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10 Oct 2011
New hard criticism towards a Deportivo that still playing awful each time that it leaves the Riazor; the papers believe that the newest setback is totally deserved as Depor lacks passion and football.

La Opinión A Coruña: Failed message. Probably Deportivo has a Primera team, not of Segunda, and perhaps that’s the major problem. All great, all very nice, but quality is not enough to win games, and less in pitches such as El Collao. Anyone can make excuses, like the day of Alcorcón. The casualties, the irregular field, the bad luck in the own goal... just excuses. Depor doesn’t know yet the meaning of fighting for the promotion. It doesn’t even know how to play. It’s a team under construction, without a clear pattern of play and that definitely doesn’t bite away from home. And the worst part is that the rivals are starting to lose respect. Alcorcón passed over it within the first fifteen minutes and yesterday Alcoyano went out for the same, to eat Depor from the opening whistle. Get ready, because in Cordoba, in two weeks, you should expect another hard battle, perhaps with other peculiarities, but equally hard.

No free lunch at Segunda, and whoever gets asleep it is eaten alive. That is the message that José Luis Oltra has tried to convey since arriving to A Coruña, unsuccessfully so far. Or his players don’t listen or the coach has been unable to find the appropriate key to see his men assimilating the idea of where they are, and also who are the rivals that they have in front. Many, the major part of these men, were recently playing against Barca and Madrid. Not so long ago some of them celebrated titles and shone at the Champions League with the best in Europe. All that is past, all that glorious history, is not worth anything now. Only as anesthesia and distraction. Whoever wants to understand it should join the bandwagon to fight-not to aspire or dream-for promotion. Fight. That’s it, or goodbye to the goal. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Another embarrassment in Alcoy. The two faces of Deportivo were again evident in the modest pitch of El Collao. The Galician team was again an indolent visitor overwhelmed by the circumstances and by a rival in theory called to fight for other goals. Depor, without football and resources despite finishing with six attackers on the field, succumbed to the willful Alcoyano and again cast doubts playing away from the Riazor.

The players talked throughout the week of a learned lesson in Alcorcón. Riki warned that they should put the batteries on if they didn’t want to repeat the scene at El Collao. Now, little or nothing make us believe that Deportivo’s team pulled something positive from the hard hit suffered a couple of matchdays ago, this after Alcoyano had scored twice after the first six minutes, tough the referee only allowed one. Depor was again unable to match the intensity of the Valencian and modest team. It was shown flat of talent to justify the status of favorite. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Again no reaction. Again Deportivo was below in the scoresheet and again was unable to overcome the disadvantage. Unable to turn around the result, or even to equalize it, Los Blanquiazules suffered their third defeat of the season in Alcoy after conceding a goal in the opening stages of the match. The own goal by Ayoze at minute 6 meant that Oltra's team had sufficient time to reverse the trend demonstrated in the defeats with Hercules and Alcorcón.

And in all those opportunities Deportivo was unable to surpass its rival after conceding a goal. It happened in front of Hercules at the Riazor, with a goal just before half-time, it happened again against the Madrilenians, when after the first fifteen minutes it was already losing by three goals, and it happened again yesterday before Alcoyano.

Without the inertia provided by its own goals, the team succumbed to the inability to overcome the advantage of the opponent, side that seized the misfortune of scoring an own goal and that later sealed the match in the final stretch through a counterattack. In between, the Galician players were unable to react to the challenge of raising the negative result. It was not even ´possible to run towards the opposite goal, with emphasis, the same the fans could witness at the Riazor during the game with Hercules. The expulsions against Alcorcón were the alibi and prevented to check how the team was capable of handling a meeting when the situation on the scoresheet is unfavorable. Yesterday, however, not even the changes introduced by Oltra were able to wake up the team against Alcoyano’s players. Marcos Otero

Marca: Alcoyano gives a dose of harsh reality to Deportivo. Alcoyano defeated Deportivo with goals from Ayoze, an own goal, and Gato. Porras’ players pulled Deportivo off the cloud from where it was arriving to El Collao, thinking that adding the three points would mean to enter into the direct promotion spots. Deportivo had a hard time on a field that has all the ingredients to become one of the toughest stages in this league. And that, until today, Alcoyano was unable to achieve a home win.

With all the lines close to each other, without complexes and taking advantage of the conditions of the pitch, with which Depor is not used to deal with, Porras’ men handled the match. First three points at home for Alcoyano and against Deportivo, side that needs to wait another matchday in order to get into direct promotion. This is Liga Adelante. The joys don’t last long. Ramiro Aldunate.

Diario Información (Alicante): Alcoyano believes. Last night the magic of El Collao and the intensity of David Porras’ Alcoyano forced Deportivo to sink the knee. Oltra’s team, top candidate for the promotion, already lost 4-0 in Alcorcón and yesterday was overwhelmed by an opponent that fought hard in the second half to not be intimidated by an opponent of substance. Lucas V. Belmar



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