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17 Mar 2012
Depor’s coach explained the casualties at his team and wanted to remain focus on what lies ahead on the liga season; meanwhile Alcoyano’s trainer is pretty optimistic about the chances of his team playing at the Riazor.

David Porras Navarro is a young Valencian coach that has had a lightening career as a football trainer; he was a player that never reached the Primera División; the Valencian man started and ended his career performing for CD Alcoyano, then,  two years ago, he decided to continue linked with the club as he joined the coaching staff being the second assistant of Paco López, and this last man was fired just five matchdays before the end of the past Segunda B season.

It was a big surprise as Alcoyano was living inside the promotion zone, despite the scandal and the rumours Porras was able to achieve an historic promotion as his team eliminated stronger sides like Real Madrid Castilla and CD Lugo. In the end he was the hero that led the return to Segunda A after 44 years of exile. He was also involved in politics as in 2007 he was a candidate for the city hall of Alcoy.

This is the third meeting between Porras and José Luis Oltra after the match of the first round and the Copa clash, but the interesting fact is that both men were partners at Ontinyent CF, a Valencian club that’s currently living at Segunda B. It was during the season 1988/89 as Oltra and Porras were the two usual centre midfielders at the team.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday’s morning; he talked for nine minutes with reporters; he started announcing that striker Riki is discarded for the clash, “Riki is discarded for the weekend. The true is that, yesterday, he felt some issues and due to his previous record we prefer to not risk him, so he is discarded to play.”

Asked about whether Lassad or Xisco are going to replace Riki, he said that, “Possibly both men are missing pace; Lassad was with his national team, but has participated a lot during this season. Xisco has had lesser chances because of the injuries, but everything is replaced with will and desire, plus their quality. Let’s see who plays, or even we can see them playing at the same time since the beginning.”

Then he was sending a message of support towards Jesús Vázquez, “The worst thing for any player is to be stopped; I want to desire a quick recover to him, I already told this to the player. These are always hard hits for any team, especially due to the human condition of the player; he is a huge footballer, no matter he didn’t enter into the plans in recent times, but then you have the human facet; he has always made easier my work and is a real leader and he will continue to be a leader inside the changing room. I hope he will have a quick recovery; he will continue to be an important player for the squad.”

A reporter asked about the fact that he only has three centre midfielders available for the rest of the season, and the Valencian coach answered that, “Your memory is failing, because we have Juan Carlos (Real). He can play there and has been training with us throughout the season, besides we have polyvalent footballers that can cover the position. Some of them have more defensive skills, but they can adapt to the position. How many times did El Flaco play as a centre midfielder? Perhaps he acted more as a playmaker, but we have 24 field players, so if you eliminate one then you still have one more to complete the rule of two men per position. “

“Besides all of this, you’ve the feeling that the human part has been touched by this injury; I don’t like to dedicate victories, but this is football, the team has to grow up, so it’s an incentive; one more motivation to face the game. We want to bring joy to him and let’s hope that Jesus could be with us celebrating.” He added.

There was a question related to the possibility of making a signing to cover the spot, but Oltra quickly responded that, “It isn’t the right question for me; I won’t answer these things. I don’t plan these subjects. You should ask the sporting director or the president. I don’t think about this. The club hasn’t asked me about this, so I don’t think about it.”

Then Depor’s trainer explained the status of Morel before the clash, “He has a little problem; an issue that didn’t allow him to train. Today’s session was soft, but we all decided to wait. Let’s see how he evolves. He is pretty strong and competitive. In order to see him leaving the starting team you have to see him going out in a stretcher. Ayoze is the natural replacement, though he’s off, but we have Manuel Pablo and Laure, so there won’t be any problem.” [In the end the Paraguayan was picked for the clash and will be a starter]

About the rival, CD Alcoyano, the coach said that, “It’s a team that hasn’t changed, perhaps their spirit, but it’s the same team that defeated us playing there and what changes is that they are in need. They never surrender. As example they were losing 0-2 at halftime and ended equalizing and were even close to win the game. They score a lot of goals playing away from home, it didn’t help them to add the points, but it’s the same, actually they scored the same number of goals at home than away. They scored at tough stadiums and even defeated Elche when Elche was the leader. “

“They have strong arguments, but as always I am more worried of my team. I want to see a Deportivo that isn’t relaxed; people can’t think that we’ll win for been at home, or for been with these fans, but we’ll only win if we do the right things. The challenge is to keep improving and add the points. People should be alert that the game won’t be easy.”

Finally, Oltra told to reporters that he’s careless about the other results in the matchday, “We don’t need to see what others do, I don’t care who’s second or third. We just care of ourselves. The results of the rivals will be good or bad depending in what we do. The others results will be good if we win and will be bad if we lose.”

Alcoyano’s coach gave a press conference on Wednesday; he was talking of the visit to the Riazor, “I consider that this match is date marked in red in our calendars. We are going to meet a great team, playing in a great scenario and it’s the right time to see our ADN flowing out. These week I have been remembering our great matches in Copa Del Rey before Barcelona and Valencia; we were losing 0-2 at their stadiums and were able to tie.”

“This team has demonstrated a lot of things playing at other stadiums. On this season we defeated Elche at the Martinez Valero when it was the leader of the competition. For me the clear thing is that, if we don’t do the right things, then we lose, but if we do the right things, then we have a lot of options in order to return home carrying a good result.” He added.

The Alcoy-born coach was looking pretty optimistic about the chances of his team in order to claim the three points, “I don’t see motives to think otherwise, though we haven’t done well lately playing away from El Collao. It’s about showing our best and to be focused. It’s a stadium where the rival is going to put a lot of pressure over us.”

Porras made a lot of changes in the past game before FC Cartagena; about the issue he commented that, “Yes, we made a lot of changes and it was worthy. I commented before that the team needed some freshness and we found it with Rafa Gómez, who was deserving to be a starter since a while ago. Also Xavi Molina, brought stability at midfield.”

One of the doubts is who will be the starting goalkeeper; Maestro was suspended for the past match played at El Collao and Dorronsoro made a nice job replacing him; about the issue Porras commented that, “I don’t know yet who will be the starter. We have two great goalkeepers at the squad and still have to think if Dorronsoro will continue, or if instead Maestro will return after his suspension.”



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