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14 Oct 2011
The victory in Copa Del Rey didn’t impress the newspapers as Deportivo didn’t have a solid performance in the match, though the result it’s interpreted as a revenge from the liga defeat at El Collao stadium.

La Opinión A Coruña: Comfortable. Tranquil match for Deportivo, with many changes at the starting team, but faithful to its usual scheme. It was noticed the lack of a reference at midfield. As we can see, no one now can replace Valerón in the role of football creator. Depor tried by the wings, but the duo Laure-Seoane didn’t offer the expected level in attack, especially for a team playing at home and that must attack having the ball possession. In contrast, by the left flank, Salomão provided more depth and the goal came by that side. After the first goal the match became almost a cakewalk dance for Deportivo, because Alcoyano didn’t find the cracks to react. Also, Riki went unnoticed, therefore the team still missing a reference up front. Javier Bardanca

La Voz de Galicia: Two sparks settled the game against Alcoyano. Primera Division will return shortly before Christmas to the Riazor, though it will be thanks to Copa Del Rey. Depor executed its revenge and defeated a worthy Alcoyano to access the knockout round of the tournament, where tomorrow it will be paired with any of the thirteen teams at the highest league that aren’t playing an European competition.

The stands at the Riazor were demanding sacrifice as the players were warming up. And the Galician players had the ball possession, but little they knew about what to do with it. Clouded by the defensive system planted by Alcoyano it only approached to the visitors’ goal with a dropper. For the first shot on target we had to wait fifteen minutes (a cross of Seoane), but before Riki, who otherwise went unnoticed in his first appearance as a starter, had already faced Dorronsoro one-on-one, but his attempt ended in a corner-kick.

Even the stands were infected by the coldness of the game. Depor was determined to play by the centre, blinded by the mark of rival over Salomão and ballast for the presence of two side defenders on the right wing. Laure’s crosses weren’t going anywhere and it was possible to hear the first whistles after a new horizontal pass between Rochela and Zé Castro. It lasted until the first error in the mark over the Portuguese winger. Having passed the half hour mark the speedy winger entered into the area and served on the arrival from behind of Juan Dominguez, whose low shot slipped below the goal. The Galician midfielder was obfuscated until that point in the game, determined to seek dead ends, and suddenly was debuting as a scorer after two seasons from his debut. It was Depor's second shot on target. Pedro Barreiros

La Opinión A Coruña: Step overcome. With the same opponent in front and the possibility on the horizon to advance one more round in Copa Del Rey. However, as it was sawn within the first hour of game, it seemed that the players weren’t interested in fixing what happened four days ago at El Collao and the prospect of a tie against a Primera team.

Only four players repeated with respect to the starting eleven that was defeated in Alcoy. Oltra used the less habitual players, even those that were previously discarded by the coach and that were included as the circumstances have forced him to rely on them. Apparently, the coach gave the command to Juan Carlos and Juan Dominguez, but the real baton on the game was Jesus Vazquez.

It was one of the youth players the responsible for changing the face of the game, just when it seemed that both teams were going to the changing room with the same score with which the meeting started. It was three minutes after the half hour. Salomão received the ball on the left, faced a defender and entered into the area. He had other options, such as dodging opponents or trying to shot, but this time he saw the incorporation from behind of Juan Dominguez. The defense, either by the hypnotic effect produced by the Portuguese when he runs with the ball and begins to overcome rivals, left a hall at the centre of the area, just where the youngster entered. His shot went from the penalty spot into the path of Dorronsoro, who found the ball, but it drained under his body and ended at the back of the net. Marco Otero

El Pais: Deportivo will be among the top 32 teams in Copa del Rey after passing, not without some agony, Alcoyano, the same team that defeated it four days ago in a league match. It won without pleasure (2-1), prisoner of its inability to create football, unable to define a style. It isn’t known if the team bets on the combinative football or in the long throws, if in the ball possession or the counterattack. In this hybrid style Deportivo is moving around; yesterday the team was full of novelties and without Valerón, a beacon in a group full of doubts, eternally punished by the muscular problems.
Alcoyano also reserved some starters, but fought as usual, it didn’t give up, not even after allowing two goals and ended the game near to the local area, without causing a sensation of danger, but at least it was an uncomfortable rival after leaking two clamorous errors. In the first, which came just after the first half hour, Dorronsoro failed as he was unable to hold on a shot of Juan Dominguez; the pass was of Salomão, who later gave the second to Riki, play that showed the lack of surveillance at Alcoyano. J. L. Cudeiro.

Marca: Riazor is another story. Deportivo claimed revenge after the league defeat before Alcoyano and did so in a scenario that leaves no room for revenge, the Copa Del Rey. Goals from Juan Dominguez and Riki knocked down Alcoyano, team that tried to respond with a goal from Gato. Depor improved compared with that match, although it isn’t something to go crazy over. In its field, before its people, and knowing that a defeat meant the elimination, the Galicians showed their punch to pass the tie. Ramiro Aldunate.

Diario Información (Alicante): Salomão decides at the Riazor. End of the trip for Alcoyano in Copa del Rey. Porras’ squad passed the first round due to the disqualification of Hércules and yesterday was eliminated due to the punch of Deportivo La Coruña. Both coaches used their less habitual players and the greater depth of the Galician team was noticed. Deportivo went ahead 2-0 after two assists from Salomão, actions that were seized by Juan Dominguez and Riki. Later Gato reduced the distance after an extraordinary free-kick that went into the top corner and that couldn’t be stopped by Lux. Lucas V. Belmar



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