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22 Aug 2012
Oltra and the players were satisfied after clinching the first positive result in the league tournament; still Depor’s coach reminded that the year is going to be long and difficult to Deportivo.

Coach Jose Luis Oltra was delighted with the performance of his team, “I’m very pleased with how it turned out, but more with the result, especially since we faced a tough team, a rival that I warned it was going to be difficult. It demanded a lot from us. The team has internalized the ideas and feels identifies with it. There are nuances to polish and room for improvement, but we are on the right track. I am satisfied.”

“We had chances to score more goals, a penalty that was missed, two shots that hit the woodwork…we didn’t expend energy at defence but the team still defended solidly. To clinch a clean sheet is vital, especially when you play at home, and we have achieved this.” He added.

Still, the Valencian coach was warning that the future games are going to be more complicated, “Truly this is the path to follow, but we aren’t going to launch from the rooftops. One single result isn’t going to change our perspective. It’s going to be a long and difficult year.”

Finally, Oltra was also pleased as the goals were scored by strikers, “Two forwards scored, which demonstrates that the team has options and possibilities. Our playing idea, if we don’t put it into practice then it worth nothing. Riki was hurt for the penalty that wasn’t whistled to him, later he recovered and scored a great goal. He was in pain and tired, so we decided to replace him. Nélson, who replaced him, scored a great goal.”

Álex Bergantiños entered for the final minutes; he told to reporters that, “We were fine, holding on the result. They had a great chance to score, but then we scored the second in a counterattack. The team made a great game, though we missed a penalty. Now we face Valencia, one of the great ones and this result should help us to face the next meeting with more tranquility.”

The other Galician player that took part of the game, Juan Dominguez, said that, “This is what we were looking for: to start adding the three points. Besides, we played well and we´re content. We tried to play using our playing style, the one we train though Osasuna put a lot of pressure and it’s difficult to do it; anyhow we adapted and tried to do our game.”

Many eyes were on Nélson Oliveira; the Portuguese scored a great goal, but for him the best was the result and the performance of the team, “I was able to help the team, which in the end is the most important thing. We played well and were able to have a positive start. We were fine in a collective sense and that’s why we all are content. “

Riki was the other scorer in the game; for him the victory was the deserved reward to Depor, “The team was mentalized in making a great game and we had a solid start, despite having the game under control they created a lot of damage on counterattacks. I missed a penalty, but in the second half we were fine and scored the goals. I believe the result was fair. “

“I feel some pain in the ankle, but I believe it’s nothing. We will see tomorrow. The important thing was to achieve the victory. Osasuna was a great team on the past season and it was tough, so we are content. This was the best possible start for us.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

Juan Carlos Valerón was also content and said that, “We are content as we achieved the victory. The game was hard and we had to work a lot, but we’ve carried away with it. Truly we are content as the team won at home and in front of our people. I believe that the team knows what’s doing and the coach has been insisting throughout the pre-season, now it’s a matter of translating this into the pitch. We made a great game.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also saying that this was a deserved outcome, “After a lot of suffering on last year, the true is that we deserved this. The result was fair. Everybody was afraid until the second goal arrived. They didn’t have any clear opportunity, but since the score was narrow any chance could end in goal and therefore everybody was nervous, but we deserved the victory since the beginning. When you are returning to Primera División you need these kinds of results, because there’s the pressure of winning, now the coach could be more tranquil. It seems we are regaining a lot of what we lost in past years.”

About the last signing that Depor is attempting to complete in the summer window, Depor’s boss said that, “Both strikers scored, and one of them even had the chance to score a second goal, but missed a penalty. Do we miss somebody? Not necessarily, but the club has the chance to sign a new addition, not necessarily because we are missing goals, but because la liga is too long and the coach needs the possibility of making changes.  There’s nothing sealed yet, only that we won 2-0 and it’s always important to debut winning.”

At Osasuna, coach Jose Luis Mendilibar was convinced that his team deserved a better luck in this match, “Putting to one side the first fifteen minutes, moment in which Depor had been the better side forcing us to work a lot, the true is that we played pretty well. We equaled the game of the opponent, but you have to score to win. When they were suffering they let us have more of the field and waited for the counter-attack, and then they scored the second. Anyhow I’m happy with the way we played.”



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