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19 Jul 2012
President Lendoiro explained several things during the presentation of Evaldo; starting with the status of Alberto Rodriguez; besides the probable arrival of Abel Aguilar, the signing of a striker and exit of the youngsters.

The presentation of Evaldo Fabiano was used by president Augusto César Lendoiro in order to explain several issues related to the transfer news at Deportivo. On Wednesday it was informed that centre back Alberto Rodriguez failed the medicals and it was speculated that he was going back to Sporting CP.

But the president explained that a final decision will be made within the next two days, “We are pending is resolving several issues with the player and the club; we’ll tell you as soon as we know anything. It will be done within tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow should be a key day in this negotiation. We can´t speculate, because it still open. There are several issues. New tests were made today and other ones will take place tomorrow. We’ll decide tomorrow, because there are things to clarify with Sporting.”

It’s commented that Deportivo wants to include some clauses in the loan contract with the Portuguese club, a guarantee in case the player suffers more injuries. It must be reminded that he just had a knee surgery and, despite been fine at this point, he could suffer a relapse. It’s a similar case to the one of Borja Fernandez on last season, case in which Depor and Getafe signed a special clause due to the past injuries of the midfielder.

Another issue explained by the president is the case of centre midfielder Abel Aguilar (27, Hércules CF). Early on Wednesday it was know that Depor and Hércules already agreed a loan deal for the midfielder, but there were some pending issues as Udinese Calcio owes part of the player’s right and the first two clubs need the approval of the Italian outfit.

Lendoiro confirmed the interest in the player, but assured that nothing is sealed yet, “It’s a possibility that’s there. We also talked with other clubs about other players; it isn’t closed yet, because it depends on several circumstances. From Udinese, Hércules, his agents… so there’s a lot to give and take. The case could be closed, in one way or the other, in a few hours or it could be in days.”

The latest thing informed in this case is that the player is arriving today to Spain; apparently there’s an agreement with Hercules and Udinese, but Depor still has to negotiate with the agents of the player. Depor’s boss also talked of the so called banana operation; he said that it should be closed on next week, “The banana operation remains open. I calculate that the operation is ending on Tuesday or Monday; I hope it will be on Monday, and I hope it will end with us getting the longest raceme that’s possible. Before Monday we’ll have novelties.”

Asked about the arrival of an important striker for the team, something that has been rumoured on this week, Lendoiro said that it could happen, but that it’s a signing beyond the banana operation, “For the striker we will have to wait beyond the bananas. I calculate that it will be delayed a little more. Two strikers are better than one, but before we need to see the real possibilities, it depends on the economy.”

“The password of this operation is Necora [velvet crab]. We are making a big effort with the signings; these are quality players and aren’t coming just to fill a slot. The fact of scoring goals is an expensive thing and we don’t have money to spend; the transfers of strikers are right now really expensive. We want to make an effort with this, but until a certain limit. It’s hard to sign a goal scorer. Deportivo can’t compete in the signing of a great player.” He added.

Finally, Lendoiro stated that the exit of the youngest players at the first team [Rochela, Seoane or Juan Carlos] are stopped, because some of them don’t want to go out loaned, “Some of them don’t want to leave, but must realize that this is a good thing for them. The true is that it’s difficult to find a club for them, because there aren’t clubs willing to pay their wages, and if we give them for free… For now all I can tell you is that there’s no data pointing out that Juan Carlos will go out loaned in the short term.”



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