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09 Sep 2011
Happiness at Deportivo after the triumph on Copa Del Rey; Oltra was content too, but recognized the problems at defense during the first part. Meanwhile, Lendoiro didn’t give a clear response on the current conflict with Vecindario.

Coach José Luis Oltra was content with the victory, but at the same time he was aware of the defensive problems showed by his team, "The result isn't blinding my mind; I am not happy with the performance in the first half, although I liked our philosophy. The fact of been changing the style and the concepts leads to end committing some errors. They had some chances before our second goal, and in the end we achieved a helpful result.”

The Valencian coach is also aware that the five goals scored are a response to the people assuring that his team lacks goal, “This result is great for us, it should close some debates, like the one related to our capacity to score goals or our ability to turn upside down a result.”

Asked about the fact that the entry of Valerón changed the game; he was saying that Depor doesn’t depend on El Flaco, “We have a life without Valerón, something that was demonstrated by the team. When he showed up he offered what he has to bring to the squad. The day that El Flaco is not with us, then the team will go on and there’s a life after El Flaco.”

Finally, Oltra was resting importance to his presence at the stands for the game, “It was like been suspended, it’s weird, but I refer to the words from the president. Maybe this will be useful in order to clear out the general opinion of what a coach represents during the games, because you are there during the week, and later football on the pitch is made by the players. It doesn’t depend on me, so I am calmed and assume things naturally.”

Youngster Juan Dominguez was pretty happy due to his personal performance and also for the happiness of the fans, “It was a gift for us and the fans; I am glad as I was able to play. It was my first game in four months.”

Juan Carlos Real was making his official debut with Deportivo’s first team; he was pretty excited about it, “I will ask for the video, because you never forget your official debut; it’s the dream of a lifetime. The true is that I felt fine on the pitch and the team mates were always supporting me.”

Left winger Diogo Salomão was also content with the performance of the team, and also for the fact of staying alive in Copa Del Rey, “I am really excited for been advancing in this competition; the fans gave their best and I am content.”

Lassad Nouioui scored his first hat-trick in an official match; he was remembering the last time in which he scored so many goals, “It’s the first time in which I scored so many goal since I was 15; I was sure that Depor’s strikers have the ability to score goals, but everything goes little by little.”

“This is good in order to reinforce the morale of the team; in the game with Hércules we missed the goal, but today we were fine in the second half. I am pretty happy, because I scored, and especially since I did it three times.” The Tunisian attacker added.

Who was highly expected at the press zone of the Riazor was president Augusto César Lendoiro; he was criticized by several reporters for his behavior in the current conflict with Vecindario that prevented coach Oltra to sit on Depor’s bench. He never gave a precise comment on the issue and just said that, “It is a curious situation; we are pending on the final resolution, because we were informed about this until 6PM; right now our lawyers are working on this and they will inform us when the problem could be fixed.”

About the game, Depor’s boss said that, “It has been a long time since we saw the last big score at the Riazor, but when the game was tied Girona had its options to hold on the result, but in the end they missed their opportunities and Deportivo achieved the victory. The kids from the B squad made a nice effort; they came from behind and gained control over the actions.”

At Girona, coach Raul Agné was recognizing that Valerón was the factor that changed the match, “It was a game with weird sensations. It was pretty clear that we didn’t know how to seize the chances when Depor was showing its cracks at the back, and when Valerón came out, he marked the timing and dictated how things should be, and then they destroyed us. After the 2-1 we were in shock and I believe that some of the goals were undeserved. I don’t know how many times a team can end in one-one-one situations against the keeper, but we never seized our opportunities.”



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