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31 Dec 2011
The winter transfer window opens its doors on Monday; Lendoiro and Oltra have admitted the possibility of making signings; Deportivo could try to sign a left-back defender and a striker, while Morel could be the only exit.

President Augusto César Lendoiro is aware of the importance of the promotion to Primera División and, despite the current position of the team, he is ready to make moves during the winter market in order to reinforce the weaknesses at the first team. Both Lendoiro and Oltra haven’t talked too loud on the subject, but they already admitted the possibility of making signing if the club finds something interesting at the market.

The main situation for now is located at the striking zone, because there are two problems; the first is the recurrent injuries of Xisco and Riki, which has forced Oltra to give the protagonic role to Lassad and to rely in the discarded Bodipo, and the second problem is that both African strikers might miss a month of competition if both are finally picked for the 28th Orange Africa Cup of Nations that will be played between January 21 and February 12, 2012.

Equatorial Guinea and Tunisia are qualified for the event - Equatorial Guinea is one of the hosts for the competition- Neither Lassad nor Bodipo have been picked by their national teams, and at this stage it looks improbable that they could join their national teams; however Deportivo’s official fear a late call that could put coach Oltra in deep troubles.

And it’s that their departure could leave Depor’s coach with only Xisco and Riki as the alternatives in attack, which means instability within a month due to their constant physical problems. For this reason the club is studying the possibility of signing a striker that could fill the gap. On the past week journalist Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega informed that the club was targeting a foreign striker currently performing in a big club in Portugal.

Galician Sportpaper Deporte Campeón went beyond this and gave a name: Peruvian André Carrillo, he’s 20 and joined Sporting CP in Portugal during this season; so far he has only played nine games and has only scored one goal at the Primeira liga, but has left a positive impression in recent games.

The source claims that one the agent of the player, Jorge Mendes, had a meeting with Ernesto Bello and that both sides are close to reach an agreement for a loan deal. So far it seems that the difference is the percentage of the wages that Deportivo could be paying; the Galicians wants to pay less than the 50% of the wages, while the Portuguese side doesn’t share this position.

Another problem is that Carillo doesn’t has a EU-passport, which means that Deportivo would have to allow the exit of a foreign player before making this signing, and the first candidate to leave is Paraguayan Claudio Morel, who is out of the coach’s plans.

On Friday, however, the American agent of Carillo, Elio Casareto, wrote on his Twitter account that there are no negotiations with Deportivo, “For those asking about André Carillo, he’s pretty happy at Sporting. His intention is to consolidate himself at the team. I haven’ read anything about an offer coming from Deportivo, and at this point their official should be on vacations and focusing in the promotion.” He even replied to a message from saying that, “we recognize the prestige of Deportivo but up to date we have no knowledge of any official interest for our player.”

The possible exit of Morel is deepening the moves at the market, because it’s also rumoured that Deportivo is trying to reinforce the left-back position, a place highly criticized since the past season; the arrival of Ayoze Diaz didn’t’ silence the critics and in recent days it has been rumoured that the club is negotiating the return of Joan Capdevila, who has fallen from grace on this season at S.L. Benfica.

Capdevila could be returning in a loan deal for the rest of the season, though the agents of the Catalan defender have denied in public the possibility. About more exits, Lendoiro already said that he wants to keep intact the possibilities of the promotion and that for this reason no one will leave.



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