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29 May 2006
Alexis Ruano is enjoying his vacation period, but he is paying attention to what the papers wrote, he could become the next signing of Deportivo. For the moment he is waiting to get a confirmation of his agent, and he also is dreaming about coming to La Coru?±a alone with his friend Juan Rodr?­guez.

Q: Your agent has said that there isn't a problem with your contract with Depor, it seems that it's only a matter of reaching a final agreement between the clubs. Do you confirm what your agent told us?
A: Yes. If my agent is giving his approval, I will not have a problem with that.

Q: Are you nervous and waiting to know more news soon?
A: The truth is that I will love to know it soon, but I am cool and enjoying my vacations. What will happen will happen.

Q: Do you like the idea of becoming a Depor's player?
A: Deportivo is always at the top, especially in a year in which they are building a young team and with the will of achieving important things. I think that that's good.

Q: Is this a long-term contract?
A; I will wait to see what my agent says, he must give me advice, later I will decide.

Q: Have you talked with Juan Rodr?­guez about Depor?
A: We have commented some things and it will be very nice to play in the same team.

Q: You are a petition made by coach Caparr??s. What's your opinion on that?
A. The coach has looked at me and if I have to sign, I will do it. Some team mates in the national team have told me good things about him, I know that he likes to give chances to young people.

Q: Are you happy having the city of La Coru?±a as a destination?
A: The city is beautiful for what I have seen during this year. But my agent has only told me to enjoy my vacations. My sensations are good although the media is talking a lot about me. I read the papers and I am just waiting to receive a call from my agent.

Q: Depor could try to sell some players, especially those that perform in your position.
A: Coloccini and Andrade are really good players and they have demonstrated their skills, but if they want to sign young people, it's because they want to do great things in the future. With guys like Juan Rodr?­guez or myself, I think that Depor will achieve pretty good stuff and titles.

Q: It will be good if you arrive with Juan Rodr?­guez to La Coru?±a.
A: Well, he is a friend that has been always with me, at my side. If we go to Depor together, it will be much better.

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