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24 May 2006
On Tuesday during Juan Rodr?­guez’s press conference, we learned that Deportivo is one of the five clubs competing to sign Alexis Ruano from M??laga. For the moment the situation seems complicated since Valencia has the advantage in this race.

Juan Rodr?­guez and Alexis share the same agent, Manuel Garc?­a Quil??n.  The journalists in the press room asked him about the defender’s situation, and Quil??n didn't have a problem stating that right now Getafe, Deportivo, Valencia, Sevilla and Zaragoza are all chasing the player.

Alexis Ruano (21) is one of the most promising defenders in Spain, although his efforts weren't enough to save M??laga from relegation. He was called to the U-21 squad that played last week in Denmark, joining Iago and Arizmendi.

Ruano’s buyout clause is €10 million, but M??laga needs the money and they might be happy with €3 million.  It was previously reported that Valencia has already offered €2 million. It seems that Deportivo is waiting for the next move. But in any case, the Galicians' offer won’t be high since their financial situation continues to be complicated.

But the main advantage for Deportivo in this race is Juan Rodr?­guez.  Alexis is friends with him and has even said on Galician radio that a transfer to Deportivo sounds like a good idea to him: "He (Juan Rodr?­guez) has a lot of confidence in me and for that reason he discusses this stuff with me. He's happy with Deportivo and I wish him the best. We always make jokes about the possibility of living together. It will be very nice if I could also move to La Coru?±a, but we’ll see what happens."

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