a friend of giving excuses but we have a large squad. We will try to put the best team in order to pass the round. I would have loved to put other people in the list, but I am not crying.”

The journalist insisted on the several muscular injuries hitting the team, and he said that, “I just can say that what happened on the past season is something that I don’t care. We can only analyze the measures that we can follow in order to avoid these problems, but the fact is that nobody was injured before the start of the season, so it was something you couldn’t avoid. Only a few clubs in Spain have the same quality of our medical stuff.”

“We will have more changes at the team compared to the ones that I was expecting, but I insist that I am not crying for it. We will try to put the best team in order to pass the round and then will think of the next game. Tomorrow you will see playing some men that weren’t going to play, but we are Depor and can’t reject to face any competition. We will try to do our best.” He added.

Asked for the presence of Bodipo and Seoane, plus the absence of Morel, he said that, “Seoane is different to the situation of Morel and Bodipo, and I explained the things to them again. They are paid for wearing the shirt.” He said.

The Valencian trainer also confessed that he discarded to include players from Fabril as he didn’t find anybody that deserved the chance, “I even talked to the coach of the B team, we tried to find a player that could enter into the list, but we didn’t see anybody that could bring new things. Please don’t criticize me. I already said that I will only count with them during some moments. “

About the fact of been playing a one-leg series at the Riazor, he said that, “It’s the same for me to be facing a one-leg series, but I don’t like the current format, because it affects the Segunda clubs. The major part of the Segunda clubs are out when the Primera clubs arrive, and later the Segunda B clubs are paired with the Primera teams, so we can’t face the big teams and for some Segunda clubs it is important as it could be a positive factor in an economic sense.”

Finally, Oltra doesn’t think that Deportivo has been affected by the latest defeat with Hercules, “I believe we have assumed the defeat naturally, knowing that we did some things wrong and that we must improve; I believe that it isn’t useful, but neither has affected our morale. I think the team is still brining a positive impression.”

The coach of Girona gave a press conference on Tuesday as his team was preparing the trip to La Coruña; he started confirming the lineup of his team for the game. He said that, “The game will be useful in order to give opportunities to all the players.” However, he is only planning five changes compared to the team that drew with Almeria during the past weekend.

He gave his opinion on Deportivo after watching the 0-1 loss with Hércules, “I watched two good and tough teams. Depor spent the whole second part with a line of three defenders; they closed all the ways to Hércules and at lest they deserved the draw. Depor is a team with a great potential and that attacks by the sides.”

“I believe that the important thing is la liga, but we can’t resign to tomorrow’s game. We are building up a team in order to go out for the victory in La Coruña. They are forced to win and, besides, are having three straight matches at home. They represent a team with more strength than football, but have players with great skills.” The Aragonian trainer added.



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