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09 Oct 2011
A powerless and impotent Deportivo is unable to beat a limited but emboldened Alcoyano that just seized its opportunities; Oltra changed the scheme three times, but his team only had a few opportunities to score.

There was a high expectation before the meeting as reporters were wondering the solution that Oltra was planning for the wings; in the end it was one of the schemes mentioned on the day before: Seoane at the right-back position, Laure switching to the right wing, Ayoze at the left side of the defense and Salomão performing on the left wing. Also the news of the weird accident of Aythami, who cut his knee in the bathroom of the hotel, reason why he needed fourth stitches.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1; with Dani Aranzubia at the goal; Diego Seoane at the right-back position, Colotto and Aythami at the centre of the defense, while Ayoze was on the left. Jesús Vázquez and Álex Bergantiños were the two centre midfielders, Salomão attacked from the left-flank, Laure was at the right, Valerón was the playmaker in the scheme and Lassad was the central attacker.

At Alcoyano; the team coached by David Porras was presenting the expected team; with Honduran Anthony Rubén ´Choco´ Lozano as the main reference in attack. There were a lot of comments on the state of the grass at El Collao, but the true is that it never affected the actions, though both keepers had some problems with long-range attempts that were hitting the ground first, and also during some players’ runs as the grass was torn from the ground..

Again Depor had a poor start during a visit and it was lucky enough to not be losing 0-2 by minute 6, but a decision of the referee favored the Galicians. Later Oltra’s team improved and took control of the ball possession, but it missed depth as it only created two scoring opportunities throughout the first part.

Just as it happened in the previous visit to Alcorcón, Depor was pretty bad within the first minutes at El Collao. The Galicians were a soft team at midfield within the first ten minutes and the locals had two scoring opportunities almost without looking for it. At minute 3, Diego Jimenez arrived to the edge of the area and without any mark the winger released a strong shot that surprised Aranzubia and that hit the crossbar and then trespassed the goal line, but the referees didn’t see it and Depor’s goalie collected the ball later.

But three minutes after this polemic play, the luck ended for the Galicians as a long throw coming from Alcoyano’s defense went directly into the path of Ayoze Diaz, who tried to assist Aranzubia from the edge of the area, but the keeper wasn’t expecting for the ball and it passed him pleasantly entering into the net.

Depor reacted until minute 12 as Salomão released a late cross from the left that was stopped by local keeper Fernando Maestro. After this action the Galicians started to take control of the ball possession (54% at the end of the half); five minutes later Ayoze was attempting from long-range, but Maestro blocked the attempt after the ball hit the ground.

At minute 21, Salomão almost surprised Maestro with a long-range attempt that the keeper barely deflected when he was on the ground, then the ball turned into a volley that almost entered by the centre of the goal. But the locals were also dangerous; at minute 26 Miki released a crossed shot from outside the area that Aranzubia sent to corner-kick; in the next play Fernando Martín headed the ball out.

Then, the game reached a stage where both teams were only having chances through counterattacks, because it was the only way they found in order to reach the opposite area. Alcoyano was happy with this game as it was leading in the scoresheet, but Deportivo was having problems as the mark of César Remón was asphyxiating the imagination of Valerón; Lassad was disappeared and the only threat for the locals was Salomão, who was constantly surpassing the marks at the left wing, though it wasn’t enough to score the equalizer. As it could be expected the contribution of Laure in attack was inexistent.

The biggest chance for Depor in order to tie the actions came at the last minute of the first part; it was a free-kick at the right wing that Ayoze sent into the box, Jesús Vázquez was there, but his powerful header just passed close to the near post of Maestro.

Oltra changed the scheme three times, but Deportivo was still facing the same impotence to create danger; Depor’s coach ended playing with only one central defender as he was accumulating men in attack, and his team fell down after missing a great chance and allowing a new goal in a counterattack.

Depor started the second half strongly; surrounding the area of Alcoyano with quick and short passes, though it didn’t have any clear opportunity within the first ten minutes. It was until minute 10 that the Galicians had a scoring chance as Valerón threw a free-kick that went over the crossbar. Later Deportivo lost that combinative game and ended practicing a grey direct style.

With the pass of the minutes Alcoyano was having more ball possession and it seemed that the Galicians were losing presence in attack; for this reason Oltra ordered the entry of Riki replacing Seoane. The move kept the 4-2-3-1 figure, but now Laure was delaying his position to the right-back, Lassad moved himself to the right wing and Riki was the central attacker.

The modifications didn’t add the depth that Oltra was looking for; Depor was still having problems to create combinative plays as Valerón was well marked; for this reason the Galicians were reduced to attack through long throws that were easily neutralized by the locals; Salomão was no longer active and the visitors were powerless.

Then Oltra made a new chance introducing Saul for Jesús Vázquez; this time the modification switched the scheme into a 4-4-2; with Lassad joining Riki up front, and with Valerón delaying his position to attack from behind and with Álex covering his back.

Saul’s presence was a ray of light for the Galicians as the Asturian was more incisive than Laure, but it was just a mirage as Depor was still mentally blocked and condemned to rely in the direct game. The best chance to score in the whole match for Depor came at minute 73; it was a counterattack for the Galicians in which the shots of Saul and Salomão were repelled by Maestro, and when it seemed that Lassad was going to score before the goal, Devesa threw himself to the ground to clear the danger to a corner-kick.

Then a desperate Oltra risked with the entry of Juan Dominguez for Aythami, now the scheme was a 3-5-2, with Colotto as the lonely central defender and with Dominguez playing behind Valerón, but not even in this way Los Blanquiazules scored the equalizer.

Actually, Oltra paid the price for the risky move as four minutes before the end the locals scored the second goal in a counterattack; Depor was attacking and lost the ball, then Alcoyano reached the opposite area with three long passes in which substitute strikers Roberto Batres and Manuel Gato eluded Aranzubia to easily score from close range. There was no time and neither the will to fight at a powerless Deportivo.

New defeat of a Deportivo that left a pale impression against a limited rival that only needed a strong heart in order to clinch the three points. Oltra’s team lacked strength and ideas in attack, while its errors at defense have cost two goals. The defeat could also cost the spot at the promotion zone if on Sunday two of three clubs Guadalajara, Villarreal B or Valladolid, win their games.

On next Saturday, Deportivo returns to the Riazor in order to host Gimnástic Tarragona playing for la liga (16h00 CET), but before the Galicians will face one more time CD Alcoyano, though in this opportunity it will take place at the Riazor playing for Copa Del Rey (Wednesday, 22h00 CET).

Alcoyano: (4-4-2) Maestro - Pina, Morcillo, Fernando Martín, Devesa - Álvaro, Miki, César Remón (Rafa Gómez 64’) Cañadas (Gato 76’) - Diego Jiménez, Choco Lozano (Batres 80’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Seoane (Riki 58’), Colotto, Aythami (Juan Dominguez 74’), Ayoze – Jesús Vázquez (Saúl 65’), Álex Bergantiños – Laure, Valerón, Salomão - Lassad
Goals: 1-0 (6’) Ayoze (o.g.), 2-0: (86’) Gato
Referee: Jorge Valdes Aller. He showed yellow card to Seoane (49’), Lozano (60’), Morcillo (62’), Miki (78’), Ayoze (83’) and Aranzubia (84’)
Venue: El Collao (4,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (42% - 58%); Attempts to score (5 – 5); Total shots (12 - 15); Shots on target (4 - 7); Saves by the keepers (2 - 6); Corner-kicks  (6 - 5); Offsides (3 - 3); Fouls committed (14 - 14); Accuracy in the passes (70.86% - 78.82%)




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