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28 Oct 2011
Impressing victory for Fabril and Ramallo’s team reaches the four top positions; it was the first demonstration of power on the season, a light of hope for what this team can achieve. Also, new solid presentation of Juan Carlos, and also of Ángel.

Coach Tito Ramallo was having five casualties due to injury reasons: Richi, Luis, Álvaro Lemos, José Manuel and Iago Beceiro; Diego Vieytes was already recovered from his knee problem and was sat on the bench; Juan Carlos was available as he didn’t play with the first team for the visit to Córdoba.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1, with Marc Martinez at the goal, Adriá Gallego covering the right-back position, Ángel did it on the left sector, while the central defenders were Pablo Ínsua and Stefan Deak; central defender Uxio Marcos and Pedro Crespo were the two pivotes at midfield, Diego Vela was playing on the right wing, Víctor Diaz performed on the left flank, Juan Carlos was the playmaker , and David Cubillas was the central attacker.

The rival was RC Vilálbes; the surprising leader at group one of Tercera División, club that had only allowed six goal in the first eight meetings on the season. The problem for coach Carlos Alberto Díaz ‘Charly’ was that four of his regular starters were injured: midfielder Pablo Vivero, plus defenders Borja, Suso and Rafita. Even right-back Diego López had to play at the centre of the defense on this game.

Without doubt the best game of Deportivo B on the current season; Ramallo’s team dominated the actions during the visit against the leader in the group, it did it with authority and besides it had enough punch to clinch a big score. Once again Juan Carlos was the centre of all the offensive plays, while Uxio had its best game performing as a pivote, without forgetting the depth brought by both Vela and Víctor.

But especially impressing was the game of left-back Ángel Martinez, because if Juan Carlos was involved in three of the four goals, Ángel was part of all of them; The Catalan started the play of the first goal, then provoked a penalty, and finally gave two assists.

Fabril was a steamroller and by minute 30 it was already winning with a 2-0 score; the first goal came early in the first part after Juan Carlos collected the ball at the edge of the area in a previous play in which Ángel was fouled, then the playmaker released a low shot that local keeper José Ángel missed to catch, the lost ball was collected by winger Víctor Díaz, who scored his first goal at Depor B from close range.

The second goal arrived just a couple of minutes later after left-back Ángel Martinez was fouled inside the area, then Juan Carlos scored the goal from the penalty spot. Meanwhile, there was no news of Racing Vilálbes, team that was shocked for what was happening on the pitch.

Fabril even had two clear opportunities to extend the lead before half-time; both chances were in the boots of right winger Diego Vela, in the first he missed to define a one-one-one play against José Ángel; in the second his attempt to score from close range was blocked by a defender after a corner-kick action.

The second half was just a repetition of the first, because the visitors pushed since the kick-off and scored the third goal just three minutes after the pause; again Ángel joined the attack assisting Juan Carlos, who later entered into the area to attempt a shot on target, his first attempt was blocked, but the playmaker was lucky enough to get the rebound, then he eluded three rivals to end scoring his sixth goal on the season with a drilling shot fired from the box.

And the fourth goal arrived a couple of minutes later as again Ángel joined the attack on the left flank to end releasing a perfect cross that Vela found inside the area to end scoring the goal from close range. Pedro Crespo had the opportunity to score the fifth goal with a direct free-kick, but his attempt was saved by José Ángel.

The last half an hour was a mere formality; the locals just had a couple of scoring opportunities, Fabril didn’t press the accelerator, while Ramallo used the last minutes to give minutes to Adrián Martinez, Álex Pérez and David Garcia.

Impressive presentation of a Deportivo B that showed authority and efficiency against the leader of the Galician group at Tercera; Juan Carlos, Vela, Víctor and Ángel were the best players in the game. The result leaves Depor B in the fourth position at the standings, just four points behind Racing Vilálbes. On Saturday Ramallo’s team has a new tough test as Fabril visits CCD Cerceda, the champion of the group during the past season (O Roxo, 17h30 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”The result is the reflection of what happened on the pitch. This victory brings the needed joy to keep working at the top in a tough league like this one; it’s a push up and a reward for the work done. It also helps to clear the spark after the last-minute equalizer of Racing Ferrol. We are now part of the group at the top of the standings and now it’s time to think of the meeting against Cerceda.”

RC Vilálbes: (4-2-3-1) José Ángel - Pillado, Álex, Diego López, Roberto (Félix 56’) –Hugo, Make (Vicente 46’) – Poratti, Dani (Nico 66’), Justino - Erni.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez - Adriá Gallego, Stefan (Adrián Martinez 79’), Insua, Ángel - Uxío, Crespo – Vela, Juan Carlos, Víctor Díaz (David García 87’) - Cubillas (Álex Pérez 74’).
Goals: 0-1: (15’) Víctor Díaz, 0-2: (24’) Juan Carlos (penalty), 0-3: (48’) Juan Carlos, 0-4: (53’) Vela.
Referee: Landrove Lago He showed yellow card to Álex, Make y Justino; Ángel and Víctor.
Venue: A Magdalena (500).
Stats: Attempts to score (3 – 10); Corner-kicks (7 – 5); Fouls committed (15 – 4)




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