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24 Sep 2011
First meeting between these two coaches; Oltra is aware that his team is suffering a lot in order to close the matches, while Anquela still can’t believe that Depor is visiting the Santo Domingo stadium.

Juan Antonio Anquela is an unknown coach that was one of the main responsible or the phenomenon of the Alcorconazo that struck Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey. He is a former right winger that began his career as a footballer at Real Jaén; he only performed for humble teams, but at least Anquela had the privilege to perform at Primera División at Elche CF, though it was only for one season as his team suffered the relegation to Segunda (season 1984/85).

He returned to Real Jaén and retired there in 2001 and immediately began his career as a coach been the assistant of Tolo Plaza. He later took charge of the first team of Real Jaén and within the years 2004 and 2008 he passed through four small clubs without too much luck, and then he arrived to AD Alcorcón, club where he became famous due to the achievements of the Madrilenians.

And it’s that in only one year –season 2009/10- his team was able to eliminate Real Madrid from the Copa Del Rey and later achieved an historic promotion to Segunda División. Suddenly, he was considered as a talented coach that was even nicknamed as Anquelotti, which is a reference to Carlo Ancelotti, the former coach of Chelsea FC and AC Milan. This is his first official confrontation against José Luis Oltra.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Thursday; he talked with reporters for eighteen minutes and started explaining that his team must improve on the pitch, “I believe the last victories are helpful, because it’s always better to grow up having confidence and it brings calmness as you try to correct some things. But evidently I´m aware that the team needs to improve as it only played good football during some minutes on the games, so we are playing with fire and end burned. It’s true that we are doing some things right and we need to adapt to the league. Anyway I am aware that we aren’t at 100% yet.”

Asked about the lack of secureness at defense, he said that, “Well… it isn’t only a matter of improving in defense, but also in attack. In some moments we have defended well, but our attack was poor, in others the defense was poor and the offense was better, and what I want is to find a balance: to have a better attack and a better defense; we can improve both facets and must demand an improvement. What I emphasize is that it isn’t only a matter of improving the defense. Truly we are suffering some mismatches at defense as we are a team that goes out to search for the rival, and the errors appear when you assume risks.”

Also, Oltra confirmed that centre midfielder Borja Fernandez won’t be picked for the meeting in Madrid, “No, today he was training apart as he was having an issue, it is normal as part of his recovery process. However, no matter he could was at 100%, it was too soon for him and the player isn’t traveling to Alcorcón.”

The Valencian man was also trying to be cautious with Salomão and preferred to emphasize the evolution of the other injured players, “He [Salomão] is fine and the normal thing is that he could play, but we will wait until tomorrow’s training. And the best news is that the others are returning; Manuel Pablo is already working, Saul is better and we will wait for Xisco on next week, it means you could have more alternatives. Anyway, the casualties aren’t an excuse.”

Asked if he will repeat the lineup used against Sabadell, Depor’s trainer admitted that there are good options for it, “On the present times you usually have more rotations, and I already said that I am the type of coach that doesn’t like to change the lineups, now I have the chance to repeat the team, but I have to analyze if it’s convenient to repeat the lineup; there are big opportunities that the team could be the same one that faced Sabadell.”

About the current status of Bodipo, the former coach of Almeria said that people should not see him anymore as a discard, “I will like to remove the label of discard from him and also from the other players [Morel and Seoane], because they aren’t discards.  I ask the same to all the players, to see them offering their characteristics for the team.  Maybe they could earn a spot at the team according to what I ask for those positions, so for me he is one more player at the team.”

Oltra won’t be able to sit on the bench as his license still revoked, but the coach is calmed with the issue, “I won’t push the club with this as I am calmed; I will be on the bench as soon as the club can fix the issue. But I will keep working at the stands; it doesn’t depend on me. Truly there are moments when it’s better to be on the ground, but in the end the players are ones that perform on the matches.”

Finally, Oltra talked of the rival, “All the games are different and you must adapt, people talk a lot of the pitch dimensions, but it is relative. It’s a football pitch and you can play there. It is a solid rival at home and the public is all over you. It’s a team with clear ideas that will put a lot of pressure on you. We must adapt to the situation. The match is complicated and is one of the visits in which you can measure some things. You need to be focused all the time. It is one of the games that, if you win it, then it will give you more chances of achieving the goals.”

Before the press conference, Oltra gave an interview to Sportpaper AS and he valorized the start of season for Deportivo, “It has been positive. We passed the round in Copa;, we won three games in liga, lost once and are tied with the leader. It is acceptable in a numeric sense, though the feelings aren’t so positive. We must demand more and should not rely only in the results.”

He also talked of the role that Valerón should have in this team, “He must bring more arrival with his quality. He must understand that he can step into the area and can score goals as he knows how to define. He must bring a plus at the moment of reaching the goal and he did it before, with Caparrós. He must score goals and it isn’t enough with one or two.”

Alcorcon´s trainer didn’t give any press conference before the meeting, but he talked with different newspapers, starting with El Pais, he still in shock about seeing Depor visiting his team, “When they will come here, and when I could watch Depor’s players on here, I will have to take off my glasses and wash my eyes to say it’s truth. To see Depor at Segunda is an accident, while we are in the same league doing a big sacrifice. They have a great team, one that we could only aspire to watch on TV… and that was close to enter into the final of the Champions League. To watch Valerón at Santo Domingo… that man is an icon and to see him on here… my God! We must enjoy the moment, no matter the result, though the best way to do is trying to win the match.”

Anquela also gave an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; he was talking of the environment that he expects for the meeting, “We will try to have a party as we are hosting a team like Deportivo, which is supposed to be at the top of the standings. Let’s hope the stadium will be full, because it will be pretty. I respect all the other teams, but this is the best visitor that we can get.”

He was also commenting the fact of the bad results achieved at home in this start of season, “Let’s hope that soon things will return to normal and that we are going to be a strong team at home, because in the past matches we were close to the victory. All the teams have already won outside home and it isn’t easy to play at your stadium. There’s a lot of equality in this league and, with the exception of Depor, it will be tough for everybody.”

About the injuries affecting Deportivo, Anquelotti, is convinced that the Galicians will put a strong team at Santo Domingo, “Clearly it’s worrying when you have casualties, but they have a strong base that’s available. The club has a strong squad and they know it. No matter they are coming with casualties they will put Primera players on the pitch. All their players are good and it will be pretty to watch and compete against them.”

As it always happen, he was hailing the skills of Valerón ,”I like all the players at the team, but want to emphasize the presence of Valerón, who I think is the key of Deportivo I also kike Guardado. Without doubt is a team from Primera División that for some circumstances is competing at Segunda. What do we need to do against them? To try to play and compete as we normally do.”

Finally, Anquela talked of the current start of Alcorcón at Segunda, “The true is that we can’t complain; what we must try to do is to keep working in the same way, we are eager to do the right things and are conscious that it is a luxury to be at Segunda División. Our aspiration is to work at the top game by game and to jump into the pitch in order to compete, just like we have done weekend after weekend.”



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