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15 Oct 2011
Nastic’s coach could be sacked if he loses at the Riazor, while Depor’s trainer was warning that it won’t be an easy game for Deportivo.

Juan Carlos Oliva Fornos is an Aragonian coach with ten years of experience that includes an adventure in Greece. He started working at little UD Fraga, club in which he achieved two straight championships at Tercera; he later worked with more known clubs like Deportivo Alavés and even with Greek Aris FC (season 2007/08), though without too much success.

He returned to Spain and coached Villarreal B and more recently UD Salamanca, though in this last club he was fired after just six months as his team didn’t match the expectations of a club that was aspiring to the promotion to Primera. He arrived to Gimnástic in December of 2010 with the mission of saving the club after José Luis Sampedro was sacked, and he achieved the goal though suffering as the Catalan team saved itself until the last matchday.

Currently the coach is under fire as Gimnástic has only achieved three draws on the Segunda season; it is even commented that he can be fired if his team loses at the Riazor. This is his first meeting against José Luis Oltra.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Friday’s afternoon, just after the draw in Copa Del Rey was made. He was firstly asked about the short list of available players for this game, he said that, “Well, we don’t have much more from where to choose, because there are several players at the sidelines. Of the players that were fit to play only Juan Carlos is staying out, because we decided that this game is for other people.”

Asked if Guardado is fit to play, the Valencian coach answered that, “If he is on the list it’s because he can play. He just arrived a little tired and with a cough, though it’s a minimal problem. It was a long trip too, but he is okay. He is ready to play, whether as a starter or entering throughout the match.”

Later Oltra was warning that Gimnástic is a dangerous rival due to its current situations at the standings, “It will be a tough meeting, like any other game in this league. They have better players than what the standings say; they have had a lot of injuries, players called to be important and that didn’t have minutes due to the injuries.”

“I see a wounded team that has only lost once playing away from home. People should understand that it won’t be an easy win as this is a tough and hard rival. If people believe that they are penultimate and that we are going to achieve a big score, then they are wrong. It isn’t the reality. “ He added

Finally, Oltra was reminding that it was a tough week as the team had to play three games in a matter of seven days, “Deportivo is a strong and consistent team at home, although we need to clarify some concepts. If tomorrow we don’t make a good game, then I won’t blame the lack of freshness or the physical aspect, though it’s a fact that Nastic didn’t play in midweek, while we were playing on Wednesday.”

Gimnastic’s coach gave a press conference on Friday; despite the poor results in this start of season, he was content as the team is recovering some of the injured players, “I’m glad, because on this week the pace of the training sessions have been good; we are regaining important people like Fernando Morán, who is part of the list; those aspects are important. Besides, before we recovered other men like Borja and Mingo. For me it’s a thing to be happy”

“It is important taking in mind the rival that we are facing and also for our own situation at the standings; it’s important to see the players at the changing room feeling motivated. They must believe in themselves knowing that things aren’t working for us. The players and the coaching staff must believe in our cause” He added.

Later, he was complaining of the problems that he has had with the wingers, “Our injured players are just returning and aren’t ready to play for the full time; maybe they aren’t ready to be starters, but clearly will go in if we need them due to their skills. You have a big problem when you have a lot of injuries at one position; it wasn’t a matter of one or two cases, but that all the wingers were injured, so we needed to invent things and situations. We missed people like Álvaro [Rey], Borja and Tuni. Now I believe that the return of these players will unbalance the situation in our favour.”

Before the press conference, the coach gave an interview to a local paper at Tarragona, he was feeling that this could be his last game at the club after the poor start in liga, “I’m feeling like living my last days, because my future is attached to the game with Depor. You might ask to see somebody from the club going out and support the project, the players and the coach.”

It’s even rumoured that he hasn’t been sacked yet as the club’s officials don’t want to put the new coach in the tough position of facing Depor, Hércules and Barca B –their next three rivals- since the beginning, for this reason the Aragonian man said that, “The worst part is the indifference. People are no longer talking of signings, and it gives the feeling that the coach hasn’t been fired in order to avoid a bad start for the new man, just as it happened to me.”

Anyhow, Oliva has the hope that the so-desired first victory on the season could arrive at the Riazor, “It’s a personal conviction; if besides this is the only chance I’ve to stay at the club, then I believe more in the victory. The point is that a victory will be a boost for this squad. “



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