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12 Jul 2012
The club announced a bizarre operation that has been described as Banana Operation; the symbolism invites to think in the signing of a player from Las Palmas. However it seems that it’s a multiple operation that could bring some players to Depor.

According to the Twitter account and the Facebook page of Deportivo the club is currently working in an operation that has been referred as Operación Plátano (Banana Operation). According to the message president Lendoiro has given details of the operation to Depor Sport, though no further details have been given.

The term “Banana” could mean that Deportivo is trying to sign somebody from a club that wears a yellow shirt, the first club in mind is Canarian UD Las Palmas. There have been some players from this club related with Depor; the main one is left-back/central defender Ruyman Hernandez (25), who hasn’t renewed yet his contract with Las Palmas. Within the last days Depor Sport has written several articles related to this player.

But in the end  it seems that this is a multiple operation and not the signing of one single player; something confirmed by one of the journalists at Depor Sport, Eduardo Caridad, according to him this operation will bring more than one reinforcement to Deportivo.

It looks bizarre, but it isn’t the first time that Lendoiro uses a nickname in order to describe a signing operation; just to remember the failed Canto El Mariscal of the past decade, a multiple operation that was going to bring Ronaldinho to Deportivo.



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