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08 Apr 2012
Depor returns to the Riazor in order to continue adding points on its way back to Primera; Oltra is making three changes at the starting formation. Murcia arrives with the couple Emilio-Cristian, the second most profitable couple at Segunda.

The promising season of Real Murcia suffered a twist in 2012 after a series of bad results; they just lost four games within the first three months on the season, but more recently the Murcians have lost eight of the last ten matches in the tournament, son now the only goal is to achieve the permanence as soon as possible. But this team has the potential to give trouble every time they are on the road.

And it’s that Real Murcia is the eighth best visiting outfit in the tournament, with five wins playing on this condition, including a 3-1 victory visiting Real Valladolid (matchday 05) and 1-0 at Hércules CF (matchday 13).  But stronger is the record of Deportivo playing at the Riazor; the Galicians have just dropped five points after sixteen home meetings; actually Oltra’s side has clinched eleven straight wins at the Riazor, just three wins away from the record at the club.

Also, Murcia has always suffered visiting La Coruña; after 23 matches played there the Murcians have only added three wins and three draws, the last victory there came on the Segunda season 1982/83 (0-1). Another fact to have in mind is that Murcia is the eighth worst scorer in the league with only 36 goals in favour, while Depor is the second best offensive line (52), just before RC Celta (58).

Finally, a curiosity: this is the first match played at noon at the Riazor in forty years; the previous occasion was on the season 1971/72 as Depor defeated Sevilla FC with a 1-0 score (January 6th, 1972); at the time Deportivo was playing at Primera División and was coached by Arsenio Iglesias. The scorer of the goal in that game was Manuel Ríos ‘Manolete’

Oltra’s Deportivo returns to the Riazor after a new loss on the road; the Galicians have lost seven matches in the league competition, six of them playing outside home, and after all those defeats the team has reacted adding points, more precisely six wins and the 2-2 draw before Nástic; actually Depor and Córdoba are the only two outfits at Segunda División that haven’t lost two straight games in this league.

And that’s what Depor needs in order to continue paving the road to promotion: continuity. And now Los Blanquiazules return home, the Riazor is the place where Oltra’s players feel more comfortable, they have practiced their best football and achieved the best results there, supported by the larger crowd in the league. A proof of this is that this could be the twelfth straight win at home, just three away from the record at the club.

For the match Oltra is having some problems at defense, centre back Diego Colotto and left-back defender Claudio Morel are suspended, besides striker Xisco has been discarded for tactical reasons, the Majorcan played the last three games, being a starter in two occasions.

The lineup will be the typical 4-2-3-1, with Daniel Aranzubia defending the goal, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ performs at the right-back position, Ayoze Díaz returns in order to play on the left, this is the first appearance as a starter in two months for the Canarian, his last time was for the 2-1 win over FC Cartagena (Jan 29).

Ayoze talked about his exit from the starting lineup, “He ([Morel] has done a good job and the coach trusted in him, so I must remain calm and wait for an opportunity. I already lived this situation and must be calmed. I can only work at the top and wait for my chance. This is a united group and we all are pushing in the same direction, so the important thing is to win and add the three points. I am happy; the team is the leader and winning the matches. You like to have a second chance and should try to help the team in order to win the matches.”

Aythami Artiles also returns in order to join Ze Castro at the central positions; the Canarian lost the spot  at the starting spot since the meeting with UD Almeria (Nov 25), but lately he has been busy covering the absences of his partners; and it’s that Aythami has been a starter in two of the last three matches, and even was important in attack for the 2-0 victory over Córdoba CF, scoring a goal and giving an assist.

Another return is Juan Dominguez, the former Fabril player is coming back after a suspension and joins Alex Bergantiños at midfield. Portuguese Bruno Gama continues to attack from the right wing, Mexican Andrés Guardado does it from the left, Juan Carlos Valerón is the playmaker in the formation and Riki is the central attacker.

Jesús Vázquez is the only player at the injury room; striker Bodipo is already recovered from his heel injury, but he wasn’t picked for the meeting. The other players out for tactical reasons are right winger Pablo Álvarez and right-back Diego Seoane. Right winger Saul Fernández is on the list as Xisco is out too.

Laure talked before the match and warned about the fact of been facing a rival that still trying to achieve the permanence, ”We must remain focused, because any team can harm you and a lot of points still in dispute. It seems that this year the teams at the bottom have created more harm before us that the ones at the top, so we must be focused on Sunday and avoid surprises. Before Girona we missed luck and lost the match.”

Finally, Borja Fernández said that Depor must resist the pressure of been the leader in the tournament, “The team has demonstrated that it can face the pressure, and now that we are at the end of the season the rivals are tightening and they will surely cut the gap if we don’t achieve the three points. If we want to reach Primera División we must beat the pressure.”

List of picked players (18): Aranzubia, Lux (goalkeepers); Laure, Ze Castro, Aythami, Rochela, Ayoze, Manuel Pablo (defenders); Álex Bergantiños, Borja Fernández, Valerón, Juan Dominguez, Guardado, Salomão, Bruno Gama, Saúl (midfielders); Riki and Lassad (strikers).

Few teams at Segunda can presume of the same concentration of power and determinacy than Real Murcia, team that has had in striker Cristian Garcia and midfielder Emilio Sánchez two valuable resources pushing the team to certify the permanence. Argentine Cristian Garcia already scored six times in liga, while Albacete-born Emilio, who has been reconverted into second striker, already added six goals to his tally.

Perhaps their numbers doesn’t look too significant, but the fact is that their goals have been vital for a Real Murcia that’s one of the worst scorers in the league; together both have scored 13 of the 36 goals of the team in liga (36.11% of the total), and most importantly their goals have meant 20 of the 39 points added so far (51.38% of the total). And it’s that Murcia has only lost one of the eleven matches in which one of them, or both, scored a goal (the only exception was the 1-2 loss at UD Las Palmas).

In the rest of games Real Murcia added at least a point, as example the past derby before FC Cartagena, match in which Emilio and Cristian scored a goal to lead to a vital 2-1 win that approaches the goal of the permanence.  The 51.38% percentage represents the second highest contribution for a couple at liga Adelante, just below the one of UD Almeria (55.77% Ulloa-Juanma Ortiz), so Depor is meeting the second most profitable couple on this season.

Cristian was doubtful for this game after picking a knock during a training session on this week, but fortunately he was okay and entered into the list of picked players. Still, coach Iñaki Alonso is having problems in order to build up a proper lineup. Starting with the injury problems of centre midfielder and captain of the team Ricardo Pérez 'Richi', who is out due to a muscular problem.

More difficulties are located at the left-back position, Óscar Sánchez is suspended and with Rubén Párraga (meniscus) out injured, there is no left-footed player to perform on that position, so Alonso will have to improvise with a right-footed man.

The expected lineup is a 4-4-2 figure, with former Mallorca veteran Alberto Cifuentes at the goal; ex-Atletico Madrid Francisco José Molinero performs at the right-back position, while 21-year-old Mario Marín is the chosen one in order to cover the gap at the left side; the central positions at defense are for veterans Ivan Amaya and Jorge García.

Young Basque talent Gálder Cerrajería, loaned from Athletic Bilbao, and Chilean international Manuel Iturra are covering the pivote spots, 31-year-old veteran Isaac Jové attacks form the right wing, while Jaén-born Francisco Sutil does it from the left, finally Emilio and Cristian Garcia will remain as the two references up front.

Defender Iván Amaya commented before the game that, ”We are having positive feelings at this point, especially after clinching the win in the derby, and despite Deportivo is a great team we are going there in order to extract something positive from their stadium”.

Finally, midfielder Manuel Iturra said that, ”We need to extract ourselves from the latest win and focus in adding 50 points in order to secure the permanence. We were needing a victory in order to avoid further problems and now face the coming games with more calm. We are visiting the leader having lesser tension, but hoping to win the match, just like we do at all the stadiums. Deportivo is the leader of the tournament, a great team and we hope to make a great match there.”

List of picked players (18): Alberto, Javi Jiménez (goalkeepers); Mario Marín, Oriol Lozano, Jorge García, Molinero, Iván Amaya, Luciano (defenders); Cerrajería, Sutil, Iturra, Miguel Albiol, Emilio Sánchez, Isaac (midfielders); Borja González, Cristian García, Álvaro Cano and Chando (strikers)

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Aythami, Ze Castro, Ayoze – Juan Domínguez, Álex Bergantiños – Bruno Gama, Valerón, Guardado – Riki.
Real Murcia: (4-4-2) Alberto - Molinero, Iván Amaya, Jorge García, Mario Marín – Isaac, Iturra, Cerrajería, Sutil – Emilio, Cristian García.
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (5 matches on the season, two wins for the local team)
Kick-off: 12h00 CET (Riazor)
Head-to-head Vs. Murcia: 20 wins for Depor, 9 draws, 18 wins for Murcia (Primera & Segunda)
Record at the Riazor: 17 wins for Depor, 3 draws, 3 wins for Murcia (Primera & Segunda)



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