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19 Sep 2011
The papers emphasize the fact that Deportivo is already living inside the promotion spots, but also that the Galicians are facing a lot of problems in order to close the games.

La Opinión A Coruña: Last minute troubles. Deportivo suffered again unnecessary problems within the last fifteen minutes. However, there is another reading and it’s that Guardado improves his performance playing on the opposite wing and also pushes up the attitude of the team in attack. When I see him playing on his natural side, as he tends to go to the centre, he ends losing that advantage. The player has improved considerably. In the first part, up to three times, Depor lost the ball in a dangerous zone, something that almost cost a disappointment to the team. Maybe Depor wasn’t pushing Sabadell’s output of the ball, side that risked a lot. In the second half, Depor dominated, until the goal, action in which Aythami reacted too late. At that point the problems started. Overall, the team created scoring chances and shouldn’t have spent those few minutes of anxiety. Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Opinión A Coruña: The individualities decided the game. The new Deportivo emphasizes the idea of combinative game above the individualities. However, the players called to carry with the weight of the team were the ones that got it out of the quagmire in which Sabadell had put them. For many minutes Oltra’s men were unable to surpass the Catalan team, which beyond the result give serious problems to Los Blanquiazules thanks to their attacking football bet.

Again and again, during big part of the first part, the players of Sabadell outnumbered Depor’s men at midfield. They did it with a line of five men always enjoying of the superiority and arriving with danger to the goal of Aranzubia. The constant threat of Sabadell continued until the second half. Each arrival of Los Arquelinados was a test for Deportivo’s defense. Then Valerón showed up to score the first goal with the help of another important player. Guardado was in charge of dragging the defenders in order to leave the Canarian alone against the goalkeeper.

 The Mexican showed up again just five minutes later to put the second on the scoresheet. This time, the responsible for starting the play was Valerón, who immediately gave the ball to Jesus Vazquez at the centre of the pitch, and then he assisted Salomão. Three of the essential players before Guardado was ending the play. Marcos Otero

La Voz de Galicia: Three points, but lack of authority in the game. With four league matches, plus nine points, Depor shows up at the promotion spots. Los Blanquiazules demonstrate the hierarchy and demonstrate that they have enough quality to reach the goal. Another thing is that its game still showing shortcomings that require the hand of Oltra before the defects end up suffocating the virtue. The team is good, sometimes rapid, sparkling and incisive. It put pressure up front, while Salomão and Guardado are two daggers, with Valerón putting the pause to so much energy.

It was precisely the class of Valerón and the sense to play of Guardado the factors that opened a spectacular corridor, which cleared the path in a dangerous game. Sabadell was scaring the Riazor creating big chances with a disconcerting ease. With simplicity, the Catalans demanded the best of Aranzubia in a lightning action. They grazed the goal with a shot that hit the crossbar and nearly scored in another action at the box; in all these plays, a common denominator, the defenders were unable to govern their zones and having a lack of concentration, something improper of the level that they should be demonstrating.

Another aspect equally dangerous was, with the zero to zero in the scoresheet, the inability shown by the team and especially by the pivoted to steer the game. At this point Depor lacks the authority that should characterize the best team at Segunda. Sabadell played more and better, never raffled the ball, but lacked the murder instinct at the moment of truth. Another concern was that, as it happened in Barcelona, the team was unable to close the meeting despite enjoying a juicy two-goal lead. Depor have enough players to kill the game through counterattacks, but again ended up asking for the final whistle and Aranzubia had to appear to save the points at home. Fernando Hidalgo.

AS: Blood, sweat and points. Deportivo is already living at the top positions thanks to its victory against the leathery Sabadell. The win achieved by Oltra’s men was seized holding on to its two pillars. One was the four minutes of inspiration in attack with goals from Valerón and Guardado. Another, the 86 minutes in which Aranzubia showed up that this league is too small for him, very small. Luis De La Cruz

El Pais: Deportivo may fix the ballot at Segunda Division on the basis of flashes or the appearance of its stellar footballers, the same ones that were close to leave during the summer. But after four games, three of them at the Riazor, is not unreasonable to think that those who predicted a sweet transit on this league were the same ones that yesterday ate their nails as the Blanquiazul players were keeping the ball in the corner to defend a slender lead against Sabadell. With nerves of steel to define a one-on-one action with the goalkeeper, Valerón rescued the team when it was falling near the break, and after a gaseous first part in which Deportivo went from more to less and was on the wire after two separate actions of Florian, one at the crossbar, other diverted to a corner by Aranzubia. Valerón scored and Guardado certified the win after seizing a pass of Salomão. Then Baha cut the advantage in a new defensive inattention of Oltra’s team, and then the coach replaced Guardado with Morel. The team pulled back with more fear than shame. Sabadell had ambition to find the equalizer, but didn’t succeed. And Depor won. J. L. Cudeiro.



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