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20 Jun 2006
A lot has been said about the possible incorporations of Deportivo, but almost nothing has been written about the players that don't count in the new project that Caparr??s is planning. At least seven players must find an exit and other eight men already ended their compromise with Deportivo. The exit of players are also important since it could determine the signings for the future.

Molina, Dani Mallo, C?©sar, Romero, Jes??s Mu?±oz, V?­ctor, Gallardo and Changui are the players that are ending their obligation with the Galician club in June 30th. The only exception is Changui who was fired for disciplinary reasons  Of this list only Dani Mallo seems to have a possibility of renewing his contract. It's expected that during this week the Galician keeper will give an answer to the offer made by president Lendoiro on the past week.

Other seven men are still searching for an exit, the list is composed by Mun??a, 'Toro' Acu?±a, Momo, R??ben Castro, Diego Trist??n, Pablo Amo and Lionel Scaloni. This players will still have a contract during the next season, but Caparr??s will prefer to have them out of his squad.

Momo, R??ben and Trist??n seems to be the most wanted players by other clubs. Momo has been followed by Nastic, a club that's planning its new adventure in Primera during the following campaign. Other Segunda clubs like Castell??n or M??laga are also chasing him. The same happens with R??ben, but the difference is that the Canarian striker doesn't want to return to Segunda. For this reason it has been commented that his future could be in Mallorca.

Trist??n seems to be an interesting choice for the Premiership clubs or for another Primera teams like Betis, while Pablo Amo could continue with his loan spell in Valladolid. The three players left (Mun??a, 'Toro' Acu?±a, and Scaloni) seems to be in a difficult situation since there aren't any offers for them.

Other players that could leave during this summer are Coloccini, Andrade, Sergio and Duscher. This men are part of Caparr??s' plans, but Lendoiro knows that they are the ones that could bring the needed money to the club. For the moment Depor's president is waiting to have official offers for them. This sells would be crucial for Depor, the money will be helpful in order to reduce the club's debts and could also influence in the signing of new players.

Other candidates that could leave the team are Xisco and Iv??n Carril. This youngsters counts for Caparr??s, but the Sevillan coach prefers to give them the opportunity to perform more frequently and gain experience in other clubs. For this reason Deportivo could try to loan them out for the next season.

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