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10 Apr 2012
Everybody was happy with the final result and especially for the reaction witnessed after been losing at the start of the meeting; also, Oltra and the players talked for the first time of the upcoming derby at Balaidos.

Coach José Luis Oltra commented after the game that, “The early goal conditioned the game, but we still were trying to combine and play, which is what we know to do. We didn’t pass too many problems. In the second part we had more conviction and determination. We tried to impose our style and in the end we defeated Murcia due to our own merits. The play of the first goal was pretty good; in the first part we missed more quality with the passes, but in that goal we showed balance and accuracy.”

A reporter asked him if Valerón is playing too many games on the season, and the Valencian man said that, “I don’t want to enter into the debate if Valerón is fresher or not in this last stage of the season. Truly Valerón is there to make passes, but sometimes he has to arrive into the area. Many people have talked of the physical condition of El Flaco, it was said that he wasn’t fresh. But today he was determinant, did I recovered him in just one week? Or did he recover himself? I don’t see the ID when I choose a player. He is one more player at the team, but one of the good ones. He has football and brings things to the team.”

Then Depor’s trainer talked of the derby before Celta, “It will be a huge step forward if we achieve the victory; we have to go out there in order to win, just like we do in any other field and before any rival. The secureness of been the leader brings a sense of calm, but it isn’t relaxation. The idea is to go out for the victory.”

“We are facing the game having better sensations than in the first round, but in a derby the sensations are useless, because the emotional charge is so high that in the end everything is more equal: the position at the standings, the will of the players, the confidence… The important thing is that we are arriving living a privileged situation and since now we are focused on Celta, a match that isn’t one more game for the fans, but it’s just a game and we hope that it could be a real party.”

Riki scored a goal in the match; he commented that, “It was important after the last defeat; this pitch is tough for any rival and we added the three points. The rivals must feel that the ninety minutes are too long at the Riazor. We had some failures in the first part, but I think we were the owners of the game. Now we have to face the derby, let’s hope it will be a party for everyone.”

“Despite Murcia took the lead thanks to a set-piece the team was always there creating scoring opportunities; in the end they accused the lack of pace and then we controlled the match. The things that defines us is our style of playing, because no matter the rival can take the lead we always create scoring opportunities.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

Right winger Bruno Gama also shone in the game giving two assists; he said that, “I’m pretty happy with my performance, because I helped the team to achieve the win. It’s always difficult when you are losing, but we achieved the comeback making a great game. We had to win after the latest defeat; and we always feel comfortable at home with these fans. Now we must try to hold on the first place until the end.”

“Now we travel to Vigo having an advantage; we were focused in the game and luckily the coach is going to have all the players available. I wasn’t a starter in the derby of the first round and I hope that we could be able to win the game.” The Portuguese winger regarding the derby with RC Celta.

Juan Dominguez didn’t have a brilliant game, actually he was replaced at the middle of the second half; the centre midfielder was praising the reaction of Depor in this match, “Yes, the important thing are the three points, but we must also valorize the fact that the team knew how to achieve the comeback, which is positive as the team is able to react despite been in disadvantage in the score.”

“I saw myself fine; the dynamic of the group was fine and I believe all the players were feeling comfortable, simply because the rival was allowing us to play at ease. Personally I was having good feelings; the rival left us to play as they were relying on the counterattack; in the end we entered into their area and scored the goals. It’s positive to arrive to Vigo having an advantage.”

Lassad talked of his goal on Monday, “It’s always useful for a striker to score a goal, and truly I wasn’t playing too often in the last games, but I try to seize the minutes that the coach is giving to me and yesterday it was pretty good to score. The goal allowed us to earn confidence, but I think that we were superior to Murcia; the important thing is to win.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro also talked to reporters; he said about the game, “On here you can always expect any late goal that can complicate things, and truly they had pretty opportunities, but we were already winning 3-1 and the team was relaxed. It was nice to see the fans celebrating the last minutes, it was a joy for the fans that have been making an effort within the last months. It’s something to celebrate to be the leaders at this point on the season, but nothing is done yet. We have lost the promotion before at the last minute, so we should try to close this as soon as possible.”

About the upcoming derby, Depor’s boss said that, “It’s going to be a very special for everyone. We must try to win it, though it’s complicated; we just hope it’s going to be a party for everyone. I know there are problems with the transportation of the fans, but I’m sure that three or four hundred Depor’s supporters are going to be in Vigo.” He didn’t want to give a forecast of the result.

At Real Murcia, coach Iñaki Alonso was complaining of two penalties committed over his players, “There was a play of Ayoze over Cristian Garcia in the first half, the player told me that it was penalty, and at that point it could was the  0-2; later, in the second part, there was another penalty after a rival handled the ball inside the area.”

In any case, the Basque coach was feeling satisfied with the performance of his team, “What marked the game were the errors; logically you end hurt when you lose. Murcia arrived here in order to defeat Deportivo, to play one-on-one against them. In the first part we scored a goal, and had more options, but Deportivo is the leader for something, for its game, its stadium, its fans, and especially because it has tons of punch. In any case we are leaving with our heads high and now our minds are in the final of the next game.”



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