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06 Feb 2012
Oltra was satisfied with the performance of his team as it clinched its seventh straight victory in the league competition; the Valencian coach was also praising the performance of Morel and Aythami.

José Luis Oltra was pretty happy with the performance of his team, “It was a complicate and hard-worked triumph. We were coming to a complicate field before a rival that’s making a splendid season and it has demanded a lot from ourselves. We made a great first half and had warned before the goal, having the ball possession. Then our goal arrived and later felt uncomfortable as they pushed. In the second part we were solidary; the team was fine and held the result, it was a matter of washing and keeping the clothes.”

“The team wasn’t too showy and neither had too much punch, but we were effective enough. In this league you need to compete at the top, knowing to have intensity and concentration, we never allowed their counterattacks and neither were losing the ball. We were solid and focused, and that’s the way to win the games: being serious and effective in attack.” He added.

The Valencian coach also praised the performance of Aythami and Morel, “Morel has tied Javi Álamo, who is one of the most important players at the rival’s team, and that taking in mind that he had a while without competing. He left his soul on the pitch. Aythami and Salomão were also great. Aythami was fine, pretty smart with his movements, and Morel was simple spectacular. We have demonstrated the depth of this squad.”

One of the few bad news from this match is the suspension of Laure, who saw his fifth yellow card of the season on this game, “The suspension is a pity, because I was feeling fine, but there are partners that can replace me as they are doing a great job.” The Madrilenian said.

Meanwhile, Álex Bergantiños was saying that, "In the first part we were fine; in the second things were more complicated, but the team was fine. I believe we missed precision to kill the game, but in the end I think we made a great job. The important thing is that we are winning and not allowing goals. At this moment you realize about the kind of team that you have, it brings confidence in the quest for the goal of the season. We must continue on this way and prepare the next game before Hércules.”

At Recreativo, coach Álvaro Cervera was saying that, “It was a cold game, both with the game of the team and the temperature, before the goal we were out of the game, and since that point we woke up and made things in an acceptable way, but never created dangerous opportunities. They, without doing too much, had two clear chances and scored once, but we never had a clear idea. Without doing too much, and pulling out of their class, they have won.”

“The team was fine at the back, but never had clarity up front and our wingers never surpassed their side defenders. I believe we had intensity, with the exception of the first minutes. We had it after the goal, but we missed aim. The players that usually bring danger haven’t been fine.” He added.

Finally, midfielder Jordi Matamala said that, “We should have been stronger at the beginning, and perhaps we missed intensity until the goal. They are a great team and had demonstrated why they are the leaders. They seized their chance and have claimed the three points. We tried, but missed aim and to create scoring opportunities as in other matches.”


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