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27 Oct 2011
Fourth meeting between these two coaches; Oltra said that he isn’t thinking in making too many changes for the match, while Javi Lopez respects the striking line of Deportivo.

Francisco Javier López Castro is a Catalan coach that hasn’t found any glory both as a player and as a football coach ; his career as a footballer lasted 14 years (from 1985 to 1999) and the best he could get was to play at Segunda División with Villarreal CF (between the years 1993-96).

He started to work as a coach at Valencian club CD Onda, club where he achieved the promotion to Segunda B. Since then he has worked in ten different clubs and his main goal was to achieve two promotions to Segunda A with CD Castellón (2004/05) and UD Salamanca (2005/06). On the past season he was the coach of CD Xérez and the behavior of the team was erratic as it had several ups and downs throughout the Segunda tournament. He left the club in the summer and just one month ago he signed for FC Cartagena after the exit of Paco López, who lost the first four matches with the Murcians.

This is the fourth time in which Javi Lopez faces José Luis Oltra in a league competition; the first two confrontations took place on the season 2006/07 as the Catalan man defeated twice Oltra’s Ciudad de Murcia as he was coaching UD Salamanca, and the third meeting took place on the 2008/09 campaign and Oltra won the duel as his Tenerife crushed the CD Alavés of Javi López (3-0).

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Tuesday; he talked for seventeen minutes with reporters and was hoping that the results will keep coming, he was also pleased with the physical status of some players, “The last victory was important, also the performance of the team; it’s also important to play well and to have the players available. Yesterday, Bruno and Borja made part of the session, and today they completed the whole training; also Pablo [Álvarez] did it. In the end only Xisco and Manuel Pablo are out, so you have where to choose from.”

But Oltra didn’t want to talk of when he expects to allow the debut of Borja Fernandez and Bruno Gama, “Don’t ask me for deadlines; in the beginning… Bruno and Borja will practically complete all the sessions, Pablo will also fulfill all the trainings, and we’ll wait to see when they could be fine, always according to the needs of the team. It could be one week, two weeks… I believe it isn’t necessary to fix a deadline; the important thing is to recover our people and to do it according to the plan.”

The Valencian man was feeling content as his team is coming after clinching its first away clean sheet on the season, “If the team doesn’t allow any goal, then we will surely add points, no matter is only one. We must be solid at home and also away from home. The line to follow is this, also the one of the game with Nástic; I said before that I liked the performance in that game, without including the punctual errors. In this league you can lose before anyone, because it’s really equal and we can’t relax. We must continue with the same concept and determination.”

About the rival, Depor’s coach said that, “They are at the top after winning a match, also because they haven’t allowed a goal within the last three games, so they are living their best moment. The promotion to Primera was their goal at the beginning, we must now learn what it is now, but it was an ambitious project that hasn’t worked yet, and those problems creates doubts; now they are recovering the confidence and it’s always dangerous. We’ll try to fight being a tough rival for them.”

He didn’t want to complain of the poor state of the grass at the Cartagonova stadium, although it has been reported that the conditions of the pitch are better compared to previous matches disputed there, “It won’t be an excuse, it isn’t my style; the previous defeats at Alcoyano and Alcorcón didn’t happen for that reason; it may be a factor influencing in the game, but it can’t be an excuse.”

Once again Oltra didn’t want to reveal too many details of his plans for the game, “If you can have all the players available, then you can think of making more changes. The list of picked players is having one or two differences, one was fixed as Ayoze is suspended, and later you have to make tactical decisions. I can only add Bodipo, Juan Carlos and Ze Castro. With more people available I could be thinking of making more changes, maybe I will make one, but not too many.”

He was more clear when he talked of the best choices to replace Ayoze, “Since Manuel Pablo is out, I am only considering the two logical choices, the natural of Morel, replacing one player with another, or Seoane; with Seoane on the left side or with Seoane at the right and Laure on the left; it could work out, but I already tell you that I am not considering any other choice, neither to switch the system.”

A reporter asked if Valerón was going to be reserved in any of the two coming meetings, and the answer was that, “If I put him and we win, then everybody says that it’s wonderful, but a lot of people will say that I’m burning him. If I don’t put him on the pitch and we win, then I am a phenomenon, but if we lose people will ask why I am taking him off when the team was working out before, so you’ll always have a debate on this. I just tell you that I believe that Valerón is able to play three matches per week. He is working at the top and is training at the top. You just need to watch him.”

Later the Catarroja-born trainer was talking of Salomão and his good moment on the season, “The true is that he is offering a lot of things to us, but he’s only one more player at the team. You know I don’t like to make personal analysis. He is scoring some goals thanks to his movements; he is improving and is gaining a protagonic role due to the circumstances. But the eleven players are offering things. He is young and is improving.”

Finally, he was explaining why Ze Castro was sidelined on the past week after been considered for a starting role at the lineup that faced Córdoba, “He was out due to a tactical reason. You must understand; if you ask me for Ze Castro, then you will ask me for Juan Carlos, and so on, I just want the best for the team; I understood that it wasn’t the right game for Ze Castro; I pick him when I think is the best and I don’t do it when I think is not the right call. My decision was just for tactical reasons; it has nothing to do with his physical problems.”

Cartagena’s coach gave his press conference on Tuesday’s morning; he explaining his expectations on the meeting, “I am waiting to see an important Deportivo. It has everything to be an important team in the league. The next two matches are going to be important. All the rivals mean a challenge. In the case of Coruña they have a striking line that’s great, with pretty good players, but we believe to know the way to play against them, especially trying to be ourselves and not losing our identity. In this league there are no lame clubs.”

“I believe our team is passing through its best moment in order to face this meeting, with enough energy and having pretty good feelings. At the same time we are calmed, though the most difficult part is about to come. We still have to paddle and our joys are contained.” He added.

The Catalan coach didn’t give too many clues on the lineup that he plans to use, he just said that, “I am only thinking in putting the best players for each game. The team is approaching to what we want it to be; the players must be awake during the trainings and it’s true that we are fine. We are dragging the burden of the first matches and must remove it little by little. If we get the idea of fighting at the top in every game, then we will keep progressing. We don’t have to play with the same starting formation… but is obvious that if we want to maintain an idea the continuity is important.”

Asked for the replacement of midfielder Juan Collantes as a central attacker, the coach said that, “Collantes brings a lot of things, evidently, but I also count with Bolado, Goiría and Salva. I will always be sincere with the men that aren’t playing. There’s a certain number of picked players and we can’t call everybody and some men must remain out. The ones that aren’t playing must work harder. Naturally I speak to them and explain everything.”

Finally, Javi Lopez was referring to the fact that the fans seem more interested in the weekend’s derby with Real Murcia rather than the meeting with Depor, “I do understands that it’s a derby, and is always pretty, but I see that the attention is too much focused. We just need to be ourselves and follow the game according to our



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