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09 Jul 2006
Dani Mallo has confirmed that he will not accept the renewal offer made by Lendoiro. Meanwhile Depor�s president sealed the agreement with Francisco Pern�a (Racing's president) about the incorporation of Dudu Aouate to Depor last night. Now Lendoiro has traveled to Madrid in order to continue his next negotiations.

Dani Mallo has officially said that he will continue his career in Portugal. He sent a letter to the papers explaining the reasons why he took this decision. He said that it was "the most difficult decision that he has taken in his entire life." The keeper also explained that the main reason for his exit are just referred to his sporting future: "My intention is to play, I always had that goal and I think that I deserve the chance of proving that I can fulfil the job."

The Galician keeper also expressed his gratitude to the fans and the employees of the club. Mallo admitted that the arrival of Caparr�s was a big change in the club but unfortunately, it was "too late for him". Now Dani will sign a one-year contract with Sporting Braga, a team that will compete in the Portuguese first division and that will also participate in the next UEFA cup.

Meanwhile, Lendoiro received a visit from Francisco Pern�a (Racing's president) in La Coru�a. The objective was to close the negotiations for Dudu Aouate (28). The Israeli keeper is the first option in order to cover the goal keeping position. According to the newspaper El Ideal Gallego the negotiation was very positive since both presidents reached an agreement.

In this way Aouate will come to La Coru�a in a operation that will cost �1 million to Deportivo. The deal should be official in the next hours. As part of deal, Racing Santander is asking for some players that don't count for Caparr�s, the first name in the list is R�ben Castro. The Cantabrian club needs a striker and the Canarian player could arrive in a loan spell that will be negotiated during the next days. Racing also wants the incorporations of Diego Trist�n and Pedro Munitis, but these deals are more complicated since both players earn impossible salaries for Racing's budget.

The exit of Dani Mallo means that Depor will need a second alternative after the incorporation of Aouate. El Ideal Gallego believes that this alternative will be Steve Mandanda (21). A French keeper that has been followed by Deportivo in the last months. He plays for Le Havre and for the moment there isn't any additional information about the negotiations that Depor may have for this young keeper.

President Lendoiro returned from Madrid on Friday, and two days later, he has started a new journey to the capital. His main targets are to close the deal for Fabi�n Estoyanoff (23) and the exit of Momo. Lendoiro reached an agreement with  Estoyanoff in his previous trip to Madrid, and now he is returning in order to complete the deal.

It's expected that Lendoiro will meet Amadeo Carboni (Valencia's sporting director) in a reunion that will be crucial in order to sign the Uruguayan winger. Valencia doesn't want to sell the player, they only want to negotiate a loan spell while Lendoiro wants at least a buyout option. Caparr�s is asking for one more right winger and Estoyanoff is exactly what he wants.

Another deal that Lendoiro will try to close is the exit of Momo. The Canarian player doesn't count in Caparr�s' new project and Las Palmas is interested in his return. The president of the club, Miguel �ngel Ram�rez, will try to have a meeting between today and tomorrow in order to close a loan spell. The main problem is that Las Palmas can't afford the salary of the player, for that reason Depor would be forced to pay a part of it.

In this way Lendoiro has started a third journey to Madrid. Visits that have been very positive for the club. In the first one he closed the deal for Riki and left the agreement for Bodipo almost done. In the second trip he secured the deal for Barrag�n and started the negotiations for Estoyanoff. Now Depor's president will try to put a signature in the contract of the Uruguayan winger while he would start to negotiate the exits of the players that don't count for Caparr�s.

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