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06 Feb 2012
The papers agree that Deportivo isn’t having a great performance during the latest meetings, but at the same time the media surrenders to the effectiveness of a team that still winning and climbing to the sky of Primera División.

La Opinión a Coruńa: Superlative. Everything works out at this Depor in terms of results. It does just a few things to win the games, and it seems that’s enough. Without fanfare or big demonstrations, but with hard work, skill and strength at defense. It knows how to play. It has a clear idea of what it’s doing. Definitely, it has become a pragmatic team, you can call it as you want. No more fireworks as it happened earlier this season. Went out early in the meetings in Alcorcón or Alcoy, places where the team learned that without working hard you are going anywhere at Segunda. It doesn’t matter if its football, at times, isn’t too showy. It’s about going up to Primera and for that, above all, you must win. No matter how. It isn’t enough with a win, two or seven in a row, you need more. And that’s what Depor is doing lately, so you can’t ask for more.

If the other teams are winning (Celta, Almeria, Elche) Depor does it too. It misses the faculty to kill the matches -Riki still needs three clear chances to score a goal -and in some phases it passes the control to the rival, but has many other virtues, and the ideas are everyday more and more clear. For now, Oltra’s Depor has already made history with its seven straight wins. On Sunday, in Alicante, it will look for the eighth, an unprecedented winning streak, unprecedented since the creation of the club. It doesn’t matter that it missed four starters: Lassad, Bruno, Ze and Ayoze. It wasn’t noticed too much, almost nothing in some places as the left side of the defense. Morel filled the gap with an outstanding performance. More than that, it was "superlative" according to Oltra. Will the coach give continuity to the Paraguayan or will he recall Ayoze after his suspension? A big question, at least for now. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: The dreamed return for Aythami, Morel and Salomăo. With the pass of the matchdays it is increasingly clear that Depor fight against itself in the quest for the promotion. So it was time to ask for the response of the changing room to the latest injuries that hit the team (Zé Castro, Pablo Alvarez and Bruno Gama) and that were recalling the disturbing images of the start to the season. In this sense Huelva was revealed as a more complicated place than it was supposed.

Because the defense never suffered from the two presented novelties (Aythami and Morel) neither the left side was dried with the duet between the Paraguayan and Salomăo nor was harmless the  right wing as Guardado was the spearhead. The main fear lurked at the back. Aythami was pointed in the first fourteen matchdays, when it had become clear that his style of playing didn’t mix with the one of the untouchable Colotto. The Canarian was pointed for his painful slowness and poor judgment with the ball, while at that time his team fitted the worrying number of twenty goals allowed and carrying away its chances of occupying the top positions at the standings. The bleeding ceased with the entrance of Zé Castro, also with the switch of Guardado to the left side and the wonderful discovery at midfield with Alex Bergantińos and Juan Dominguez, but Aythami was marked... until yesterday.

Morel's case proved to be different. The Paraguayan side defender has been under suspicion since joining the club last season. He never matched the expectations inherent to a player that took part of the World Cup with the team that nearly separated Spain from the semifinals. But in Huelva he looked like a different player. Perhaps it was the heat of the good results, but his beautiful cross in the play of the goal will be commented for a while. Even Oltra skipped his own rule of avoiding commenting the individual performance of his players and said that his defense was spectacular.

Salomăo, the best alongside Guardado at the start of the tournament, was yesterday revealed as the less brilliant player among the “new” ones. He participated in the play of the goal (dragging the mark for the cross of Morel) and was a hard worker at defense. Just the most thankless task for a skilled winger, but in this new Depor the replacements are also on fire. Pablo Barreiros

Marca: Depor isn’t stopping. A goal of Valerón at the 15th minute surpasses the epidemic of injuries and strengthens Deportivo La Coruna at the first place. After the goal, Recre pushed and carried with the initiative, but it was unable to cash its dominance on the scoresheet. Thus, Oltra’s enter history as the Galician team clinched seven wins in a row. The hosts could not extend its upward trajectory in the last seven encounters in which they added 13 points, and see how their aspirations for the promotion are now more complicated.

The match between winning streaks began with the cold temperature as the unknown protagonist in Huelva and finished defined by a distinguished protagonist, Valerón. Depor started a new step toward the Primera door and with the announced feelings. It had the pace as El Decano endured in the attempt to dedicate a victory to their coach after his mother's recent death Pablo Obis.

AS: The wizard Valerón knocks down Recre to sign the record. Depor had yesterday an appointment with the history and went out of it with a flourish. The Galicians were seeking for their seventh straight victory to tie their best winning streak, and they succeeded with solvency. To see the landmark shinning a little more, the seal was in charge of Juan Carlos Valerón, soul and living history of a leader that walks with a firm step towards Primera.

The shapes of this new triumph for Oltra had three acts, almost like a theater play. The first was a Galician gale before a Recreativo that went out in order to wait, stand and look on the counterattack. The ball possession turned the game into a monologue for Oltra’s team, canceling the plan of Alvaro Cervera with its accuracy.

The goal woke up El Decano, side that went out for the game as an obligation, and with a conviction that approached the tie. From then and until the break the match was for Recre, but without any reward. In the second half it was expected the harassment over the visitor, but in the third act all that appeared was the control of Depor supported on the backs of a huge Guardado. The Galicians, who didn’t notice the absences due to the solid performance of Morel and Aythami, controlled the pace and could have killed the match if Riki would have been was more successful. However, Recreativo fought hard until the end, but the leader is too much leader. Luis de La Cruz

Huelva24.com: Cold, as the day. Recreativo suffered a fair defeat before the leader Deportivo thanks to a goal from Valerón at minute 15. El Decano was thick and at the mercy of its rival for most of the clash and didn’t create clear chances, but the referee hammered it as he didn’t whistle a clear penalty over Juan Villar. Jesus Rubio debuted and Aitor Garcia had his first minutes at the Colombino.

Deportivo beat with the law of the minimal effort and wearing the suit of a worker. The leader chained its seventh straight win thanks to an early goal of Valerón and competing very well, because it choked the creative game of El Decano at all times. The locals were very cold and thick, but the defeat is not worrisome, since there’s an important difference to the relegation zone. The referee didn’t whistle a clear penalty on Juan Villar, but it’s fair to say that Recre didn’t have its day and didn’t deserve to score against an opponent that is very solid and the top candidate for promotion. Alvaro Cervera put an ambitious lineup, but clearly failed in the changes for the second half, because Jesus Rubio didn’t play in his natural position, while Javi Alamo endured ninety minutes even though it was pretty weak. Ricardo Ubric



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