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01 Sep 2012
Depor’s coach predicted a hard meeting at the Riazor and believes that his team is motivated after the result at Mestalla. Getafe’s trainer was warning of the Riazor’s effect and also of the importance of Valerón at the Galician team.

Luis Garcia Plaza is the second youngest coach at Primera División; he’s just nine months older than Espanyol’s Pochettino and already completed two seasons at the elite of Spanish football. The Madrilenian man is a former player that spent his career at Segunda División B clubs; he started his career as a coach in 2001 spending five years coaching clubs between Segunda B & Tercera, including Villarreal B.

His first big opportunity was Elche CF for the season 2006/07; it was his first experience at Segunda A, but he only lasted one year in the job. Two years later he got a new chance as he arrived to Levante UD, and this time he seized the opportunity as his team clinched the promotion to Primera. On the following campaign he secured the permanence with the Valencian team then he moved on to Getafe CF, ending at mid-table for the past Primera tournament.

Luis Garcia was a former team mate of José Luis Oltra at Yeclano CF, a small Murcian club where both men coincided for the season 1994/95. And both men know each other really well not only for this fact, but also because they have faced each other in eight previous opportunities (1 at Primera, 3 at Segunda and 4 at Segunda B). Oltra won three of those meetings, there was one draw and the other four matches were won by Getafe’s current trainer. The last meeting between these men took place on the season 2010/11 with Garcia’s Levante defeating Oltra’s Almeria (1-0).

Depor’s trainer gave his press conference on Friday’s morning; he talked with reporters for fourteen minutes; he firstly explained the status of Bruno Gama, “He has some issues on the hamstring muscles, pending of his evolution, we’ll see his evolution in the coming hours and will make a decision. We will see how he is tomorrow; we’ll valorize how he feels; if he enters into the list it is because he’s ready to play and if not then it will be because he isn’t ready. We´ll make tests tomorrow and will decide depending in how he feels.” [the winger was picked for the game after all].

Then he explained that centre back Ze Castro is ready to play, though he didn’t confirm if the Portuguese is going to be picked for Saturday’s clash, “He´s fine and let’s see if he’s part of the team. He already has the medical okay and is one more player at the team.” [in the end the defender wasn’t picked for the match].

But he ruled out the possibility of seeing Laure and Salomão picked up as part of the list of picked players, “He [Salomão] is doing fine and evolving, but I can tell you that the two men ruled out of the game at this point are Salomão and Laure; the rest it depends, like the case of Bruno. The rest of players that will be out of the game it should be for tactical reasons.”

A journalist asked about a private conversation between Oltra and Evaldo that was witnessed by reporters on Thursday at Abegondo; the coach denied any special meaning after the recent criticism towards the defender, “I already explained these cases; you should shake of my personal conversations outside the training pitch; if you see me talking with a player on the training pitch it is because I want you, the journalists, to watch it. I talked with him of football issues and other stuff. It was a normal conversation and nothing more. I am happy with all the players, Evaldo isn’t an exception. He didn’t kill anyone, everybody commits an error; he’s a great player that will bring a lot of things.”

The Valencian coach also talked of the transfer window, though he preferred to stay apart from any valorization of the moves made by the club, "It’s the most important game on this year and I am only focused on that; the rest isn’t important, and there could be changes regarding exits and departures, but I am not worry as it isn’t my business, so I am not alert of it. The club is working and right now I am only worried of Getafe, the rest is the job of the club. We’ll wait until the end, but I count with all the players that I´ve. My work is to try to extract the best from them.”

Oltra also analyzed the rival, Getafe, “It’s a team that already spent ten years at the elite, so they are an experienced team and have a clear idea of how to play. They have been boosted as the fact of beating [Real] Madrid isn’t something at reach of many teams… It’s a team with solid players and a rival that’s coming living a great moment, so it’s complicated despite been playing at home. It’s a strong team in set-pieces and in the transition defense-attack. It’s a team that likes to control the games and it’s solid at defense. I believe they will try to have the weight of the game on the shoulders, but we must try to control the ball possession.”

But for him Depor is also pretty motivated after the positive outcome at Mestalla, “Our team is coming after clinching a good result in a tough stadium and also coming from behind, so our team is also boosted and is confident. But our perspective is the same regarding the long-term goal; and the short-term goal is to add the three points in every game. The latest results aren’t blinding us as we know that we have committed mistakes. Not everything that shines is gold. The team can improve and will work hard to do it.”

Four former Depor’s players are part of Getafe’s team, but for the Catarroja-born man this won’t change the planning of the clash, “The planning of the game won’t change. Surely it’s a special game for all of them. People were able to enjoy of these players in the past; now they bring experience and football to Getafe. It’s the same for Lafita, Juan [Rodriguez], Lopo… players that I know less, and Borja, a player that I love for all he brought to the club and also because he’s a nice person. He’s loved at the changing room. For them the game is special, but it won’t change the planning of the game.”

Asked about of what happened with Stuani, who was close to join Depor, he answered that, “I don’t like to talk of players that aren’t here. I was told he was here, but never spoke to him. I don’t know what happened, so I won’t talk of it.” Finally, Oltra answered a question regarding the possible arrival of Lassad, “I will open the arms to anybody that can add things to the team and we already know him, but he isn’t here, so I won’t speak of him.”

Getafe’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday’s morning; he was praising the level of Depor, “We must congratulate Deportivo for their past season, with José Luis Oltra as the lead coach. I shared with him in two different teams; he’s a great coach and deserves to be at Primera. He works a lot with set-pieces and I really appreciate him. I watched videos from last year and have faced him in different opportunities. He works hard with set-pieces, he insists with it.”

For him the key at Depor is the mixture of experience and youthness plus the presence of Valerón, “This is a mix of experience and young blood; they keep Valerón, Riki or Manuel Pablo, and in attack Valerón is fundamental. He isn’t the same kid of the past but, together with Barca’s players, he’s among the best assistors in the league, capable of completing a millimeter pass and provides perfect assists.”

The Madrilenian tactician was also explaining what Getafe must do at the Riazor, “In their stadium the fans are always pushing and they try to play well, wide open; they have the control and we expect to impose ourselves, and one of the keys is to stop Valerón. It was pretty to defeat Real Madrid on the past matchday, but we´ll forget it soon as it happened with the defeat against Sevilla. If we don’t do the right things against Deportivo then the past game will only be a positive story, but if we add points, then the previous victory will be more important.”

Finally, Luis Garcia was talking of the four strikers at his team after the arrival of Paco Alcácer and Álvaro Vázquez, “We now have four strikers and I believe there are too many, but it is what it is and we must work with them. All the players know what I think and what the club wants; we agree on that; we have the same thoughts.”



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