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16 May 2012
Depor’s coach didn’t want to give clues about any possible change at the lineup, though it’s expected that he will repeat the starting eleven. The coach of Las Palmas was refusing to admit that the goal of the team was the playoff, but to clinch the permanence.

Juan Manuel Rodriguez is a football coach that has spent his twenty-three years as a trainer working with clubs from the Canary Islands. He has been the head coach of Las Palmas in four different stages, and was even the coach of the Juvenil squad, just when Valerón was part of that youth team.

The true is that the previous three stages of Rodriguez at UD Las Palmas didn’t last too much as he didn’t spend more than one and a half year at the club; his last arrival was at the middle of the past Segunda season as the Canarian team was having relegation problems, in the end he left the club at mid-table, just like on the present season. Now, the club isn’t too happy with the latest results and his continuity is at stake.

This is the fifth meeting between Rodriguez and José Luis Oltra, the fourth of them took place at Segunda División and Depor’s current coach is undefeated in the series winning two matches and drawing the other two, actually Oltra, who has been one of the most successful coaches in the history of Las Palmas’ nemesis, CD Tenerife, has never lost against the yellow team, this after clinching five victories and two draws in seven league presentations.

Depor’s coach broke his protocol, because he addressed the media one day before the game and not two days before as he always do. The coach talked to reporters for about twenty minutes and started explaining the status of Aranzubia, “He’s evolving positively and will be fine soon; another thing is the kind of circumstances that we will meet on the weekend. I think he will be ready for the match with Xérez; yesterday he was already making some things on the training pitch and doesn’t have any issue. We didn’t have the need to force him, besides German [Lux] is yielding. If it would be a matter of life and death then he would be available for tomorrow.”

About the rival, the Valencian coach commented that, “For me they are a dangerous team; pretty good and with individual quality. They have a great coach and especially their style is solid. They are dangerous having the ball possession, but also in counterattacks. It’s the way in which they succeeded visiting Villarreal B. They have quick people in attack; it’s a powerful and tough opponent.”

“As usual it’s the most important game for me and the important thing is how Depor will compete. We will try to compete at the top and using our playing style. Pushing up front and attacking. They don’t have chances of reaching the playoffs, so right now they don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain, therefore they are coming in order to demonstrate things. With a little more of regularity they would be higher. We will be wrong if we think that we already won the game, especially the professionals. I understand that there’s enthusiasm in the environment, but the players must stay outside of it.” He added.

He was asked about the thigh calendar and the possibility of making rotations, the answer was “The team is fine; if we don’t win then it won’t be because the players aren’t at the top in a physical sense. The rival had one more day of rest, but it isn’t an excuse. I see the team at the top; it neither means that I won’t make changes for tomorrow, just that I see the squad ready.”

“We’ll see if we’ll make changes, we´ll see. I just try to make the best decisions and I already decided the team that will play. I won’t say anything else and neither will give a hint if I will make chances, because then I would be revealing my plans. I don’t want to release information, since that point we are facing every game as the last one, as it was it a final or the most decisive match. You don’t know what could happen; perhaps on Sunday I could be doing things that weren’t part of the plan. I just know what I´m going to do tomorrow.” He added.

As usual, the Catarroja-born trainer didn’t want to make calculations on the numbers that Depor need in order to secure the promotion; he just say that, “With the current situation, with five matchdays remaining, eight more points mean the promotion, and nine the championship, but perhaps tomorrow six will give you the promotion, but for now we need eight and nine; and before you need to add the next three points, so it’s useless if you don’t add the next three points. We will think of winning and don’t care of the rest.”

Depor’s coach was also asked of the situation at Villarreal and former Depor coach Lotina, this after suffering the relegation to Segunda on the past weekend, “I don’t want to talk too much of the subject; it’s bad for Villarreal and for a great coach as Miguel Ángel. I haven’t talked to him, because I understand that this isn’t the right moment, but I will do it as I did when he assumed the job at Villarreal. I repeat: football is unfair, and he isn’t the only responsible. I feel bad for that club as they are from my zone [Valencia]. Loti doesn’t deserve this.”

He also avoided saying that the goal of Deportivo is to improve the record of points established by Real Valladolid, ”I always say it: the goal of the season is to achieve the promotion, not to match or surpass the numbers of Valladolid. We are trying to do our best, though as things are approaching, like it happened to Real Madrid with the 100 point-mark, everybody wants to shine and be the best one. It’s part of been a sportsman, but I don’t think that Villarreal, Sporting or Racing will begin next season targeting to break the record, the goal will be the promotion. It’s the cruel reality.”

Finally, Oltra addressed the situation of Fabril, team that missed the promotion playoff to Segunda B, “I want to congratulate the players and the coach, because they have made a great season. I have a great relation with Tito [Ramallo]. I have watched the team in several opportunities; they have made a great season and the circumstances have pulled them of the playoffs, because they had great problems with the injuries, with ankles, broken legs, knees and all kind of problems that have nothing to do with the physical preparation. “

“I neither think that the goal for the season was the promotion, because I never saw any pressure from the club in this regard. We would have love to see them promoted as it means that the B players would have needed a small steep, but the important thing is to form players for the first team. For now we are not thinking in allowing them to play with the first team. Right now I am only concern on tomorrow’s game, which is pretty difficult. I am only thinking of Las Palmas and winning.”

The coach of Las Palmas gave his press conference on Tuesday, just before making the trip to Galicia; he started complaining of the situation with the injuries, “It has been brutal; it would have changed the year if we would have avoided the injuries for three straight matchdays. And it has been the same throughout the year. The casualties are always important, independently of the rival. To not have players it means that you don’t have what you need.”

“Just see the case of David Garcia, who has been out for twenty or twenty-one matches, just when in past years he was the most regular player at the team. This year it has been different. “He added regarding the issue.

Later he was talking of the situation of the team at the standings assuring that his team is already saved, “Virtually the permanence is secured since two months ago, but mathematically…. well, it isn’t done yet just for the issue of the goal difference rule. Anyway, you must realize that, having all those clubs below us, it’s impossible to see all of them winning. If the fourth place wins, then the twelfth won’t win, so it’s impossible.”

About the criticism towards the commitment of the players in this last stretch of the league, something hinted by the president of the club, he responded that, “The president has the right to say what he wants, another thing is that I share the view. I was never ashamed of the matches that we have played.”

Despite the president of the club said before that the goal was the promotion playoff, Rodriguez assured that the only goal on this season was the permanence, “Our only goal was different and it was already achieved, and with a high note, a different thing is that we weren’t prepared for higher goals. You always heard me that in order to aspire to some things you need to have your full squad available.”

Finally, about the match at the Riazor, he said that, “We represent UD Las Palmas and the team traveling to the Riazor in order to do what it has to do. We’ll make our game and will try to leave our name at the top. We are facing a great team, a rival that has an acceptable distance with the rest, they practically have the permanence on both hands, and with a victory against us they will secure it at 99%. We will try to end the year in the best possible way and trying to please the fans, they are pissed off as we lost our last home meetings.”



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