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05 Jun 2012
Oltra was satisfied with the performance of his team, mainly since the players were coming after a week of parties. The players were emphasizing the record achieved by Deportivo in this last matchday, and also the goal of Bodipo.

Coach José Luis Oltra said that he was very happy with the things done by his team on this season, “I cannot be happier with this team, this group of men, this squad has given everything. And just to see the facts. Today we saw a game between two teams that were playing for nothing, but both went out in order to win, though we didn’t see to many scoring opportunities.”

“I would define the game as a serious presentation of my team, just after a week of parties and celebrations, but the team changed its mentality and knew how to compete; we stopped a rival that plays good football and that creates a lot of scoring opportunities, and in the end we closed all the roads.” He added regarding the game.

The Valencian man continued hailing the performance of his team throughout the liga tournament, “The team came here in order to win, not only targeting a record. We have been the best team of the second round. The whole team demonstrated that it deserves to play. They deserve all we have achieved on the season. We’ve been the leaders in the first round, leaders in the second with 49 points. It was the best way to close the season.”

Finally, he talked of Bodipo and his goal, “The other players chanted: Bodipo selección! Bodipo Golden Boot! And he deserves it, because he has been great. I told him before sending him out that he wasn’t able to score the goal of the promotion, but that he was going to score the goal for the record, and I was hoping he was going to dedicate it to me; he celebrated with the team mates and later came to me. It’s something I won’t forget.”

Precisely, Rodolfo Bodipo scored the goal that meant the victory number 29 for Deportivo on the league season; he commented that, “It’s a big joy for me; I want to thank all the fans for that support, and especially to my team mates. And the record of 91 points is dedicated to all the fans. Congratulations to everybody!”

Saul Fernandez stated that, “What a great team! We have achieved the historical record at Segunda División with 91 points; great victory with a goal scored by Bodipo. Definitely we are ending a great week for everybody.”

Pablo Álvarez was the captain of the team in his last game at the club; he said that, “For me it was pretty to play the last game as the captain, besides Villarreal had the detail of making the corridor to us, so it’s a pretty picture that I will keep from the game. We wanted to add the point and reach the record, and I believe we made a great game, and to see Bodipo scoring just increased the job. People should realize that we also added things.”

Juan Carlos Real debuted in liga with Deportivo; he was pretty happy with the event, “It’s a pride and my dream since been a child was to debut in liga, and beyond that I did it playing with a team that was breaking a record!”

Centre midfielder Álex Bergantiños made history as he broke the record of minutes at Depor, but he preferred to congratulate Celta for their promotion to Primera, “Congratulations to Celta for the promotion. Galicia needed a derby at Primera. I also want to congratulate Bodipo, who brought the record of points with his goal. He deserves it, because he’s the joy inside the changing room.”

At Villarreal B, coach Velazquez was satisfied though his team lost the encounter, “I´m leaving content no matter the final score, because we have been faithful with what we have been building up since December. “

“Having the ball we have been a team that wanted to be the protagonist in the game, we never speculated; and when we didn’t have the ball possession, then we were intense and committed, so I’m satisfied with the team. We have faced a great team, though I believe we were superior and always had the initiative. At least we deserved the draw. In any case, for me the game has been quite positive for us.”



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