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12 Oct 2011
Depor’s coach confirmed that he will make up to six changes to the squad that will play in Copa; while Alcoyano’s trainer said that he is coming for the victory, this despite he is making rotations at his squad.

David Porras Navarro is a young coach that has had a lightening career as a football trainer; he was a player that never reached the Primera División; the Valencian man started and ended his career as a player at Alcoyano, reason why two years ago he decided to continue linked with the club as he joined the coaching staff been the second assistant of Paco López, and this last man was fired just five matchdays before the end of the past Segunda B season.

It was a big surprise as Alcoyano was living inside the promotion zone, despite the scandal and the doubts Porras was able to achieve an historic promotion as his team eliminated stronger sides like Real Madrid Castilla or CD Lugo. In the end he was the hero that led the return to Segunda A after 44 years of exile. He was also involved in politics as in 2007 he was a candidate for the city hall of Alcoy.

This is the second meeting between Porras and José Luis Oltra after the 2-0 win of the Valencians on the past weekend; the interesting fact is that both men were partners at Ontinyent CF, a Valencian club that’s currently living at Segunda B. It was during the season 1988/89 as Oltra and Porras were the two usual centre midfielders at the team, so they already know each other quite well.

On Thursday Depor’s coach talked for twenty minutes at Abegondo’s press room; he confirmed the plan of making six changes to the starting team, “Well, we’ll have some changes; I’ll love to make more, but in some cases I must look beyond and… you can see that it’s the same list of picked players with the only novelty of Juan Carlos entering for Aythami. So, in the best of the cases you will have six changes, there you have a clue. Maybe I will make lesser changes, but the maximum number is six.”

Later he said that this match isn’t revenge from last Saturday’s loss, “It’s the same rival, but possible it won’t be the same squad and it’s a different competition. I don’t see the similarities. We can’t face the game as revenge, but as a match that we must win. It’s good to return soon to compete after a loss, because it gives you the chance to demonstrate that you have better arguments of what was sawn on Saturday. They are also more motivated and will try to win as they have nothing to lose. It’s a rival without pressure, therefore is dangerous.”

The Valencian coach also said that he remains calmness after suffering the third defeat in liga, “The changes aren’t a punishment for what happened the other day; it just correspond to what I thing is the best thing to do. The next match with Nástic is too close and I must plan what we must do. We still are living in an important zone at the standings, knowing that we must change some things, but with tranquility. For me the team must always yield at the top, but we must do it. It only passed one week from a solid match to a poor presentation. We have the potential and must demonstrate it. I hope it will happen tomorrow, then on Saturday and on the following Saturday against Córdoba.”

“We must improve at defense, attack, the output of the ball, the block, the transition, the withdrawal… but it doesn’t mean that we are a disaster. After the win over Guadalajara I also talked to the players, though it didn’t have importance. Maybe the tone is different and you emphasize other aspects, but it’s normal. For me the alarm bells aren’t rising yet.” He added.

Later the ex-Almeria man was still insisting that there is no reason to panic, “This is a long race and we must remember that we are only at matchday 8, which means 8 of 42 matches. We are fine in terms of numbers, though we need to improve with our game. I am the first critic, but the best is not to confront ourselves, because we all are going in the same direction and are targeting the same goals.”

Finally, Oltra was asked about the possible reaction of the fans after the recent setbacks, and he answered that, “They are free to do what they want. I don’t read the Internet forums, neither in the good nor the bad moments. The fans are the only ones that are always giving everything. The intention is to not lose them and we must give something as exchange. My anger comes from the fact of been the responsible of having a good team that can’t play good football at some precise moments. I haven’t been content within the last two defeats; I didn’t watch what I was expecting to watch.”

Alcoyano’s coach gave a press conference on Thursday; he was quite optimistic on the chances of his team in this tie, “We aren’t going for a ride to the Riazor. Both the players and the club believe that it’s important to advance and face a Primera team on next round. We play for a lot on this match and for us it’s a great opportunity to grow up as a team.”

“It’s a life or death situation as there is no margin for errors; I believe the match will be different to the one in liga; we know we are going to meet a Deportivo that’s hurt for what happened in the previous matchday, but we are careless. We will try to seize our strengths, just like we did last Saturday. It will be a pretty match in all senses. Besides we are playing in a big stadium like the Riazor.” He added.

Despite the words of the coach, a lot of changes are expected at the starting formation as the priority is the league competition; the Valencian man was saying about the starting eleven that, “I have confidence in the whole squad. There are a lot of players that deserve to play and they are going to have an opportunity in this match.”

Asked about the possible presence of captain Manuel Carrion as a possible starter; he said that, “He isn’t yet at 100%, because he still dragging some issues, but has options of playing the game. It’s something I’ll decide before the match, because he’s willing to play after been out for a while.”

Finally, Porras was talking of the keys to pass the round, “We must be focused at defense; surely they will try to have the ball possessions and will try to harm us with the last pass, but we are going to use our strengths in order to search for the opposite goal. The clear thing is that we won’t give up our identity.”



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