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22 Jun 2006
A deal cannot possibly get any closer to completion than that. The agreement between Deportivo, Getafe and Riki is almost complete, the player has already passed the medicals in La Coruna - only the transfer sum still remains a mystery. Plus, Lendoiro has about a week to get this amount of money.

Yesterday, we reported that Riki has already passed the medicals in La Coru?±a and will be a Deportivo player for the next five seasons for around 4 million Euro. The concrete transfer sum still remains a mystery though. While sources from La Coru?±a claim that these 4 million Euro are the final sum, Getafe’s president Angel Torres maintains his position that an agreement has been made for the player’s buyout clause which amounts to 6 million Euro. Torres was quoted as saying: â€?Maybe Deportivo is interested in publicly minimizing the numbers.â€?

However, the same could be said about Getafe’s interest in increasing the numbers. On Tuesday Angel Torres commented that â€?we (Getafe) aren’t a club that sells, we are a club that buys. We already lost Mariano Pern?­a to Atl?©tico Madrid and we won’t let any players go if the buying team doesn’t pay the buyout clause.â€?

Both Deportivo and Getafe could be right in their way though. Another rumours that has surged is that a separate deal will be signed to loan out one or more of Deportivo’s players to Getafe. This deal could have a value of 2 million Euro, thus making the specific deal about Riki amount to 4 million, but the whole �package� to 6 million Euro.

This would make sense for both parts. Deportivo doesn’t seem to have the cash to pay 6 million Euro and would rather pay a lower price while including players that don’t form part of Caparr??s’ plans for next season. And Getafe would be better off, too. It has to be kept in mind that Getafe would only see 50% of the money, since 50 % of the transfer rights to Riki belong to Real Madrid. A 6 million Euro cash deal would eventually be a 3 million deal for Getafe, but a 4 million cash plus players valued at 2 million Euro would in the end be a 4 million deal for them. The one disadvantaged in that scenario would be Real Madrid that only gets 2 million cash instead of 3 million Euro cash.

Speaking about cash, Lendoiro now has about 5 or 6 days to get the amount of cash the clubs agreed on. Angel Torres has his doubts about the ability of Deportivo’s president to free up that amount in such a short time. �However, we will have to wait and see. It’s clear that Lendoiro is very interested in the player since he personally flew to Madrid to negotiate about him.� Lendoiro will stay in Madrid for the next few days to finalize the deal by getting the agreed sum and solving the last few details in the agreement between Riki and Deportivo.

The player himself didn’t want to comment much on the move until the total completion of the deal. But sources from Getafe claim that the desire of Riki to play for a big club was crucial. Riki himself only commented: �I decided to play for Deportivo because it’s a great club. I’m very happy.�
Still, one question remained: Why did the player fly to La Coru?±a to pass the medical although the deal isn’t totally completed yet? The answer is that Riki is getting married this Friday so all parties involved decided it would be better to take the medical test in advance.

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