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03 Jun 2006
The interest of Lendoiro in some of the youngsters performing in Real Madrid B is a thing that's already know by the media. It seems that Depor's president is waiting for the presidential elections in Madrid to make his moves. Names like de la Red, Jurado, Soldado and Arbeloa could be in Lendoiro's agenda.

Once again it has been reported that Deportivo is interested in some of Real Madrid Castilla's young promises. It's know that one of the alternatives that Lendoiro has in order to reinforce the striking zone is Roberto Soldado (20); in fact, he and Uche seems to be the preferred choices of Depor's president.

Another player that has been followed is Jos? Manuel Jurado (19). This playmaker is one of the most desired reinforcements of coach Caparr??s, his signing was even tried when Valer??n get injured on the past season, but Madrid's officials didn't allow the operation.

Now two more options have been added to Lendoiro's agenda: Rub?n de la Red (20) and Alvaro Arbeloa (23). De la Red is a midfielder that has a good capability to organise and recuperate the ball. On the current season the youngster has played 31 games with Real Madrid Castilla and has also scored five goals so far (the second best mark in the team after Soldado).

Arbeloa is a right-side defender that has been a regular figure in Real Madrid B (33 games played on the season). Curiously he is the player with more yellow cards in his team (16, tied with Rub?n and Javi Garc?a). The right side of the defensive zone isn't a priority for Depor's officials, but it could be an option for the future.

In any case Depor must wait for Real Madrid's elections in order to negotiate, the elections will take place in July 2nd and after that day, Lendoiro could try to make a move for any of this targets. Another point in favour is that the agent of Arbeloa and de la Red is Garc?a Quil??n, the same one that manages Alexis and Juan Rodr?guez. Lendoiro has a good relationship with him, a fact that could be very helpful at the end.

DEPORTIVO DENIES ANY OFFER TO CHANGUI has informed more details about the case with Changui. The club's lawyer, Germ??n Rodr?guez Conchado, wrote in Deportivo's website that isn't true the fact that Depor offered €240,000 to Changui as compensation for his firing. Conchado argues that the friendly arbitration is a requirement in this kind of trials, but the club didn't make any offer to the player because it isn't necessary.

Conchado affirms that Changui committed three serious faults: firstly he didn't attend to any training with the team after he was expelled from Xanthi, later he didn't attend to the two hearings that the club requested in order to know his explanations about the case. In this way, Depor's lawyer believes that the dismissal was made according to the Spanish law and for this reason it isn't necessary any monetary compensation. The judge that's handling the case will dictate sentence in two weeks and it seems that Depor has the winning card in this case.

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