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14 May 2012
The papers applauded the punch of Deportivo that allowed conquering a big score despite not having the ball possession; the media also remembered that the Galicians are at the edge of securing the promotion back to Primera División.

La Opinión A Coruña: From a bigger league. Segunda is not the right league for Depor, team that’s superior to all its rivals, sometimes abusing as it happened yesterday in Soria. It scored three goals and could have been five or even more, but preferred to not push after the 0-3 against an opponent that was hurt and outnumbered. Forceful at defense and effective up front, the leader demonstrated its supremacy, especially at both areas, places were the matches are decided, to roll down a Numancia unable to react after the early goals from Alex and Lassad. Both were born in the boots of Juan Carlos Valerón, like the third, a penalty from Guardado (52’). That was the end the match. But not of the party at the stands of Los Pajaritos, stadium where 2,000 Blanquiazul fans enjoyed in style with a resounding victory that was never in danger.

There were no further goals from Depor, but some good news. For example, the contribution from Guardado, who didn’t suffer any inconvenience after the issues that he was dragging on this week. Neither he had to force, so Oltra chose to take off the Mexican half an hour before the final whistle. The coach also welcomed the return of Riki, absent after his injury at Balaídos. He just played twenty minutes, but is good news ahead of the final five games. At this rate, it won’t be necessary to wait for the last game to celebrate the promotion. What happened yesterday in Soria was only a rehearsal for the big day, closer and closer. It doesn’t matter what Celta can do, or Valladolid. Deportivo still focused on its business. It smells like a Primera club. For some time now. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo beats Numancia with effectiveness and details of quality. Deportivo La Coruña removed any hint of doubt in Soria with a handful of their best scents, dazzling quality details turned into punch that ended with the low resistance of Numancia. Two spectacular goals by Lassad and Bergantiños in just 15 minutes paved the way in Soria, place where Depor added three points that allows touching the promotion thanks to the points still to be disputed at the Riazor.

The most placid away game for Deportivo on the season couldn’t be more timely. Despite the leadership and the advantage at the standings, the defeat at Almeria and the draw against Valladolid raised some anxiety, inversely proportional to the remaining matchdays to certify the return to Primera. Numancia, downhill and with the homework done, had the ball possession and surrounded the area of Lux, but it was poor on defense and succumbed to the quality details of the Galicians, worthy of a higher league.

Bruno Gama, Valerón and Lassad lighted the way to the 0-2 without eating or drinking after fifteen minutes, although Numancia put the game and Depor even gave some facilities. The set-pieces are the great strength of the team from Soria, and the Galicians gave them a couple of free options. Nano had some approximations before Depor cleared the doubts with a couple of goals. Encouraged by an amazing group of fans at Los Pajaritos, the team lasted in responding to such love, but when it did it the team uncovered the jar of essences. In the first decent combination, Bruno Gama warped the cross with a portentous touch that found the arrival of Álex Bergantiños from the second line, the midfielder finished the move as a striker. Three minutes later, Lassad squeezed the ball into the top corner with his left leg. Valerón was involved in both actions, he was the one that gave sense to the Blanquiazul attacking actions.

Deportivo only needed a little more. It knocked down Numancia, team without major motivation for the remainder of the season, it tried to not blush its fans. It caressed the goal, because Depor granted it, again by the sides, also with arrivals from midfield. Numancia could have reduced the gap with a spectacular header from Nagore.

It was already the second part when Depor sentenced the match. Timeless to propose a new game, Numancia met a Valerón that lead a counterattack into the area, he attempted a shot on target that hit Pavón; the defender was sent off as a penalty was whistled. It cost the third goal to Numancia, because Guardado didn’t fail before being replaced by Pablo Alvarez. Half an hour was remaining for a Depor that didn’t want to kill the game, and gave to Numancia the option, if it was possible, to score a goal. Until Julio Alvarez topped the bar at '83. The Galician team returns home, effective as never before, backed by the quality that leads to Primera, an achievement that is becoming closer. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: The used strength. Deportivo recalled in Soria the hallmarks that have differentiated its performance throughout the tournament. Los Blanquiazules recovered the strength that they showed in the important matches. Yesterday’s game against Numancia pledged the comfort enjoyed by the team due to the results in earlier matchdays. This version of Deportivo was more similar to the games against Celta and Hercules, staged only a week ago at the Riazor against Valladolid.

Half a dozen shots were enough for Deportivo in order to thrash a Numancia as docile as plane, despite the boldness with which the party began. The initial goal of Álex Bergantiños after the splendid cross of Bruno Gama showed the way for the remaining of the meeting, but it was more crucial the second of Lassad, which came immediately after the first.

For Los Blanquiazules it was enough to manage a comfortable advantage seizing the virtues which are also presumed and also that have caused the most of the problems. As it happened against Celta and Hercules, games in which it took an early lead, Deportivo hesitated again and almost give life to Numancia on the final leg of the first half. It was the goal of Guardado, again a penalty, the one that allowed the team to breath and reduce the distance to Valladolid in terms of goal difference, in case the promotion is decided through this aspect.

Effectiveness on the wings. The return of Bruno Gama allowed Deportivo to regain the game by the wings. The Portuguese was better than Guardado, the first goal of Los Blanquiazules was born of a precise cross sent into the path of Bergantiños.. Also forcefully at defense. With the central couple at defense composed by Colotto and Ze Castro, Deportivo regained the defensive power. Both contained the low danger created by Numancia. M.O.

Diario de Soria: The attitude wasn’t enough. The attitude of Numancia, which had been missing in previous matchdays, wasn’t enough against Deportivo La Coruña, team that, thanks to its big punch in attack, thrown off balance and claimed a major victory from Los Pajaritos, three points that put the Galicians on the way back to Primera División. The match wasn’t arriving to the mark of the first twenty minutes, and Deportivo was leading 0-2 firing the party in a match that was virtually sentenced. Numancia improved thanks to its desire and intensity, but yesterday’s game was Blanquiazul, both on the pitch and at the stands, because 2,000 fans of Depor were there. Soria became a small Riazor. And it’s that the promotion is for them a matter of waiting.

Los Numantinos jumped into the field with the intention of trying to remove the thorn from past matchdays, games in which they didn’t match the expectations. Thus, in the first ten minutes of the game the control and the arrivals were for them. Nano, in two opportunities, and Natalio sieged the goal of Lux since the kick-off, and it was possible to watch a team eager to please. But in the world of football what rules is the goal and in this chapter the specialist is Deportivo. First arrival at the goal of Zabal and 0-1 after a measured pass from the right of Bruno Gama that Alex Bergantiños headed inside the area without any opposition. The first quarter of the game was completed and the visitors were nothing more than confirming the qualities shown throughout the season and that had put them at the top of the standings. Félix Tello.



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