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27 Jun 2006
Bodipo finally signed his contract with Deportivo. The ex-Alav?s striker arrived on Monday to La Coru?a and closed his incorporation with the Galician club after he solved his differences with his former club. Deportivo is paying €2 million for him and has signed a five-year contract with an option of an extension for two more years. His buyout clause is for €90 million.

During the presentation Bodipo affirmed that he comes to Deportivo with the hope of increasing his record in Primera: "I'm very happy and with a lot of energy. I want to grow as a player and I want to increase my scoring record in Primera. I will give everything for this club and I hope that my effort will give a lot of joy to Depor's fans."

The striker said that he made a big effort in order to close his signing with Deportivo: "I was forced to forgive all the money that Alav?s was owing me. I also have to give the thanks to the Alav?s’ fans and I hope that someday I will be able to give an explanation to them." Bodipo also had eulogies for Valer??n, a player that he considered a vital part in Deportivo: "I hope that the injuries will respect him during the season. We will need him during the season."

President Lendoiro admitted that the negotiations were complicated and gave the welcome to the player: "We finally secured the deal after all the conversations that we had with Alav?s. It was complicated since the president Dimitry Piterman is in California. But I'm pleased with the results and I want to give thanks to Alav?s' vice-president (Javier Tebas) since he traveled to La Coru?a in order to solve the case."

Bodipo signed a five-year contract with the option of a renewal for two more years. Depor paid €1 million in cash for him, the other million to be paid during the following 18 months. It was also announced that the buyout clause of Bodipo reaches the €90 million.

But maybe the most surprising news of the day was the almost confirmed incorporation of the striker Cristian Hidalgo (22). He played with Barcelona B last season and the media speculates that he will arrive for free. But as exchange the Catalan squad will have a buyout option. It hasn't been informed the amount of this clause.

Critstian is in La Coru?a and yesterday he passed the medial exams. It's expected that he could be presented during the day. The Catalan striker talked with the media and described his roll on the pitch: "I like to play upfront, but to be honest, I am happy wherever the coach puts me. However, I must admit that I feel more comfortable playing on the wings."

He also admitted that the negotiations are very close to reaching a final agreement: "My agent is the one that has talked with the coach and with the president, but I know that everything is close to becoming a reality. I believe that all will be solved between today and tomorrow." When asked about the competition that he will find in Depor, the Catalan striker said that he is ready to fight for a place in the squad: "I am coming here in order to make the coach's decision of who should play in every match more difficulty."

Now, Lendoiro has signed three players in one week: Riki, Bodipo and Cristian. They will join Albert Lopo, Juan Rodr?guez and Pablo Alvarez in next season’s squad. Curiously Bodipo has been the first to be presented. Lopo, Juan Rodr?guez and Pablo Alvarez should be following him after July 1st, while Riki has permission of the club since he got married last week.

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