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18 May 2012
The papers were satisfied with the performance of the team; once again it was emphasized the punch of Depor, while the media believes that the promotion is a matter of time. Meanwhile, at the Canary Islands, huge criticism towards the team.

La Opinión A Coruña: Riki cracks the suspense. The game seemed doomed to a dramatic end due to the tight 2-1 until Riki went out and broke the suspense with a left straight to the top of Barbosa’ corner. The shot of the Madrilenian, almost in his first play (73’), unleashed the party at the stands of the Riazor. It was to certify the victory, and almost the promotion, which could be mathematically certified at Jerez on Sunday. Depor could have sentenced the game before the break, especially in a frantic first half hour in which it rolled the opponent, intimidated by the push of the leader.

The third goal was the end to the game. Las Palmas couldn’t, nor tried. To comeback from a 3-1 at the Riazor is not available for too many teams at Segunda, virtually none. Depor spent the rest of the game swimming and drying the clothes. It was what they had to do: to keep the ball possession without suffering at the back. It was perfectly completed by the leader, without renouncing to round out the night with the fourth goal. It wasn’t necessary because the party had already been unleashed. Joy for a victory that leaves Deportivo closer to the promotion, something that could be sentenced in Jerez on Sunday. Eugenio Cobas.

 La Voz de Galicia: The festival is rapidly approaching the Riazor after Deportivo La Coruña beat Las Palmas, again thanks to the quality of its squad and the warmth of the fans that are already tasting the imminent promotion. It seemed that a big win was coming as Depor was leading 2-0 after just eleven minutes, but later the team got asleep giving fresh air to a rival that was too soft, and finished sentencing when Oltra reinforced midfield and in the first intervention of Riki, who reappeared to certify the return to Primera. With the countdown in its latest figures, Depor burned another stage with many of the constants that accompanied the team on its journey.

As it happened in Soria, Deportivo crushed its rival at the start of the match. It seems that, sometimes, the Galician team wins from the superiority of its squad, the story of its name and for its condition at this stage of the tournament: almost a first division club. It didn’t matter that the rival was discussing the ball possession at the start of the match, neither that they created some problems when the Riazor was already living a party. In 11 minutes it was winning 2-0 and the stands, with a great atmosphere, were euphoric with a team that seems launched. The Canarians, very lukewarm at defense, slipped shyly at the party after swallowing the double punch and exploited the relaxation of Depor's defensive zone. But there was no case, because Depor goes on without breaks and not willing to drop its ideal situation.  Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: Goals with special value, uneventful game. With every goal, Deportivo makes a step towards Primera Division, without waiting for the results of its two immediate pursuers. The competition on this season finale between the attacking players in order to become the top-scorer of the season powered the success of the team and reduces the chances of a slip at the crucial moment of the season.

That player that until yesterday's game was the top-scorer has seen his two companions approaching to his tally of goal, while he was practicing alone because of a muscular injury. Riki, main forward to Oltra, saw how his number of goals was equalized for a few minutes with four games remaining. With his entry into the pitch he repositioned himself as the top-scorer and also sealed an important victory for Deportivo’s aspirations.

The goals of both strikers, however, will be the key to materialize the return to Primera and at the same time to extend the lead over the chasers. In yesterday's game it was also evident the importance of having midfielders that can score goals. It was also important the extraordinary work of Alex Bergantiños, a huge player generous in offensive and defensive aids; also worth mentioning the masterful anticipation of Ayoze to Portillo that could have meant the equalizer for the visitors. It was a game, however, that was played with little intensity, the attacks were made by the right and there were few penetrations by the left. For some minutes it was clear the overconfidence against a team that barely pressed. In the second half there was no history; Deportivo recovered the ball more for errors of the rival than for its own initiative.

The game of Deportivo was disconnected as soon as the midfielders were unplugged from the game, especially Juan Dominguez and Valerón; they lost contact with the ball. Then it came the best moments of Union Deportiva Las Palmas. The depth on the wings, thanks to a very active Bruno Gama in the opening minutes, lit the Blanquiazul game at start of the game. That depth, however, was declining in the second part. Luis R Vaz.

AS: Depor caresses the promotion. Deportivo still rolling and walking towards Primera with a record pace. Oltra’s side was winning 2-0 after just eleven minutes, and the Galicians can certify the coveted promotion next Sunday at Xérez, although for this it will need to see Valladolid and Celta failing. The invited team to the party at the Riazor was Las Palmas, and from the beginning it was clear what was at stake at both sides. Passes and movements from the Canarian school, punch of Depor. The first time the Galicians looked at Barbosa, they thundered him.

Great dribbling of Bruno Gama, pass to Juan Dominguez, who drilled the ball between the legs of Argentine goalie Barbosa. The next thunder was a set-piece, a nightmare for the Canarians. Drilling corner-kick of Guardado, weird shot of Lassad and 2-0. Only eleven minutes were on the clock and Juan Manuel Rodriguez couldn’t believe when he found out that one of his players at the bench was on the phone. The season certainly is finished on the Island.

The night smelled to a big win, but between the nap of Depor and Portillo's goal after a good movement inside the area (the only on the night) the game turned to be tight. Even the second half seemed equal, but gradually, with Guardado and Alex Bergantiños as the percussionists, Depor sentenced the things. Riki, who entered for Lassad, just needed two minutes to kill the duel with his left foot.

Winning record. The sole purpose of Depor is the promotion, but the team led by Oltra is close to become a legend. The Galicians added the victory number 26 on this season and tied the record of triumphs of the great Valladolid of the season 2006-07. The next objective, the legendary mark of 88 points. Almost nothing. Luis De La Cruz

La Provincia (Diario de Las Palmas): Closed for vacations. With the end of the current tournament, the project has expired at UD Las Palmas due to the absence of goals and ambitions, as it did yesterday on the lawn of the Riazor, soulless, like a ghost in life of what could be, but wasn’t.

The team of Juan Manuel Rodriguez is no longer competing, it lacks enthusiasm and runs with the reluctance of the one that plays poker without betting on the table. Yesterday, before a Deportivo that fights with the greed of a team that dream of returning to Primera Division, the yellow starting eleven was listless and uninteresting, with the feeling of having everything done and breathing almost by obligation, just thinking of the summer vacations.

This time the will of the team lasted seven minutes to fall in infamy in the following 260 seconds; the same ones that passed between the first and the second goal. It was all too easy, too easy for an opponent that accepted the gift kindly. At the first opportunity, the passive defense allowed to see Dominguez drilling the ball between the legs of Mariano, and at minute eleven Lassad scored the second in a bad cross in a corner-kick that was worse defended. From there, nothing and more shame for Miguel Angel Ramirez and the fan who still persists in its unfailing condition.

The UD is in recession since the permanence was set at as a too vulgar target, and since it was clinched almost by inertia. Since then, a little over a month ago, the team feels that the homework is done and has spent the time removing the dirt before the heat of battle concealed under water. It’s a dark background where the coach definitely seems to have lost control. 

Now, in addition to the public discussion with the advisor of the president, the coach is even doing it with Ramirez himself. At the changing room, Pedro Vega spoke after suppressing his cries for months. Mariano Barbosa complained and accused at the same time he was contacting the moving company and to add insult to the injury, Jonathan Viera went to Valencia and now is an example of a better future but far from the UD; it’s the imposed model to follow. No one smiles. UD looks forward to the end of the year . It isn’t even interested in turning the end of the season into a cast of players for the future. Yesterday, only Portillo, Dani Castellano and Juanpe passed the exam. Fernando Bethencourt.



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