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18 May 2012
Oltra and the players were satisfied with the victory at the Riazor, at the same time they were cautious regarding Depor’s near future as the promotion is at reach. The rivals were also satisfied with their performance in the game.

Coach José Luis Oltra was commenting the match, “I saw a great game by Deportivo, a clash where we dominated from the kick-off until the end, always been faithful to our style, moving the ball around and ending the plays. We claimed an early lead thanks to this idea and also for the punch of this team. There was a phase in the match in which we suffered and then we gave life to the rival, but later imposed our game again. The third goal was the decisive punch.”

Despite the euphoria as the promotion seems a matter of time, the Valencian coach was trying to be prudent, “Football is capricious, also the competition. Nobody had ever suffered the relegation with 43 points, and neither someone failed to achieve the promotion after adding 82 points. We’re breaking records, but haven’t closed yet the promotion, and that’s why my only thoughts are right now focused in Xérez.”

He was also upset as some journalists were questioning if Depor deserve to have a seven-point gap over Celta and Valladolid, “If we talk of Valladolid and Celta it turns that they are pretty good, and later we are the leaders due to some sparks ad the fate, but for me the team is competing greatly. The players made their best effort and deserve a better treatment. The success is the product of the mix between a quality squad, a spectacular group of fans and the fact of been doing the right things.”

Finally, Oltra confessed to reporters that, for the first time on the season, he’s thinking of travelling for a liga meeting with the whole squad, this since the promotion might be achieved in Xérez, “I have to talk to the club, but if depends on us, then I would love to travel with all the available players.”

Juan Dominguez was the happiest person after the game; he scored a goal and gave and assist, “I can’t ask for more in a personal and collective sense. I remember the play of my goal; I was coming from behind joining the play, I saw that Bruno was coming to the centre and allowed me to go to the other side, he had a good vision and drilled the ball, so I was able to score.”

The Galician midfielder also talked of the situation at the standings with Depor caressing the promotion, “We have a good advantage over the rest, because four matchdays are remaining. It’s a good mattress. This new victory must be a motivation, so we can continue in the same way. It’s always difficult to win; there isn’t any victory that can be labeled as easy.”

Juan Carlos Valerón can also see that the promotion is approaching, “We are close to achieve it, but right now the whole team is calm and focused. We must keep winning games. The true is that we are eager to achieve the goal. What we all want is to convert the sadness of the past year into joy.”

But El Flaco knows that the promotion isn’t done yet, and ask for a final effort coming from the team, “These last two games have been the key for us, because the teams coming from behind aren’t failing. So, the best thing we can do now is to clinch the promotion not thinking of where’s the best place to do it. We must finish the job and stay alert.”

Right winger Bruno Gama was giving his opinion on the game, “In any match you always want to have the control over the actions for the full ninety minutes, but they played well. We suffered with their goal, then we kept trying to score the third and we did it at the end.”

The Portuguese isn’t sure of the game where Depor will be able to achieve the promotion, “I don’t know when or where we will secure the promotion, we just must think of winning on Sunday. Truly it could be better at home, but at this moment the only think in our minds is to secure the promotion as soon as possible. We will have enough time to celebrate it later as we play a last game at home.”

Meanwhile, president Augusto César Lendoiro was talking of a special tribute to the fans after a positive season for the club, “We will try to do something that hasn’t been done yet: we will try to retire the shirt number 12 for the fans. I always have asked to retire a shirt number after an unfortunate event for a player. It’s complicated, but we’ll try.”

On Monday Riki addressed the media after the training session held at the Riazor; the striker confirmed that he dedicated the goal to his dead grandmother and is also cautious regarding the date in which Depor will certify the promotion, “The rivals are pretty strong, but we depend on ourselves and on what we do. I don’t like to talk of celebrations, people are expecting of the date for the promotion, but we should think only of the game at Xérez and using our strengths.”

Depor’s boss was also prudent at the moment of talking about the promotion, “Football is always pushing you to be cautious and it must be like that. We must fight until is a mathematical fact. You can touch it with the fingers, bur mustn’t do it, what we need to do is to win the games.”

At Las Palmas, coach Juan Manuel Rodríguez was trying to look at the bright side of this defeat, “We never went down. The team kept the pace, we scored a goal and the rival was nervous; we were close to the 2-2… I believe that Deportivo has a strong punch; I congratulate them for this victory as they are near to Primera División.”

“The performance of the team was more than acceptable, we showed courage, will and enthusiasm; and in the end you feel screwed. The difference is located at both areas, and they showed it scoring three goals. This is the line that we want to follow. It isn’t easy after all the problems that we have had and that we still facing. I am not content, I am satisfied. Also, we have achieved the mathematical salvation and the permanence is one of our achievements.”

Midfielder Francis Suárez was also content with the performance of the team, “We were fine, but we committed two mistakes with the marks and they found those two goals. But later we were solid and practiced good football. We played well and ran a lot; we must be content with that.”

The scorer of the goal, Javier Portillo, commented that, “I want to congratulate my team mates, because we left a positive impression. This team is good when it does the right things, so we should be satisfied. We played against one of the best teams in the league. Four matches are remaining and we must try to add all the points.”



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