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24 Aug 2012
The club announced a collaboration deal with Vodafone and at the same time Lendoiro clarified some issues regarding the transfer market. He confirmed the interest in Stuani, while he also explained the possible exits of Saúl, Juan Carlos and Jesús Vázquez.

Short, but productive press conference of president Augusto César Lendoiro analyzing the current situation at the club. The act took place at the Playa club and the main objective was to announce a collaboration deal with the company Vodafone Group Plc. The following it’s a resume of the subjects explained by the president.

Deportivo has signed a deal with Vodafone; the company pays a certain amount of money and as exchange they will get 600 seats at the Riazor (Marathon Superior). In this way Vodafone acquires the right to distribute match tickets to their clients. The company also promised to improve the internet services at the stadium.

Lendoiro confirmed that Deportivo is targeting the signing of Christian Stuani, but also that it isn’t the only available choice at the market. The president said that, “Stuani is an important option, but not the only one. Neither can we tighten the cord. In any case we could wait until the last second regarding the signing of the striker, this after the response of Riki and Nélson Oliveira”

David Rochela was loaned to Racing Santander, but the centre back wasn’t a starter in the first game of the Cantabrians at liga Adelante, which launched the speculation that he is no longer counting for new coach Fabri, but Lendoiro calmed the reporters assuring that, “Rochela is pretty content for been in Santander.” So, the club is not thinking of canceling the loan deal with Racing.

About playmaker Juan Carlos Real, Depor’s boss confirmed that the club is trying to hurry up his exit to a Segunda club, “A few clubs have asked us regarding the status of Juan Carlos, but you should understand that the player has to accept too. What we want is to see him playing at Segunda División. We will try to close a loan spell.”

Right winger Saul Fernandez is at the door out of Deportivo, the Asturian confirmed this situation throughout Thursday as he spoke to several radios. Among the things he said: “The best thing for me is to leave, but we need to negotiate a lot of things. The arrival of Camuńas is closing the doors to me. The club is opening the doors to me and I will make an effort, because I want to feel important at any club.”

Lendoiro confirmed that the club is negotiating the cancelation of the winger’s contract, and the same goes with Jesús Vázquez. “Among the possible exits we have the one of Jesús Vázquez, and we can’t discard the possibility of canceling the contracts of the players that don’t count for the coach.” Lendoiro said. Neither Saul nor Jesús Vázquez were picked by Oltra for the opening game against CA Osasuna.



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