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08 Sep 2011
The conflict between Deportivo and Vecindario is now threatening Deportivo. A debt of €100,000 with Vecindario has turned into a loss of €700,000. For this conflict Oltra wasn’t on the bench for the Copa clash.

 It all started in 2008; Deportivo and Canarian club UD Vecindario had a collaboration deal in which the Galician club was paying an amount of money per year, and as exchange the Canarians were sending one young promise to La Coruña during each season. In this way players like Fabricio and Luis Ángel joined Deportivo’s youth teams.

But everything was broken in 2008 as Lendoiro attempted the signing of striker Mauro Icardi, a promising Argentinean youngsters that was at Vecindario. The Canarians refused to include him in the list of future prospects for Depor and instead they negotiated his transfer to Barcelona CF.

Lendoiro didn’t like the actions of Vecindario and cancelled the collaboration deal with them, but the Canarian counteracted and presented a demand as they argued that Depor owed them €100,000. For years Lendoiro has been ignoring them, and the debt rose to €700,000 with the interests. Things changed for the present season; the president of Vecindario, Santiago Denís, took the case to la liga and was able to block the inscriptions of new players.

But Deportivo reacted and appealed, it was able to clear the block after presenting a guarantee, then Vecindario appealed too and this time it was the Spanish federation the side that blocked the license of Oltra and his assistant Chema Sanz. Both men were sanctioned and were supposed to be off for the past match with Hércules CF, but a new appeal of Depor allowed them to be on the bench after presenting and endorsement.

And on this week this endorsement was lifted as it was known that the Spanish Federation (RFEF) considered that it was presented after the deadline. Then, during Wednesday, it was highly rumoured that both coaches wouldn’t be able to sit on the bench starting with the Copa game with Girona, it was even commented that the new signings would be unable to play, but in the end the RFEF and la liga allowed the players to perform, but neither Oltra nor Sanz were able to sit on the bench. Instead, Miguel Ángel Fraganillo, the physical trainer of the team, was the man on the grass giving instructions to the players.

Oltra didn’t give importance to the incident, as he said before the kick-off: "Well, these things happen. Football is a thing of the players. I just will be at the stands as I don’t want to be on the way. No problem."

The big doubt was that Vecindario’s officials assured that Deportivo can’t use its new signings until they are paid, but Depor’s officials told to reporters that there is no problem as la liga already accepted their inscriptions, for this reason Salomão was part of the starting eleven for the meeting with Girona.

After the match at the Riazor, president Lendoiro was questioned on the issue, but he only said that, For now the resolution isn’t clear; we were told about this until 6PM, and our lawyers are currently working on this.” 



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