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05 Jul 2006
As previously reported, president Lendoiro took advantage of his visit to Madrid and made the first contact with Racing Santander in order to negotiate for Dudu Aouate. It's expected that this crucial meeting will take place this week in Santander. Also, it was discovered that Iv�n Carril and Xisco are close to being loaned out to Vecindario.

Francisco Pern�a (Racing's president) admitted to AS that Deportivo made the first move to sign Aouate (28). "I received a call and it was the first contact made between both clubs about this issue." The call was made by a Depor official who was trying to arrange a meeting on Tuesday.

But Pern�a was busy and postponed the meeting. "I already had a meeting at that hour, and I didn't have time for lunch with Lendoiro. But we will talk today (yesterday) on the phone and arrange an immediate meeting in Madrid, La Coru�a or another place."

In the end it's expected that the meeting will take place in Santander this week. Racing doesn't want to sell the player, but at least they are now admitting to hearing offers for the Israeli goalkeeper, something Pern�a discussed. "I received a call from the president of Deportivo, and it's normal that I accepted it. I didn't put Aouate on the market, but if someone is interested in him�."

It has been reported that Deportivo was offering �1 million plus the transfer of some of unwanted players, but the Cantabrian club considered this an unacceptable offer. The media in Santander speculated that Racing could try to negotiate the return of Munitis to his former club as part of the deal, but this option is difficult to fulfill since the winger is an important player who Caparr�s wants in next season's squad.

It was previously reported that Manuel Su�rez (Vecindario's president) and Toni Dumpi�rrez (Vecindario�s sporting director) traveled to La Coru�a this past weekend. The Canarian club will play in the segunda during the next season and they want some reinforcements for their new adventure. Su�rez and Dumpi�rrez spoke with Lendoiro and expressed their main desire � to have Xisco and Iv�n Carril on loan during the next campaign.

Lendoiro approved of this option and for the moment the only thing left is to negotiate with the players. Caparr�s believes that both youngsters need more experience and their participation in the segunda will give them a chance to progress. Lendoiro is not trying to block the operation since both clubs have a collaboration deal allowing the exchange of young promises. Aridane and Fabricio already came from Vecindario and this season both players have been promoted to Fabril. In fact, Caparr�s already said that Fabricio will be the third keeper in the first squad.

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